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u/Seifuu · 1 pointr/JonTron

Well, both the study I linked earlier and this book talk about those concepts and its ramifications in detail.

Yeah, it seems we're very much in a grey area of research where more data is needed to really confirm or disprove (at least my) prescriptions. At this point, I'm mostly just going by the "implications for public policy/society" written by the authors in these genetic inheritance of IQ studies (linked in earlier comments), which are supported by citations, but certainly don't constitute studies themselves.

> My suspicion is that it would just be intermediate given that studies between larger racial groups nearly all show exact intermediacy, which probably means that IQ is highly polygenic.

Well that's why I was wondering about the relationship of geographical IQ and genetic cluster, because clusters don't show that smooth gradient at the level of racial groups unless they skip over admixed areas. There are all these peoples that don't fall into larger, homogenous racial groups and they've gotta provide some interesting data points - if only to tie a smoother gradient to geography.

u/Retroity · 6 pointsr/JonTron

Must be a popular kettle, apparently it's a best seller on Amazon:

u/thenacho1 · 3 pointsr/JonTron

I'm sorry, I didn't know.

I couldn't find out what kind of microphone Jon uses, but apparently his camera is, or at least was three years ago, a Canon 5D Mark III. However, that was before his change to a professional set, etc, so it could be different now.

Sorry for making assumptions. Hope this helped.

Edit: Scratch that! He uses this particular lav mic. Once again, the info is from a couple of years ago, so it could have changed since then.

u/twofer2 · 8 pointsr/JonTron

I remember seeing a post on this a while back and someone found the right hat! I saved the link just in case, so here you go!

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/JonTron

I'm so disappointed that THIS wasn't in it, but this episode kicked assssssss

u/Mr_Dagon · 1 pointr/JonTron

You can buy the fridge magnet on Amazon

u/Tesseractrayle · 1 pointr/JonTron

Googled "black wool field jacket" here are some results for you:



u/kcucullen · 2 pointsr/JonTron

Oh jeez this is hard! Jon would do everything so humorously. Ima give three:

-take a shot of this:

-dress up as dat boi and sing "firework" again

-hang a spoon on your nose

u/raccoonacorn · 3 pointsr/JonTron

We use a lav mic. The exact one is this:

I think it's discontinued now, though.

And we use satanic-magic to hide the microphone.

u/BreafingBread · 24 pointsr/JonTron

He bought it on the "buying dumb things online" episode, so you might find the link in the description.

Edit: gonna guess it's this one

u/GodsAreTired · 1 pointr/JonTron

>How is the school system failing because of equality.

By putting children of lesser abilities in with children of higher abilities and thereby dragging them down to the lowest common denominator.

>Physically they are but can you tell me what psychological differences there are.

Yes. Men and women are wired completely differently. Broadly men focus on objects and systems, women are focused on the social sphere. Women are more neurotic and more agreeable, men are more conscientious. The male sexual system is more visually based and wired for polygamy, the female sexual system is heavily based on hypergamy. Here's a whole lecture series that talks about personality differences particularly 16-19 and here's a book specifically talking about sexual differences

>You also don't seem to understand that the people leading the protests for women's right to vote were women...It sounds like you are also In favour of women not having the vote and think that it is destructive.

A minority of women who were often also terrorists. I use it as an example of when postmodernism tore down a structure and called it liberation. A majority of women had their lives negatively impacted by changing the voting model and postmodernists ignored their free choice in order to spout their ideology.

>Syria, Iraq and Iran aren't 3rd world countries.

Yes they are. Syria and Iraq are heavily war torn and Iran is a theocratic prison state. Those countries aren't where most of the mass illegal immigration into Europe I'm talking about is coming from though, which is from sub-saharan Africa.

>You still can't tell me how postmodernism is destructive.

Because it fundamentally values nothing. It tears down everything it can because it sees all hierarchies as abuse and all truth as relative.