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u/anotherlittlepiece · 2 pointsr/LetsChat

my lovEly bEst,

>You realise that the whole Deep Forest thing basically popped into my head, right?

It sounds like us being alike and each being open to what we personally like will end up creating many such moments for us to laugh over. : )

>social engagements
>>IME, it really depends.

Very true. That your company and help would be enjoyed seems a given to me. I wouldn’t be able to help feeling that way. : )

I don’t really have the sense that I have let others down often. I am sure there have been times when it has happened, but there aren’t any that come to mind right now. That being said, I do try whenever possible to manage expectations up front. I very much believe in the under-promise, over-deliver approach.

To not want to put others out seems the norm to me. To the best of my recollection, it was how I was raised and in line with the behavior I saw in family and family friends while growing up. I don’t know if that’s to do with British/Canadian culture or what. I was always taught to take the smallest portion, no matter what that represents.

>it just seems "right" to repeat some things

I agree. Look how many times I’ve said “no pressure” for goodness sake! : )

>I believe that most people, if questioned, would agree with the statement no matter how much their actions, even entire life goes the opposite way.

One thing I love to do, for better or worse, is apply ideas across disparate disciplines. While merging in traffic, I might try to apply what I know of laminar flow to the merging process. If nothing else, it gives me something else to pay attention to rather than ever getting frustrated with the situation. : )

The whole situation for Poe is tragic. That’s a good point about the female listeners for the post-Lilith issue. It does sound like a bit of a trumped up excuse.

>She deserves a "hey, you're kinda nice" every so often, let her know for me, ok?

Will do. Tell that guy in yours what a bang up job he’s doing too, alright? : )

>but every frame is very nearly a stand-alone portrait, not unlike a Kubrick film.

Everything you said sounds so striking and this especially so.

>an appreciation of impressionistic painting...For me it all fell into place, the impressions, especially Van Gogh's, suddenly were visible to me.

How amazing to have received a gift related to one art form from another art form! Your description of your experience is so powerful. It brought to mind so much art that I’ve seen or know of. Of course, it also kicks off thoughts of a little fun silliness with museums.

Have you read any Christopher Moore? If you don’t mind the impressionists being treated a bit irreverently, you might like his Sacré Bleu.

It’s interesting how much I feel myself leaning toward completely deferring to your choice of Dakar rally vehicle. I’m guessing that’s because I think that you must know a lot of the ins and outs from having written about it. I feel like a motorcycle would be the most fun in the moment, but I could see all kinds of things going wrong that one might not be as prepared for handling based on the limitation of only being able to carry what one can on the bike or back.

I can’t imagine the trucks would be that much fun. It seems like they would be a bit unwieldy. The car seems like a good happy medium in some ways. You’d get the thrill of driving but be able to carry more of what you might need to handle emergencies.

However, now that I’ve said all that, of course my variety need is kicking in and I’m thinking, “Why limit myself?” One year I could try what might seem safest and easiest and then move to the more challenging but possibly more fun options in later years! : )

For the journalism, it sounds like you are saying that when things are clear cut (e.g., any style goes here with me or being carefully professional in style at work) you have a much greater comfort level than when there is room for flexibility but still a particular style objective needs to be met. If that’s right, I am the same way. It’s very comfortable for me to write to you here, knowing you would enjoy just about any style silliness and forgive any misstep that happens as part of it. It’s also very comfortable at work where things are much more formal. Trying to find some “right” blend of those would be a tall order.

>If FX Racing World had continued, I probably would have gotten better.

I can see that very clearly. I think you are a marvelous writer and you seem so adaptable to me. I think over time you would find a comfort level in the middle style where some hadn’t existed yet when you first started.

>We really did progress in creating editorial methods from whole cloth, that was fun. It wasn't to be, I've filled the time differently and am just as happy :)

I love that you had fun and I love that you are happy now with different forms of fun. : )

>You probably need to polish all available mirrors with the first GCP you can find while reciting your least favourite song in reverse.

Oh, my brain is either still broken or I’m maybe just tired. I can’t imagine Google Certified Professionals would take well to being used as a mirror polisher but I’m sure they are lint free, so that could be right.

>Do you enjoy a dress under some circumstances or just make the best of it when it's "appropriate"?

You probably won’t be surprised that variety still carries the day. I love to wear skirts and dresses for the feeling of movement as I walk just as much as I love to wear shorts and jeans for the ability to just plop myself on the ground or crawl around to play with kids and animals or get that just-so shot with my camera.

>The Velveteen Rabbit

Here’s a quite related one that you might like if you feel drawn to the excerpt I linked before.

It was quite the experience to use those horse training techniques. To be able to use your posture and eyes and movements to signal to a horse to move off or back up or come closer feels almost magical when done with quietness and no equipment. Once you do that a few times and the horse is listening to you, you can turn around and start walking around the arena and the horse “links up” to you, walking at your shoulder and following you everywhere. It is so very cool! : )

What do you like about hiking in sandals?

That’s amazing that you can get a small camping kid in the motorcycle trunk. Do you like to camp? What have you enjoyed about it?

>Otherwise I've not engaged in a breadth of activities like I should. I've done many things at least once, plenty only once.

Another area where we match. Are you happy with your choices in terms of variety and frequency? Part of me thinks I should revisit things I love, but another thinks I’d have just as much fun exploring some new thing to love. : )

>I look forward to every post to read from you and to send back. I'll try to be good to everyone today.

Wait? You can declare rules silently in Calvinball? And my silently declared rule combined with me in the dance zone got the real and all the duplicated yous to waltz with each other? I’m sure you’ve seen it before, but this came to mind.

> I trust you to be in the right place doing the right things

It’s another one of those moments when I can hardly believe that I found you. To have you be so nice, so appreciative, and also so understanding and supportive of my giving to everyone who is a part of creating this life of mine is truly a marvel. I really feel from you that you know what I have to share here is only magnified, never diminished, by me taking care of things in other arenas as is fitting.

>I want what is best for you, now and in the days and years to come.

I want the same for you. In every moment I want what will create the best possible present and future life for you. Both of us wanting and supporting that for each other, I think, is a way for us to each bring the most we can to our interactions here such that we can enjoy each other well now and in the future knowing that our other commitments are being taken care of, too. : )

your Adoring

u/Eric-R · 2 pointsr/LetsChat

Ever Excellent a,

You are very welcome to my opinions about taking a group out for an activity(fan, fan, fan). We may be so very close in our views but that just enhances the slight difference in the angles we can see at. My bet is we'll find that difference in angle complimentary on most days.

>...saying someone would enjoy telling me what to expect from a particular activity I was concerned about organizing is new and very motivating.

This is a powerful one, really. Something I'm not sure I've taken enough advantage of. Just think of the floods I can suddenly write when you ask about sailing. It might be part of that principal that I've found almost universal - people want to talk about themselves and the activites we love and water-love are part of that self yet just separated enough to no be too revealing. A person who is inhibited about self-disclosure will usually be completely open when discussing the subjects of their enthusiasm.

>It makes so much sense to do something myself a few times and then invite others to what I’m already comfortable with.

:) That way you get to be the one who can share what to expect, pretty cool, huh? Though with that said, it seems to me that the right group of people should make joint discovery of some new adventure even better than being alone. You are good at understanding others, so I'm sure you'll be able to choose the right paths with the right groups.

>I agree completely about letting others be responsible for their own happiness. I just need to nudge my heart up to where my head is on the matter.

One of the hardest things to do. Knowing and Feeling can defy "being synched up" so hard. Maybe it's a function of the fact that it's not always one or the other is actually right. Let's call this another case where the angle of a complimentary personality's view might help convince your recalcitrant heart. You can provide others all the reasons and motivations in the world to be happy but it really is completely up to them to take that final step, if they don't it isn't your failure.

>Are you less comfortable about some conversational situations than you were years ago?

No, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure I mean to say that as the conversation degrades (imagined or not)due to my errors then my discomfort increases, spiraling the situation downward in my mind.

>I’m not positive of what you’re saying in the vague version[of how you acquired your trade].

Yeah, that bit is kinda jumbled. I think I can straighten it out and remain just the right level of vague but not right now. It will take a bit of time to put together so I'll defer it for a while. If you would rather hear it sooner or I don't address it due to poor memory, just let me know and I'll set aside the time to do it right. Deal?

>>I could be unfit to ply my trade if my honesty were in doubt.

>That seems to be true about all of the legitimate trades I’m familiar with...

And you are correct. In my case I would be, in essence, legally barred and unemployable.

>...operations I’ve dabbled in for fewer years brought the benefits of widening my skill set and allowing me to meet diverse groups of wonderful people.

It is just plain inspiring to hear your positive take on things,including your life in the mines. The way you benefit while providing benefits to others, seemingly no matter what. That's quite a story of mining you have to share, even in the short and vague version. Do you think your current mine will wind up with you in the historian's seat once again? Do you think you might be willing to occupy it for a longer or shorter period?

>... I see one [a parental figure] in Lost too, though, because that person for me is Locke.

That is a very good point and an angle I hadn't fully seen. It must be nearing time for another viewing, I'll just put that in my schedule :D

>Maybe the lighter element in Firefly arises from...opposite of what the Oceanic 815 survivors could ...Maybe there are flights-of-fancy elements to character interactions in Firefly that mirror their ability to fly, and determined groundedness to some of Lost’s characters’ relationships because they are stranded.

All of this! AND, I now think, the fact that the ability to fly or not is present fully reflects a (possibly consciously decided) philosophy of the fictional world presented. The titles alone provide an instant tone for the story being told <--- that feels like a bit of a revelation to me right now, hm. =|

>Maybe the best story tellers ask how the story has always been told and how the elements that speak to our tribal hearts can remain while the vehicle for delivering them is shaken up and turned on its head.

I think you've got something there. I wonder how often said storyteller actually ask themselves that question. It seem some probably just live the question-- seeing all things shaken and turned. If you haven't had the opportunity to read The Salmon Of Doubt then it probably belongs on what I'm guessing is your already impossibly long list :)

That is an excellent Adam's favourite quote! I could go to my bookshelf, take down the right book and find it in context with hardly an effort at all :) I don't have one that springs to mind, too many choices. If I do find a temporal favourite, you know I'll share it.

(on to your original "part two" of this particular, supposedly single message which actually flows and blurs with all the amazing and wonderful journeys you've taken me on in this simple text)