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u/mechitgood · 9 pointsr/JuneBumpers2017

If you do s registry through Amazon they have a great walk through thing that goes through different categories and sub categories of things you might need or want.

I'm not a first timer so here are a few things you may want to register for aside from what you already have :

  • crib, crib sheets. You may want to get a mobile although you probably won't use it at first.we use this one and love it. You can use it even after baby sits up or begins to stand

  • you may want a bassinet or something similar since Most parents want their baby close to them for a while. We had a bassinet but hated it. In our old house it only fit at the end of our bed so I'd have to get up and by the time I did my husband would be awake too. This time around we're getting an arms reach co sleeper. You can use it as a bassinet or attached as a consleeper. It's more compact than the bassinet we had and the sides fold down which is awesome as a co sleeper. If you decide to get either you need a couple sheets for that

  • stroller

  • swing or bouncer. My kids always hated bouncers but loved the swing. It's seriously a life saver. We still have our swing but are also getting a rock n play this time around. It folds almost flat so we can easily bring it with us when we go see family and I'll easily be able to bring it around the house.

  • bathtub. You'll most likely want a tub for the baby

  • baby monitor. We have a summer infant camera one we love

  • crib mattress. We use Serta. We had a safety 1st one for our second and it was a piece of garbage. It lost its shape and started to get stained and have an odor from being spit up on and things like that.

  • mattress pads- id recommend 2-3

  • swaddle wraps if you plan to use them

  • a thermometer, nail clipper, maybe gas drops

  • shopping cart cover- won't be used right away but my daughter loved to put her mouth on the cart 😑

  • Bottle brushes and drying rack

  • high chair- won't be used right away. Mine was able to lean back (I have a graco one)

  • changing pad. I use the keekaroo peanut. It's pricey but so worth it in my opinion. I don't have to deal with covers or changing them in the middle of the night if they get soiled. I just wipe it down and done.

  • baby carrier- I've tried the babybjorn and moby. The babybjorn was really uncomfortable to wear. The moby was super hot to wear. I ended up buying an ergo and love it.

  • bottle warmer: some people say this isn't necessary. We got one when my daughter had to be on special formula. The thing is the formula when mixed was extremely bubbly. It would solve her one digestive issue while giving her extreme gas making her uncomfortable. I read online that people had the same issue so they'd pre mix the formula and put it in the fridge. The thing was my daughter would throw up cold formula. So we got the boom bottle warmer. I realized how convenient that was for nighttime feedings. So now I plan on doing the same thing. Pre mixing bottles for st night then heating as necessary. It's not fun or easy mixing bottles at 2am.

  • pack n play. We have one that has a changing area and bassinet. Honestly we probably used it once like that. We didn't really use it again until our kids were a couple months older. I'd put the playmat in it and let them play on it while I'd vacuum the room or tidy up.

    Things you shouldn't register for:

  • clothes- if you register in a store like babies r us i wouldn't register for clothes. Most people like to pick out their own outfit. It's also very difficult to find the exact thing someone wants

  • more than one car seat. You probably will only end up using one car seat. I'd only say get a 2nd base if you and someone else will be switching off doing daycare drop offs and pickups

  • formula maker- I mentioned pre making bottles earlie. You can just shake them or use something like this. You don't need a crazy expensive keurig type formula maker. Everyone I know who has had one ends up saying it was a waste of $ and doesn't work right.

    Hope this starter list helps!
u/TooManlyShoes · 2 pointsr/JuneBumpers2017

I hope your birthday gets better. :(

For the sciatica, the yoga ball has seriously helped me. And I imagine you sit a lot at the call center. Maybe get one of those yoga ball chairs? Like this:

Or they have those ones where it's like half a ball, but I dont know what they're called.

But that might help. But maybe check with Dr to make sure it won't mess with your cervix.

Do you and your fiancee have a day off together soon? You can wait and celebrate your birthday then. Which I know isn't the same. But a nice date or a delicious meal he makes for you might be something amazing to look forward to.

Pick out the crib you want, and tell your mom that if she wants to get you a crib, she can get you that one. And then put it on your registry. And whoever actually buys it, buys it. And if she doesn't get on it, that's on her.

u/pnwbusinesscasual · 2 pointsr/JuneBumpers2017

I have this one and it's great. I've also been wearing these Blanqi support tanks and that's been helpful too.

u/wewantmcneal · 3 pointsr/JuneBumpers2017

Elderberry syrup (avoid echinacea) is really affective. Zinc also is great. I use these and was approved by my doctor (of course check with yours)
elderberry syrup
elderberry and zinc lozenges

u/TheCaptainsBeefheart · 2 pointsr/JuneBumpers2017

TBH, it's my gym shirt from SIXTH GRADE. hahahahaha. I've had it for 15 years now, and still wear it to bed. :P

Its tag says "Russell Athletics NuBlend". Just looked em up on Amazon and the shirts are super cheap. Might be worth checking out?

u/Checkmate1234 · 2 pointsr/JuneBumpers2017

I’ve struggled with sleep as well! I’ve been a stomach sleeper my whole life, but lately, for me – sleeping on my stomach has become exceedingly uncomfortable! I actually went out and bought a Snoogle, and my sleep these last few days has been amazing! The Snoogle is basically just a large u-shaped pillow that makes sleeping on your side so easy as it props up your back! Additionally, I’ve found sleeping with a part of the pillow between my legs has exponentially helped alleviate lower back pain in the morning. Perhaps worth a try for you too? Hope you get more restful (and comfy) sleep soon!

u/stayathomemistress · 2 pointsr/JuneBumpers2017

GREAT QUESTION. So I've used those disposable fleet enemas in the past. We didn't have any, so he rummaged in the kitchen until he found one of these. Filled it with warm water and helped me, um, apply it as needed.

u/zerolenina · 3 pointsr/JuneBumpers2017

My midwife recommends that all of her clients take this probiotic - Fem-Dophilus, 5 Billion Organisms Per Cap, Supports Vaginal and Urinary Tract Health, 60 Count (Cool Ship, Pack of 3)

u/dragaholic16 · 1 pointr/JuneBumpers2017

I use one of these and OMG it saved my upper back. It unknots all knots. Also a good bra has helped, I was wearing crappy sports bras until I had to cave and buy GIANT BOOB LADY bras.

u/LynZ_ · 2 pointsr/JuneBumpers2017

I pulled the trigger on a Graco infant car seat and extra base because that was the one I had tentatively put in my registry last week and today it's the cheapest it's ever been on Amazon:

Now I'm checking price history on everything else I'd thrown in my registry to see if I need to buy anything else.

u/Overthemoon64 · 1 pointr/JuneBumpers2017

I got this one on amazon. There are a bunch up there though, I just picked the cheapest black one on prime.

u/crochetblanket · 1 pointr/JuneBumpers2017

Everyday Yoga for Stress Release with Nadia Narain
I have this one- my sister is a yoga instructor and she bought it for me and I really enjoy it

u/I-EAT-MY-OWN-POOP · 1 pointr/JuneBumpers2017

Just found this on Amazon prime. It's five or six POUNDS of chewy spree. OMG

Spree Chewy - Assorted Flavors

u/Bonaquitz · 2 pointsr/JuneBumpers2017

Because we found out we're having a girl yesterday, I just splurged (not really) and got a pink (yes, bring on the pink and the frills for this girl mom) carseat canopy set. They're on sale for $89 and with their code you get 40% off, so I thought why not? I also got her name embroidered on the cover, because I'm obnoxious.

The set is found here on amazon: but I got it at for cheaper (they don't have a direct link to the one I got).

Realize I might be getting ahead of myself at 16 wks, but whatever.

u/LoveToTheWorld · 1 pointr/JuneBumpers2017

I just wanted to reaffirm this message.

Being so out of control around food, eating emotionally, eating large quantities of junk food past the point of fullness, regret after eating, shame about "lack of self-control", seeing certain foods as "forbidden".....all of these point to disordered eating.

I was finally diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder last year and completed a recovery program in the spring of this year. It was so, so helpful to me to learn why I was doing that. One of my major goals was to recover before having kids so that I didn't pass on the food behaviors to them.

This kind of disorder is often made worse by trying to increase control over food - dieting and restricting often leads to a cycle of bingeing.

I would highly recommend reading Intuitive Eating for getting a handle on it, and definitely some sort of therapy or treatment program (depending on how bad it is).

I was in denial for a long time because I thought it was just normal to keep going on strict diets and then falling off the wagon and eating allll the things. I managed to sustain that pattern for many years until the strict diet window got shorter and shorter and the bingeing/blowout cheat was happening almost daily. It's a miserable existence and I'm so happy to be out of that cycle.

I hope your husband can find a balance too!