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u/MeredithofArabia · 0 pointsr/Izlam

On social justice in Islam:

Sayyid Qutub wrote an entire book on social justice in Islam.

Here is an article on the topic by Dr. Muhammad Sharif Chaudhry of the University of Punjab.

This is an article on it from Dr. Ali Al-Halawani who studied at Al Azhar.

There are also tons of scholarly articles available online discussing it.

u/BiryaniBoii · 5 pointsr/Izlam

> Definitely not apartheid please don't use that word flippantly

no... its apartheid.. when people like Desmond Tutu(someone who has actually lived under apartheid) call it apartheid, its apartheid. Im guess you aren't familiar with what is going on in the west bank...

As for the other thing, I recommend reading Noam Chomsky or Israeli Historians like Ilan Pappe and maybe look into the Nakba and specifically the Deir Yassin Massacre or the Lydda Death March.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Izlam

Hi bro. What the other guy said tbh. Here are 3 books I'd advise looking at. Also read quran and see if you can understand how people were inspired to advance the world after reading it.

u/AbuWiFiIbnInterneti · 6 pointsr/Izlam

where did i suggest other religions didnt have dedicated scholars.

>rational contemplations

oh rly. did you read Thomas Aquinas? ghazali? Maimonides? Descarte perhaps? Immanuel Kant? maybe william lane craig?

perhaps read something like this

u/brotherhafid · 3 pointsr/Izlam

My former boss thought the same way. He actually recommended I read this trash and gave me a copy.

u/AsusFanBoyyy · 1 pointr/Izlam

No. I have a custom-built PC and the only Asus product I have from them is a DVD drive. (Yes, I know, I'm old-school.)

Here is the only Asus product I own:

I made this Reddit account back when I was really into PC's (March 24 2018 is when I made this account), I'm not so much into them anymore.

u/DoubleDot7 · 20 pointsr/Izlam

Brother, you're in for a bit more of a culture shock. Western plumbing is usually built to handle toilet paper. If you're wiping to clean rather than wiping to dry off, then just drop the paper into the bowl and flush when done. It will also prevent any smells in the toilet.

I had the opposite surprise when I first visited a Muslim country. I thought, "Why are the trash cans so full of toilet paper?"

When going out, I sometimes carry a collapsible water bottle. Something like this. Then I can fill it up before going into a public toilet.

If I don't have that, then I'll wet some toilet paper before going into the stall. I'll wipe away the dirt with dry paper, then clean with the wet paper. And then dry off. It's not ideal, but better than nothing.

You can also install a seat bidet at home. I've never had to do so, but apparently it's not too costly or too difficult to do.

We need a how-to page for using toilets in different parts of the world...