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u/shitty_owl_lamp · 1 pointr/Jigsawpuzzles

I’m new to puzzling too and so far I’ve done 5 puzzles (a mix of 500 and 1,000 pieces). I tried gluing the first three, but I found you can’t stack them because the Mod Podge is forever tacky. I bought Buffalo Games Presto Puzzle (basically fancy contact paper you apply to the back of the puzzle to keep it together) and I absolutely love it! Now I can stack them flat on top of each other and store them under my bed!!! Here is a link to buy it on Amazon:

Puzzle Presto! Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver: The Original and Still the Best Way to Preserve Your Finished Puzzle!

u/Trabethany · 2 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

This is what I use. It also comes in a 1k piece size. There are larger Jigsort boards, but the 2k+ ones don't come with the case. The boards are great, and the case is even better. Once I'm done working on my puzzle I just put everything back in place and zip it up, and I'm able to store the entire thing on it's side without the puzzle slipping at all. It's kind of pricey, but if you frequently do puzzles it's worth it :)

u/amabeebus · 1 pointr/Jigsawpuzzles

I have this and I love it! The board comes out of the carrying case for when you are working on it. When I'm done for the night but don't want to put it completely away I just put the sort trays on top of the puzzle and it covers the whole thing. When I'm done for a while, I put the tray in the carrying case and slide it under my bed. It's awesome! I have a cat too and this protects the puzzle from her quite nicely.

u/Dungeoness · 1 pointr/Jigsawpuzzles

If you're a fan of this style, definitely consider getting this one. It's even on sale atm, and 15 bucks is a steal for how enjoyable this puzzle was to do. Amazing, bold colors, lots of discrete borders and patterns to work on, and the pieces fit together like a dream. Even with ours missing one piece, I still recommend it highly.

u/DawnieN · 2 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

I have this one and I love it. It’s pricey but great quality. I put it on my bed or on the floor to do puzzles and it also comes with four sorting boards which are very helpful.

jigthings JIGSORT 1500 - Jigsaw Puzzle case for up to 1,500 Pieces from

u/ChrisDeg87 · 4 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

Last week I found myself in a spot where I finished my current puzzle way earlier than I expected to.
I have 2 puzzle sets that I had previously purchased, did a few and then stored in a closet.
One is a set of 10 generic fall pictures from Wal Mart ranging from 250 pieces to 1000 pieces.
The other was a set of 10 Thomas Kincade puzzles ranging from 100 pieces to 500 pieces.
I have done all but 2 of the Fall set and all but 3 of the Thomas Kincade ones.
I was a week away from payday and didn't have enough money in the puzzle budget for the next puzzle that I want to work on, but at the same time none of the 5 remaining puzzles really held my interest.
So while I had picked out one of my five to do, I really wasn't that eager to start it.
The next day I had to do a Wal Mart trip for the family and I happened to pass by a display rack in the center aisle of Buffalo jigsaw puzzles.
They were six dollars for a 1000 piece puzzle so I picked one up that I felt more excited about than the selection at home and started it.

So to sum up here is my current progress and a link to the finished puzzle.

Current Progress

Amazon Link

u/dGhleSBoYXZlIG5vIHdv · 1 pointr/Jigsawpuzzles

Exciting times! Keep us updated with progress. So satisfying to get the bigger ones done. After a couple of hard 3ks I tracked down what I think will be the easiest; managed to get this for under $20 delivered. I bet it will be a bit harder than I think; they always are.

u/AnUpsidedownTurtle · 1 pointr/Jigsawpuzzles

This puzzle from Ravensburger was truly maddening. I ended up taking a couple weeks break from it because it was so difficult. However, the feeling of completing it is true triumph unlike ever before. It's only 654 pieces but it's a doozy. Good luck if you dare.

u/horsenbuggy · 5 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

First, I've tried several brands so that I know which ones I like. That is based on piece shape and snugness of fit.

Then I have learned how long it takes me to do puzzles of each size. 500-750 will be one day. 1,000 will be a couple of days. Anything larger (or a complex image) will take a couple of weekends. Part of that is due to the time it takes to sort the pieces. I'm not terribly patient. I like to just dive right in and start putting a puzzle together after I've found the edges. I can't really do that with 1,000 piece puzzle.

As for image, I look for anything crisp and with variety. If there are large portions of the same color, I skip it. If there's a tint to the whole image so that every piece is gonna look kinda blueish or purplish, I skip it.

I do a variety of collages, seaside images, underwater scenes, fishing paraphernalia, etc. I just picked up several puzzles that feature paintings from the primitive school - example 1, example 2. The colors are bright and the lines are clean. They really appeal to me as puzzles though I don't think I'd hang them in my house.

u/Raeko_22 · 2 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

I also tried shipping boxes for years, but I easily lost pieces while moving the whole thing around. That's when i bought a sort of puzzle mat, that has a rather solid back and closable side wings. The puzzle enclosed, is on some kind of fabric so that individual pieces can't move when its shut. This made it so much more convenient, to move any puzzle in the making around the flat. (I am rather slow and interest is fluctuating so it sometimes takes me a few weeks :P) You can find it here:

The moose looks dope by the way :)

u/vengefulmuffins · 1 pointr/Jigsawpuzzles

I got a new puzzle board for Christmas that I adore. I actually drilled it into the top of a cheap TV tray to make it a bit easier to do puzzles on from my couch. I also always use a roll up felt may on top of the board because I live in a tiny apartment and may have to put the puzzle up for more room.

Puzzle Board:

Puzzle mat:

u/jr49 · 3 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

It’s a Ravensburger carrying case. Got it on amazon for about $45 though it looks like it’s gone up to $60 here. That’s the same price my local Borders book store sells them for.

I really like it because it allows me to move a work in progress puzzle out the way. I wouldn’t depend on it for keeping loose pieces in place though. I really like that the board can be taken out so I build on my coffee table without the whole case in the way and just put the board with puzzle back in when complete. I’m debating buying another if I see price drop again so I can have another in progress with my girlfriend.

I don’t store loose pieces in there. I use old puzzle boxes and some plastic caddies for that.

u/Pi4yo · 1 pointr/Jigsawpuzzles

I've done a puzzle of that painting but from a different brand! One of my favorites. And I'm actually currently working on a different Klimt [(this one)](

I have used this instead of glue in the past and it worked great.

What puzzle of the month club do you use? Any complaints?

u/dognocat · 2 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

I currently use a jigsort similar to this it's lined with felt which holds the pieces well.

Jigthings JIGSORT 1500 - Jigsaw puzzle case for up to 1,500 pieces from

If making your own and if you are stuck for space, when making the raised edges make them all the way round then make an insert to fit this reasonably tight you can then clamp /strap this in place enabling you to stand your jigsaw on it's side behind the sofa or against a wall out of the way when not in use.

After using jigsaw mats that rolled and having to spend the first 20 minutes fixing it this is a Godsend.

If you review the ad you may get some more hints

PS always buy/build bigger than you need as the challenges just get bigger in size and pieces.

Hope that helps

u/lady8godiva · 2 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

You don't really need anything if you are just starting out. That being said, here are my accessories that I can't live without when doing a puzzle.

  • Portapuzzle - work on the floor, on a table, put it away under the couch when having dinner company - this is truly amazing for portability. I have not lost a piece yet.
  • Sort and Go Trays. Stackable, great for organizing, and so cute!
  • Puzzle Presto. I've read up a lot on gluing and framing. These are so easy it's ridiculous. Yes, they are pricier than glue, but to me, worth it to not deal with the headache.
u/TweaktheReaper · 3 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

This took me about a year to do because I was only able to work on it for a few hours on the weekends and it was so huge I was doing it on the floor (neck pain, anyone?). During that year I also had to move, which meant that the puzzle was shuffled about despite my efforts, and had to be redone almost entirely on one side. In any case this was incredibly fun and Ravensburger definitely makes quality puzzles. I hope to have enough floor space in my next living situation to get another 9000.

Also if it matters I did the entire puzzle without referencing the image once. The box was always full of pieces face down, so I suppose I'm a masochist LOL!

u/RogueDevlin · 1 pointr/Jigsawpuzzles

Oh man that sucks but yeah I bought it a couple of months ago from amazon!

Ravensburger Vintage Games Jigsaw Puzzle (1000-Piece)

Sorry from rough link, I usually browse reddit from my phone :)

u/moonbeam127 · 1 pointr/Jigsawpuzzles

cardboard is recyclable but i wouldnt duct tape the puzzles, there are actual puzzle sticky thing you can order that are made to hold the puzzle together. they are like sheets of clear contact paper
here is one type:

u/DustinChecketts · 1 pointr/Jigsawpuzzles

I've used one of these and it does what it is supposed to do; although I feel there's got to be a better way to stow a jigsaw puzzle mid-progress.

I'm curious to try this. And it's made by Ravensburger, so it should work well.

u/AwesomeInc · 1 pointr/Jigsawpuzzles

I've had this bigger version saved in my amazon wish list for a while now.. I've been too afraid to pull the trigger..

u/Party_Like_Its_1789 · 2 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

I don't know what the difference between Deluxe and Standard is, but Jumbo also do this one which suits puzzles up to 1500 and is cheaper than the one you linked. Also the 1000 one may not fit all 1000 piece puzzles, whilst the 1500 should.

I have a 1500 port a puzzle board (you can see it in my history) and I love it. I really don't think you need to spend more than 50 at the max for a board.

u/vickyrex · 2 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

I'm currently working on this thing....

It's silly but I'm enjoying the challenge.

u/ptdaisy333 · 3 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

This is what I use, it stores puzzles up to 1000 pieces as long as they are the regular format (not square puzzles, not panoramas). You could still make those formats fit if you split the puzzle up into sections though.

I saw some less than stellar reviews for it claiming that the puzzle fell apart when moved anyway, my two cents: you can't treat this like it isn't a puzzle, if possible transport it and store it while keeping it flat rather than vertical, especially if you're still in the early stages and there are a lot of pieces floating free.

u/wordsearchpsychic · 3 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

I finished One Hundred Horses and a Shoe. ([amazon] ( My parents came to visit and my dad found the shoe in about 3 seconds.

I would not let him look at my next puzzle in progress - I have not found the egg in One Hundred Dinosaurs and an Egg (amazon) yet. ;) No real progress on that one yet. I got the pieces sorted out and a few edge pieces together, then I rolled it up for a few days (I use felt and a cardboard tube) so I could play Robinson Crusoe (board game that takes up the whole table). I plan to restart work on it later this week.

u/jswamps · 1 pointr/Jigsawpuzzles

If you're looking for a puzzle divided into sections like this, and not just Disney, then most White Mountain puzzles fit the bill,

u/annedemonium · 2 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

Well, I do the edge first. I know that sounds obvious, but I don’t do the edge first with regular puzzles.

Then I sort by shape.

It does take some trial and error, but I start from the corners and work my way in. I look for irregularities in each piece and capitalize on that. How far the notch is in from the “corner” of the piece or where the notches create a unique square corner. How the bumps are strange on a piece. That kind of thing.

This one took me about three hours, on and off. It was actually pretty difficult, but when you stare at the pieces long enough you start to memorize their imperfections. Then when a familiar spot opens up, you remember the piece.

That sounds really convoluted. Apologies.

If you’re interested in a challenge, you should try one of the Krypt puzzles by Ravensburger . They’re easier because the pieces are completely distinct. This one is more difficult because each of the pieces is only the tiniest bit different.

u/I_very_rarely_post · 2 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

I did space shuttle take off & the quality was good. I would buy Eurographics again.

New York Puzzle company did a series of NASA posters. More art than photo though. I don’t think they’re making them anymore but you can find them on eBay and Amazon

u/Throwaway55667711 · 1 pointr/Jigsawpuzzles

[New York Puzzle Company - NASA The Grand Tour - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle](amazon link)

u/mangusman07 · 2 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

Essentially get good cardboard and make a $5 version of a Puzzle Caddy. I've used hot glue to make a lip around the edge of the cardboard so that pieces can't slide off the edges.

For a faster startup, you can simply sort pieces into the lids of old puzzle boxes. You'll still need a good place to build the puzzle, but you at least don't have to spread 1000 pieces around a small table.

u/majime100 · 1 pointr/Jigsawpuzzles

Maybe it will let you order it from this Amazon link? I'm in the US so it might be showing up differently for me, but it does say it's Amazon UK

u/gallyria95600 · 2 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

This is the one.

It's supposed to come in two bags, one for each half of the puzzle, so it's really 2 4500 pieces.

u/TommyT28 · 4 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

I use a Puzzle mat. This allows me to do it at the table, in front of the tv or take it away. My brother uses a roll mat, not my thing but it works.

u/elizabethany6 · 1 pointr/Jigsawpuzzles

i did this one too! then went for this fun vintage tie one, same vibe with each section/pattern:


u/psychkitty · 1 pointr/Jigsawpuzzles

This is one of them:
3D Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle Testimony Tower - 504 Pieces

u/awesosaur · 1 pointr/Jigsawpuzzles

I've got a dining table that with leaf in it, holds a 3000 piece JUST barely from top/bottom, with a teeny bit of room on the sides. I have this 9000 piece sitting on a shelf because I haven't figured out the spacing of it just quite yet. It is in 2 bags, but even those bags are bigger than what my table can handle.

u/fshklr1 · 2 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

JIGSORT 1500 - Jigsaw puzzle case for up to 1,500 pieces from Jigthings

u/mrsgubz · 2 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

I use this mostly

But was also given this for Christmas

The mat hasn't been the easiest thing to get used to, it had large difficult fold seams that wouldn't relax. Finally put a bunch of books on the seams and they finally relaxed a bit.

u/jackie_mewvier · 2 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

Based on this comment I don’t think there’s a full picture:

> Verified Purchase

> I bought this puzzle because my team at work was going through one 1000 piece puzzle a week. This puzzle stopped them dead in their tracks. They managed about 10 connections over the course of a month, after they separated the pieces into quarter puzzles based on the pattern on the back. They eventually gave up and got back to work.

I believe the fourth picture here is the back of the puzzle whereas the second picture is the back of the box. Still better than plain white, but not by much.

u/african_violet · 2 pointsr/Jigsawpuzzles

Now that I look at it closer, you're right. That's damn tricky. Is this the Provence puzzle, by chance?