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u/adambuck66 · 1 pointr/Iowa

Not from Australia, but this is a book by Lord Richard Acton about Iowa from a British perspective after he married his third wife who taught at the University of Iowa. I found it easy to read and fun to learn about Iowa from a perspective other than my own. I have lived here most of my 31 years. As a bit of a political and news junkie it is exciting to watch the political broohaha every 2 or 4 years. However, I have cut the cord in terms of not having cable or satellite, largely because I got so tired of the commercials. I really don't like attack ads from either party or 3rd parties. That said learning what I has brought to the world in terms of agriculture, technology, and literature to name a few categories is amazing to me. Even an old teacher of mine found some of the oldest films in the country just recently a few miles from where I live. Everyday I wake up and look outside my window and can see for miles. I love this place and thank you for showing an interest.

u/ornryactor · 2 pointsr/Iowa

Okay, I'll bite. I'm on board with your theoretical goal, and you clearly understand there's only one realistic way to achieve it, though you have dramatically underestimated the degree to which the same money that rules Congress also controls many state legislatures quite thoroughly. I think presenting yourself as a PAC is going to leave you dead at the starting line. Thanks, ironically, to Citizens United and the shitstorms that have ensued for years afterward, even most average Americans are acutely aware that PACs have proven themselves largely untrustworthy no matter the cause, and totally impossible to hold accountable either way. Saying you're the PAC to get rid of PACs will net you almost no support among either people who know what the fuck is going on or the people who see "PAC" and respond with boos and hissing. Those two categories cover a lot of the Americans you're trying to get on your side.

Plus your name makes me think of the weird guy from The Hangover, and when I mentally associate your organization with Three Wolf Moon, well... that's not good. Change your name and choose a new legal structure; I think you'll get MUCH further.

As a separate issue: your legislative language game is strong, and I'm relieved to see that. Had there been any glaring errors in your proposed resolution, I would have immediately dismissed you as having zero chance of success. That didn't happen, so that's good. There are still some minor mistakes in your presentation of the template (for example, your final paragraph mentions Connecticut), and I'd like to see those cleaned up immediately. Opponents and skeptics will jump on any small opportunity to discredit your viability- I know, because that's the sort of thing I would spot and attack.

Additionally, I strongly question your strategy of presenting this template without a resolution clause that specifically spells out that the intended purpose of calling a Convention is to propose amendments that would serve to guarantee free and fair elections as you have envisioned them. Your resolution currently gets 95% of the way there, but then leaves it up to hope and the assumption that surely delegates to the biggest political event in the past century will forgo their own desire for power and do nothing but act with a spirit of goodwill toward men... for the first time in about a century. I understand these state resolutions cannot require or mandate the amendments that would be proposed at a Convention, but, since surely additional amendments will be proposed, spelling out the initial intended purpose as being free and fair elections rather than leaving it up to chance seems to be prudent. Plus, if a few more states start to pass these resolutions and they get media attention, the text will be examined; don't leave it up to chance (again!) that the talking heads will correctly interpret your goal before trumpeting it to their assorted masses. Spell it out for them, literally.

u/Iowan93 · 2 pointsr/Iowa


This is about as official as it'll ever get, thanks.

That document gives an exact Annin product number which is perfect. It also turns out the government is only paying around $5/flag more (EDIT: I meant less) than you can get it for on Amazon. If you asked to buy in bulk you might even get the same deal.

To save everybody else from having to open the pdf, here is the direct link to it on Amazon:

I'm still curious as to why there are different versions of the flag (specifically how the eagle looks), but from reading up on it some more it looks like there isn't really a 100% correct version. The official specifications for the state flag can be found here: and they just mention that there's an eagle in the middle holding a banner. It doesn't even say which way the eagle's head should point, although that's consistent on every version I've seen.

Even though I'm not a huge fan of this style eagle, it's government approved and Annin is a good flag company, so I'll probably just end up ordering this one, so thanks again.

u/j0oboi · 0 pointsr/Iowa

You can't fix it, but you sure can help! I forgot that forced altruism is the best type of altruism there is. Here's the link again. Every little bit helps.

Oh and here's another link because you ABSOLUTELY need some of these.

u/omicron7e · 9 pointsr/Iowa

What's the Matter with Kansas? is a good read. Despite being more than a decade old, most of the points put forth in it are relevant today.

It's a good title, and lately I've seen "What's the Matter with Iowa?" and "What's the Matter with Trumpland?"

u/FranciumGoesBoom · 1 pointr/Iowa

NEVER get an all in one modem/router/wireless combo. They are cheap, shitty pieces of hardware.

Wirecutter just had a good article on wireless routers. They suggested the Archer C7 for a solid fast wireless router at a solid price.

If you go mediacom the Zoom 5341 is a good modem that beats out the Motorola Surfoard 6121 at the same price point. I actually have both because Mediacom tried to tell me it was my modem that was the problem.

I currently have Mediacom and paying less than $50 for 100/10. Just agreed to a 2 year and will got up by $10 in the 2nd year. In my first 2 years I had a total of about 2 weeks worth of problems. The longest being 5 days without internet. They do pro-rate for down time and I actually got about 5 weeks comped because the issues were ongoing. The best way to get fast service is to complain at their twitter account. Getting a good tech is a crapshoot. I've had both good and bad. I have a bit of networking background and when I know more than they do I almost always have to call again. When you do get a good tech shit gets fixed.

u/wolframajax · -1 pointsr/Iowa

Sure, Congress ended the bracero program in 1964, and the next 15 years were steady increases in wages for farm workers in California until the mass migration of illegals came back.

u/JuggleNuts · 4 pointsr/Iowa

I've had this since 2011, no issues.

Motorola SB6120 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 eXtreme Broadband Cable Modem

u/Iowa_Hawkeye · 3 pointsr/Iowa

Great book about Iowa's meth problem.

u/AnnArchist · 3 pointsr/Iowa

you likely wont regret buying this Heres the link to used copies. Basically it has every road in Iowa on it and all the public parks marked. We use it hunting every year and scribble in the sides where we see / kill deer, pheasant, etc so we know where to go next year. Each one has a description of the park.

u/thehousebehind · 1 pointr/Iowa

Miles here. And since we're on the subject...

I've been reading up on our counties history recently, and found this very interesting:

The Bellevue War: Mandate of Justice or Murder by Mob