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u/NRS1991 · 3 pointsr/JeepRenegade

Co-sign. Got [these] ( as a birthday gift after buying my Renegade; life changing. Not only are they dimensionally fitted for the Renegade but they snap into place. About $90 so I'm unsure if that fits your definition of cheap. Just an idea. There are other brands out there that would be cheaper than Mopar, probably just wouldn't fit the Renegade perfectly like these. If that's too much, just be sure to ask for something rubberized. So easy to clean.

u/tburns517 · 1 pointr/JeepRenegade

Yeah I still need to do the interior. When we had one decent week (was in the 60s) before the cold came back, I did a quick sweep and wipe down, but it definitely wasn’t good enough.

I did change out all of the front bulbs (headlights, DRLs, fogs) as well as the side marker covers and bulbs. The front are LED-like halogen bulbs, and the side markers are LEDs. I made a post about the front lights last year. The side markers I bought off of Amazon.

I would recommend going for actual LEDs if you can afford it. The halogens look close to LEDs, are cheaper, and I haven’t had any issues, but the light output isn’t all that great and I can tell there is a slight yellow hue to them despite the blue coating. No complaints with the side markers. They look awesome.

u/lightningbolte · 5 pointsr/JeepRenegade

I have these and I love them. They look super sleek and work great. Super easy installation. I don't have a basket, just j arms for kayaks that I use with them.

u/_Aisus_ · 2 pointsr/JeepRenegade

Not all that 'smoked' but look so much better then those bright orange abominations that are stock. I honestly think it's my favorite thing I've done.

u/Beep_Beep_Jeep · 2 pointsr/JeepRenegade

I did the roof rack and cargo basket install myself, maybe took 2-3 hours the first time with help. Instructions make it very easy. The parts are below, you can check my post history to see a few other posts where I showed it off.

I originally put it at the front of the rails, but moved it to the back to see if it helped my MPG. That being said, I've lost 1-2MPG for obvious cargo basket reasons, but I still love the thing. The wind noise isn't that bad but it's slightly noticable. I've seen some cooler looking, more "low profile" baskets that look nice, but I'm fine with the Yakima.

Rack: Yakima Whispbar (Size: S46)

Basket: Yakima LoadWarrior

u/bichonfire · 1 pointr/JeepRenegade

Mines (2018) didn’t come with any mats. They couldn’t even order any for me — they said that Jeep didn’t make them for the 2018 model yet (I was buying a 2018 model in late April so that didn’t make sense to me).
Anyways, bought them online on amazon. Was hesitant but luckily they fit like a glove and got them for about $90

Mopar 82214194AB All Weather Slush Floor Mats Jeep Renegade

u/okcumputer · 2 pointsr/JeepRenegade

It's this one

TYGER Heavy Duty Roof Mounted Cargo Basket Rack | L47" x W37" x H6" | Roof Top Luggage Carrier | With Wind Fairing

It appears to be 100% identical to the rhino, but over $100 cheaper. Only difference is it says tyger instead of rhino. I didn't know the x style came in any other size. Really doesn't matter. I. The three months I've had it, I put nothing in it except my my crushed dreams of good gas milage. Looks cool though 😂

u/heathvs · 2 pointsr/JeepRenegade

I bought these 49.75" bars for my '15 TH and they fit pretty perfectly (width-wise) with maybe an inch extra on either side.

u/MyD0gNeedsaJ0b · 2 pointsr/JeepRenegade

Get one of these. Download an OBD app. The apps I've used will bring up specific codes and read out faults.

I will add that this may not be rock solid advice as I've heard of some newer vehicles freaking out and requiring their software to be reinstalled. If it Renegade, I wouldn't hesitate to give it a shot in your circumstances.

You may be thinking "This isn't good advice because I want to know now" and don't want to wait for shipping. I still recommend ordering one even if you explore other avenues. I bought this exact unit and it has paid for itself multiple times just in fuel savings of driving to a AutoZone/dealership.

Wish you luck and hope the best for you and your Renegade!

u/Sirvini · 2 pointsr/JeepRenegade

Which rails are you talking about? The crossbars or the actual rails themself?

I got a decent set of cross bars off of Amazon and I so far they work great. I'll try to find the link and add it for you.

Edit: CargoLoc Roof Top 2 PC. 46" Aluminum Cross Bars - Lockable

u/BurntPaper · 3 pointsr/JeepRenegade

Thanks! I started off with Mother's California Gold clay bar and waxed with Meguiers Ultimate Liquid Wax.

Honestly I'm not sure when the scratches came out. I didn't notice them after I used the clay bar, but I didn't think to actually look for them. Definitely not visible after the wax, though!

u/JVDS · 1 pointr/JeepRenegade

This is the one I run on mine. It fits well and looks nice. But the knobs whistle quite a bit. This can be solved with a bit of hot glue.

u/Xerous · 2 pointsr/JeepRenegade

I went with a very similar setup and just installed the cargo basket today! I got some decent but cheaper knockoffs of a very similar crossbar (a bit lower profile) on ebay. I had to hit em with some plastidip to black em out. ebay link

and the same rack but just another brand and a bit cheaper: amazon link

I agree the combo of low profile bars and that style basket is a great look on a Rene.

u/T-Hus44 · 1 pointr/JeepRenegade
This is the one I have, it comes with both the window suction cup and vent clip, I love it so far.

u/lawyeroftheland · 2 pointsr/JeepRenegade

If you're cheap like me:

Bought them last summer and used several times for camping trips with Kayaks up top.

u/madnessmostrandom · 2 pointsr/JeepRenegade

[I've seen this stuff recommend. You heat it and mold it to form a lil bumper. ](InstaMorph - Moldable Plastic - 12oz

The aforementioned 3m tape is a good alternative too.

u/RevDaniel · 1 pointr/JeepRenegade

For sunglasses, I just use ONE OF THESE on my passenger side visor.

I just recently purchased THIS for my phone and it works well. Simple 3M tape (provided) underneath keeps it snug.

*edit: forgot to include that I also carry an e-cig in something similar to this...

u/danirumzee28 · 3 pointsr/JeepRenegade

FMtoppeak Car Dash Phone 360 Degree Rotate With ABS Storage Box GPS Holder Auto Mobile Stand Kit For Jeep Renegade 2014-2016

I have this one. I’m a big fan of the extra storage space it provides, too!

u/TPrimeTommy · 2 pointsr/JeepRenegade

I have these bars on my Trailhawk (along with bike racks) and I have no complaints. I do get some wind noise at highway speeds, but I'm not sure if that's from the bike racks or the crossbars.

Installation was straightforward for just the crossbars, maybe 20 minutes, basic hand tools, and a step ladder.

u/Justlikecalvin · 2 pointsr/JeepRenegade

Next level:

$14.99 delivered if you have Amazon Prime. I stuck mine between the fan vents on the dash. Can see callers/songs etc without taking your eye off of the road.

u/a_random_username · 1 pointr/JeepRenegade

[text you want your link to show](address you want your link to go to)

So, in your case:
[InstaMorph - Moldable Plastic - 12oz](


InstaMorph - Moldable Plastic - 12oz

u/OnTheClock_Slackin · 2 pointsr/JeepRenegade

Don;t ignore an engine light, even if it goes away. You can stop by a locak auto parts store (auto zone, reilleys, etc) and they will scan for free in most states. It could be as simple as a loose gas cap or it could be a bigger problem, but if the light is coming on at all there is definitely something wrong. Maybe just a flukey sensor, but if the sensor is flukey then it's not really giving you truthful information about what it should be monitoring. You could also buy an ODB2 bluetiooth scanner tool on amazon for like $18, plug it in, connect to your phone and you can pull the codes yourself to see whats wrong.

u/dpblusea · 1 pointr/JeepRenegade

Nicebee Red Air Vent Trim Cover Interior Accessories Parts ABS For Jeep Renegade 2015 2016

u/andrew_e1 · 1 pointr/JeepRenegade


Scosche MAGDMB MagicMount Magnetic Dash Mount for Mobile Devices

u/taladizzle · 1 pointr/JeepRenegade

There might be some other posts with some more generic ones that arent as pricey...

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/JeepRenegade

This is where I got mine from. They’ve been pretty solid so far and they’re decently universal! As for mysky, I opted out from fear of issues down the road as we constantly use rooftop storage and such anyway. I’ve had bad experiences with sunroofs in the past so I was leery.