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u/boringusername7 · 1 pointr/Lighting

Ok take my opinion for what it is (an opinion).
I like the idea that you suggested for color temp, I would go with 3500K temp for the LED, 4000K is to blue for a warm comfy feel in the room and 3000 is a little to red for my taste. 3500 is perfect for a living room setting, but if you can not find it I would go with 3000K.

I would go with a center light like you have but flush mounted, then either choose a nice sconce on the same switch mounted to the wall or a [three light floor lamp] ( in the corner with the lights pointed at the ceiling and wall to get a nice reflective light lighting the room but also allowing for spot lighting when needed.

I would also go with dimmable fixtures, for the times when you do not need it to be as bright.

My general experience is when we light out rooms ourselves we have a tendency to not provide enough light for all situations and just go with what is good enough. So I am all for having multiple lights in a room, that are just ready for when needed, but left off when you want the warm comfy feel.

If you want to see if you have enough light already or not, buy a lamp and plug it in and move it around to see if you could use more light and if so where it would be best to place it.

u/ShinePale · 1 pointr/Lighting

They're sometimes called party lights, if you want to expand your search terms. I recommend LED if you want to keep bugs away, since the most credible theory I've seen says bugs are attracted to UV radiation in artificial light. There also shouldn't be any glass to worry about shattering with LED.

Human perception of the brightness or dimness of a light source is relative to its surroundings. You'd probably be best off either checking out your options in person at a brick and mortar showroom, or get something dimmable (or even find one with an in-line dimmer).

Price is going to depend a lot on where your willing to make compromises on the above, as well as how much you need. You can get a 48' string of 24 LED light sources from Jasco for $90. If that breaks your bank, then nothing that meets your criteria will be affordable. If you need over 100', then be prepared to spend triple.

A quick search for LED party lights turns up a few options more in the 96' (2x 48') for $70-$130 range, but from brands I've never heard of and can't vouch for.This one seems like the best fit, since it specifically mentions shatterproof.

Good luck.

u/nerotep · 1 pointr/Lighting

Ideally I'd be able to adjust the color / RGB

I guess the main issue I'm running into is finding a nice little shade or can that I can put the LED light in on the floor, so that it looks nice.

Actually, it hadn't occurred to me that there were color changing LED "bulbs" that fit into regular sockets. Brainfart there I guess. I looked at phillips hue bulbs and thats definitely pricier than I want. Maybe something like this: though I'd prefer more like $15 or $20 per bulb.

Then I suppose I could just put it into something like this: for the effect I want

Any other better recommendations for the bulb or "can" fixtures?

u/another_quarter_turn · 1 pointr/Lighting

Do you mean equivalent to a 5-10W incandescent bulb?

If you scroll down that list of Home Depot search results, there are a number of 25W LED bulbs which would be significantly dimmer than the 40W ones.

Another approach might be to use a dimmer together with a dimmable LED bulb. The Philips Warm Glow LED bulbs work really well for this (I have those all over my house on dimmers).

(1) This is a handy dimmer that can be easily hidden inside lamps and fixtures (just make sure to verify your setup with a professional electrician, etc. etc.):

(2) If that doesn't work, then this style pluggable dimmers which let you control one or more lighting fixtures (just make sure you don't exceed the rated wattage):

(3) Lutron Diva dimmers look like normal wall switches, except they have a subtle dimmer control on the side. Dimmable LED bulbs are compatible with these and they work really well (also have a number of these in my house).

u/johndelfino · 1 pointr/Lighting

An inexpensive alternative to "black wrap" or "Black Tack" that could solve your issue would be something like this. It's used primarily by HVAC to seal joints, but should function perfectly for your task. It's also well within your budget.

u/bluhend · 1 pointr/Lighting

hey, thanks! which article are you referring to? but towards what you just said, let me ask you I use this light box for probably 3 or 4 hours a day, is that too much? any general advice on the best use of this?

u/skralogy · 2 pointsr/Lighting

I used to install landscape lighting professionally. Couple problems in that picture.

  1. To the right of the house the eave mounted down lights there is only one. There should be symmetry.

  2. Lighting from the eaves down didn't give a good angle and therefore caused hotspotting and bad diffusion of light.

  3. the porchlights and one of the garage lights are 3000k while the rest of the lights are 2700k again symmetry and cohesion is off. This creates artifacts in the overall scene that are not pleasant to the eye also on the porch there is a strange light just hot spotting the window. I have no idea why someone decided to do that.

  4. The downlights that are angled towards each other are at different angles. This does not help define the shape of the house and again affects symmetry.

  5. The whole 1st floor entrance was neglected, the columns being lit would have really tied the house together. Always light entrances slightly more. This visually identifies entrances.

  6. Zero path lighting, uplighting on trees or range in lighting. This is not a complete scene.

    There is no depth, no color, no emphasis nothing. It's a bland portrait and the designer clearly just picked out a couple places for lighting he though was ok. I have to say it. This is bad lighting. It may look good from the untrained eye but this is an example of trying to do too much with too little so they placed the lights to wash over everything. If I was ripple electrical I wouldn't put this on my website or my blog, for customers looking for good lighting they are going to quickly skip this company.

    Here is what I would have done.

    Uplighting instead of downlighting. On the right side of the house 2 8 watt 2700k spot uplights mounted to the right of the windows to accent the white window frames all the way up, angled to catch the eaves as well.

    By the entrance, replace the porch lights with 2700k lamps, light each column.

    On the second story mount three wall wash fixtures to the gutter with 6 watt lamps and a diffusor. Two on the eaves one on the windows. This will provide a subtle contrast to the bottom floor but still allow the white eaves and window frames to pop. It will also eliminate the hotspotting.

    For the garage, more than likely they didn't have the opportunity or consent to mount well lights in the ground facing up on to the garage door and eaves that would be ideal. Otherwise I would have just put one downlight at the center and matched up the garage carriage lights with the same color temp.

    And then some damn lights on the foliage and gate. None of the stone had any light on it, stone has a great texture for lighting it's a shame none was hit.

    Ripple electrical you need to buy this book. This is who I learned from.

    The Lighting Bible: The Professional Guide to Architectural landscape Lighting the Creation of a Lighting Portrait
u/kingofquackz · 1 pointr/Lighting

Do you mean something like this pencil solderer and this solder?
I've never done any soldering before so I'm not quite sure what I need to do. Would watching guides on youtube be enough for a simple soldering job like this?

u/corysnyder28 · 1 pointr/Lighting

The dimmer seems to be working.

When I try using one of these bulbs—another working bulb I had on hand —it works....but it gives off an inconsistent, occasionally flickering light. If I check the dimmer while that bulb's in there, the light does respond.

u/RightWingImgur · 3 pointsr/Lighting

Legrand - Pass & Seymour 276WHCC18 Phenolic Keyless Lamp Holder, Easy Installation

u/abt5000 · 2 pointsr/Lighting

You are looking for something like this. But I can't tell from the photo what the wattage or voltage is of that bulb so I can't guarantee that what I linked is correct.

There are a lot of different options for what it could be, actually. Take a look at this link to see what I mean.

u/leeneyboss · 2 pointsr/Lighting

Get a 3000k one will be much more appropriate for your house - Satco S6502 3000K 22-Watt 4 Pin T9 Circline Lamp, Warm White

u/Polkamelon · 2 pointsr/Lighting

This amazon link says they have stock: . Personally tho, I would think twice about hanging a shaded fixture over a cooking area.

u/ElRyan · 1 pointr/Lighting

My kitchen has all recessed lighting, and as I was replacing bulbs with LEDs, I found the circuit performed differently having one bulb that was incandescent, while the rest were LED. The entire circuit of LEDs dimmed much further before cutting off with an incandescent in one of the lights. Might be worth a try. When I replaced that last incandescent bulb, the whole room cuts off while the lights are not completely dark.

I was using this dimmer:

u/indian__outlaw · 2 pointsr/Lighting

You are most likely going to have to change out the socket itself if the lamp is not working. Its going to be a pain in the ass to try to find the entire base by itself. You can buy the sockets separately.