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u/frozenbananastand528 · 9 pointsr/JustEngaged

The problem with rings like that is that they look good now, but a few years down the road will need to be replaced. My promise ring was $100 and I don't think it's really important how much a promise ring costs. Hopefully it will be replaced within a year or two with an engagement ring.

The engagement ring is something I think you should be looking to spend more money on if you can afford it. It's (hopefully) something you're going to be wearing the rest of your life, so you should have something that will stand the test of time. Sterling silver tarnishes! Here is a picture of my promise ring after owning it for two years. Bonus comparison to my e-ring, because I've had it for a month and a half and I love it.

You do not have to get a diamond anything. You can get a ruby or pearl or emerald or whatever type of engagement ring you want, but make sure it's something that will still look nice in twenty years. Before I went ring shopping I went through my mother's jewelry box to look at her jewelry, and you can tell the difference between the old good stuff and the old bad stuff.

If it's just not in your budget to get a nice ring now, make sure to have the conversation about upgrading your ring later when it's affordable.

If you're looking for under $200 still, try etsy for some nice rings.

u/xjustsmilebabex · 5 pointsr/JustEngaged

I say the emerald, but keep this in mind:

They are naturally less radiant than the round cut, and if they get even a little dirty they look really bad. So, I'd reccomend getting a jewelry cleaner to use at home. You can use do one like this to keep it clean day to day. But if you're looking for a really great cleaner, I'd get an ultrasonic. This one is my favorite simply because the steam makes a huge difference.

u/britneymisspelled · 3 pointsr/JustEngaged

I got mine off amazon, I think you can probably get them at some jewelry places too. It’s like a little brush filled with gel cleaner that you twist up - you just brush your ring with it and then rinse it off. It makes it SO sparkly! I make sure to clean the side stones well and the bottom of the ring and rinse it really well. They’re amazing.

u/YarnBride · 1 pointr/JustEngaged

I've heard a lot of great things about this jewelry cleaner (or others like it). I haven't personally used it yet, but it's on my Christmas list. Seems easy to use and great for the price!

u/Dreamearth · 2 pointsr/JustEngaged

Congrats!!! It's so lovely~ I love 6 prongs too.
I just bought this because the cold weather has made my fingers shrink, but I won't resize mine because it fits perfectly in summer.
I'm not sure if it's cold where you are but I would take that into account before getting the ring resized :)

u/myusernamesistaken · 2 pointsr/JustEngaged

I LOVE the sapphires on the side; that's almost exactly what I'm hoping to be given :) I already have these shoes that I'm seriously considering wearing :)

u/squeakers1215 · 9 pointsr/JustEngaged

I grabbed a sizer set off Amazon since my ring is definitely in that annoying zone of “if it’s cold, it’s too big, and if it’s warm to hot, it fits just fine.” Honestly, the $5 I spent on Amazon was totally worth it.


u/sir_scratchewan · 1 pointr/JustEngaged

Try this ring sizer:

Creepy name, but it works much better on my ring than the traditional sizers. I've got a tacori too btw!

u/QUESO0523 · 1 pointr/JustEngaged

Titanium and tungsten are cheap but durable. There are a lot on Amazon.

Here's one example:

u/gypsywhisperer · 3 pointsr/JustEngaged

I'm sorry about that! Will you do another opal or will you do a different stone?

Here is a cheap replica, if you want a replacement.