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u/redditsister02 · 1 pointr/LasVegas

So I looked up smokeless ashtrays and found some clever and funny inventive new models for weed, with special bowl cleaning parts. Lol

Anyways this seems to be a general hotel room type:

u/brettness · 1 pointr/LasVegas

Check out "Out From Las Vegas" ( My wife and I have done a few of these and they are generally very good.

(I am not affiliated with the author or the publisher, just a satisfied buyer of it)

u/whodaloo · 3 pointsr/LasVegas

If you're hurting... - pretty close if you need a fix.

Can't help with the goetta though. Smith's is owned by Kroger, maybe they can get a case.

u/xcesiv_7 · 1 pointr/LasVegas

Smoke Buddy or cardboard tube with dryer sheets.

Every stoner thinks weed smell dissipates, they are high. Smokers can't smell smoke as well. Use a smoke filter.

u/Schneider28mm · 11 pointsr/LasVegas

It's a wild story and ultimately, Michael Madsen (aka Mr. Blonde) helped my movie get distribution and in front of the audience. It's also available here on Amazon -

u/kurizmatik · 2 pointsr/LasVegas

Nope. Just don’t be like the people in past threads across the Vegas subs who want the fastest speeds then buy the cheapest router. We have this but I’d get the one for $150 so you don’t have to pay to rent a modem from Cox. We pay $88ish a month for 150 and pull closer to 300

u/Gunmetal2187 · 1 pointr/LasVegas

I'm not sure if what you're talking about is different but the door jamb reinforcement I'm talking about does the same thing. No contractor needed. Here's an example

Door Armor MAX - Complete Door Reinforcement Set For Jamb, Frame, Strike Plate - DIY Home Door Security - Satin Nickel

u/SickSalamander · 5 pointsr/LasVegas

When we moved into our condo we had a slight issue with roaches, i think from an adjacent unoccupied unit. Saw a half dozen or so first week.

We put this stuff all around inside and outside our building. Killed almost all of them. Reapplied in a few months and didn't see another one again for over a year.

Every few years now if we see even one in the spring/summer, we reapply and never have real issues.