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u/bookof_ · 2 pointsr/Kanye

It's a good read but kinda short. It's a very small book as well and not too much content.

Another good gift would be The Yeezus Book. In depth analysis on the album, the production/lyrics, the tour, pretty much everything! It looks really cool too!

Product Description from Amazon:

From designer lamps and masks, to cult filmmakers, to avant garde DJs and rap pioneers, to . . . Adam Sandler?
Chris Lambert and Travis Bean (Watching The Throne podcast), Donald Martin (YouTube's The Most Unruly), and Martin Connor (Editor-in-Chief of take us on an in-depth look through the influences, story, and musical architecture of the album, as well as its unorthodox production across multiple cities, and an ambitious, sprawling tour concept . . . This is The Yeezus Book, an illustrated narrative guide to Kanye West's enigmatic sixth solo effort that's like nothing that came before it.
Designed by Matthew Revert and Michael Kazepis, and featuring art by Fabian Louis.

If you have the budget, I would get both lol

u/pvk8336 · 3 pointsr/Kanye

I attend somewhere between 15-30 concerts a year, photograph dozens more and I'm wearing earplugs every time. I still hear the music fine, and I have the added bonus of not losing my hearing.

Every time your ears ring after loud exposure, that's permanent damage. Just think of putting in earplugs like you would sunscreen. I wish more people took their hearing health more seriously.

There's several different brands that are designed for concert use that will level everything out and just bring them to a more comfortable level:

HEAROS High Fidelity Series Ear Plugs for Comfortable Long Term Use with Free Case, 1 Pair

Etymotic Research ER20 ETYPlug Hearing Protection Earplugs, Standard Clear Stem with Blue Tip (Clear)

ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs, Standard Fit, Frost Tip

If you search music earplugs, any pair you get should do. If you're feeling really committed for future usage, you could drop a pretty penny on some custom-made earplugs. They feel perfect.

u/LovelyHatred93 · 1 pointr/Kanye

[these are pretty great quality. I bought one and I like it. ](The Life of Pablo I Feel Like Pablo Red Long Sleeve T Shirt (Large)

u/_notlek_ · 1 pointr/Kanye

Here's the link if anyone is interested. The brand is Gildan. I got an XL (I'm 6'4 210) and it fits a little big, but I expect it to shrink some after some washes. The back has the "We on an ultralight beam. This is a God dream" like the t-shirts.

u/Emit_Remmus_ · 2 pointsr/Kanye

Shipping takes about a week. Fades a little after the first wash, but still the best I've found.

u/HeTalksToComputers · 4 pointsr/Kanye

Kanye West: God and Monster by Mark Beaumont is a great book that goes into extensive detail on the recording of each album up to and including Yeezus.

u/dwibbles33 · 21 pointsr/Kanye

You're going to like this answer... Amazon

If you're interested I'd hurry a bit, they're becoming harder to find new.

u/jsta44 · 1 pointr/Kanye

Finally got the Kanye MSG Adhesive Vinyl from Amazon.

I'm not crafty and had troubles finding a foam board big enough, but I think it's wavy. Probably a better way to roll the sticker onto the board with two people, and using scissors to trim off excess cardboard wasn't the best idea, but when I saw my package had arrived, there wasn't much thought other than "I need this up on my wall ASAP"

10/10 would recommend. Find foam board first to avoid having to use two science fair boards instead.

u/whereami1928 · 23 pointsr/Kanye

These are the ones I have, can recommend. Comfy and they keep a decent sound quality. Have never had my ears hurt/ring like the did at Saint Pablo since wearing them.

u/Dorian_Ye · 1 pointr/Kanye

Yeah, Stronger can be found here

And you can find the full album of Kanye lullaby covers, including the tracklist, here

u/mailtruckwhorehouse · 2 pointsr/Kanye

There's a full album. Someone posted a pic of it here, titled,

>"If I ever have a kid he's gonna get a good start"

or something like that.
I cant find the post right now but Here is the Amazon page

u/Roton7 · 1 pointr/Kanye

You can read a preview here if you click on "Look Inside".. sounds interesting!

u/comix_corp · 3 pointsr/Kanye

nice, I'm getting my brother this instead

u/TheEfex · 74 pointsr/Kanye

The Power "King's Dead", shows the vulnerability and how Kanye feels as a result of the media and everything around him, like everything's out to get him.

Basically, it just looks dope as fuck. I'd recommend getting the Power picture disc from Amazon for like $10

u/KiddKRoolenstein · 1 pointr/Kanye

I've got my copy off german ebay for about 4€, I think most german sites don't ship to the us.
But this link might help you:

u/Kodono · 9 pointsr/Kanye

It is a book created by Donda West before her passing, it just tells about the struggles and the stories from the upcoming the Kanye West. Well That is what I've gotten out of it so far. (obviously haven't read it all!)
Purchased it off amazon:

u/OminousRectangle · 2 pointsr/Kanye

Like I said in my other comment, it came with the records.

u/Walker_TexasNutter · 1 pointr/Kanye

I’m not sure if this person made their own, but you can buy the Graduation graduation cap on Amazon-

u/ImNotAWeeabo · 2 pointsr/Kanye


I haven’t played it yet, but it seems legit

u/LittleHelperRobot · 2 pointsr/Kanye


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/Scorch8482 · 3 pointsr/Kanye

This is the actual packaging for MBDTF.

u/Meowingtons-PhD · 3 pointsr/Kanye

Probably ebay.

Or just download this

Or amazon

Did you actually try?

u/NoootToNoot · 1 pointr/Kanye

I bought it on amazon . Ended up getting the frame separate though.