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u/NoMuddyFeet · 2 pointsr/Maniac

You sound pretty normal to me. Schizophrenia goes beyond all that. I would describe myself similar to how you described yourself and I would bet a large majority of people on Reddit would if they were being honest. But, most are not. Something I concluded from my wife and several other very well-adjusted people out in the real world who don't spend a lot of time online is that people online have problems. Like, serious problems. But, of course, they don't admit that to anyone because they're always telling other people online how pathetic everyone else is. They make snap judgements about people they don't know and put them down to feel better about themselves, apparently. So many of them will argue endlessly or downvote over nothing; this is stuff people who never post online wouldn't even think is worth bothering with at all. They think it's nerdy and absurd. They're right. Onliners are some of the most miserable people on the planet.

So, my point is, if you are withheld in everyday life, but talk to people a lot online, you're going to have a skewed idea of reality. Most people are pretty goofy and just want to be normal, so they want their friends to be normal because they don't know how to react to abnormal. Why do you think it's so common to sit around and talk about sports? It's about the easiest thing to do so long as you've put the minimal effort required to have this "normal" everyday interaction with your fellow humans. You have to know basic bullshit about teams and players and scores so you can sit around and have meaningless conversations about who will win and how good or bad the teams/players/seasons are. Think about how fucking trivial that is. If it doesn't appeal to you at all because it's basically meaningless, then that's why you feel like an alien pretending to be human. But, do it enough and you'll stop filling your head full of ruminating thoughts that make you feel "weird." Your head will be full of "normal" stuff like what a great quarterback so-and-so is. And you'll know you're normal because you can have the same conversation with your barber, butcher, or bartender and everyone will agree this is a normal thing to be fixated on for some reason. Sports!

Something I learned recently is rumination leads both to the artistic temperament and to anxiety and depression. If you're wired to be the ruminating type who analyzes stuff, you're wired to have these kinds of feelings. They're the same kinds of feelings that could cause you to write a great screenplay or novel or become a successful illustrator, designer, etc. But, don't doubt yourself too much in relation to other people. They're just interested in different things than you are. David Bowie felt like an alien. Most comedians and musicians felt like weirdo outsiders. Plenty of famous actors, too.

But, if you continue to make an issue of how you feel, it will get worse and maybe you will have a schizophrenic break (probably not, but maybe), so don't do that. It won't make you feel good to fixate on how different you feel unless you're an egomaniac who prides himself on that. In which case, you'd make a great hoity toity art snob type! I think it's common for people to become schizophrenic by their 30s but not too common after their 30s. I don't know all the details, but I'm pretty sure it's related to stress, genetics play some role, and usually the person was put in a double-bind during the developmental stage where he was damned if he did and damned if he didn't by oppressive parents. Schizophrenia is pretty common among Jehovah's Witnesses.

I'm not a psychiatrist and I'm not trying to play one. I'm just sharing what I've learned from living through the situation. My friend and I were very similar personality-wise, but I left and went on to college and he stayed around and felt stuck. He had certain fears he didn't conquer and he finally snapped. He also had parents that put in him a double-bind and he came from a Jehovah's Witness household.

By the way, even though 90% of self-help books are useless garbage, I've heard really good things about this book: much so that I took it out of the library recently and started reading it. It seems quite good right away, but I just barely started it.

u/lorelle13 · 20 pointsr/Maniac

Lab coat was mishap... the one I ordered was too big so this is actually a white “sports jacket” from Party City with the collar popped. - "lab coat"

Wig was Amazon - Wig

Glasses were Amazon (better quality than expected!) - Glasses

Navy dress pants were Old Navy - Dress pants

Maroon shirt was Amazon. Runs small, I am wearing a large. - maroon shirt

Patches I wanted to order from a guy here on Reddit, but didn’t have enough time, so instead got images from Reddit and printed on iron on paper from Michael's - iron on paper

Vertical badge was from Amazon, had to buy in bulk and will mail you free one if you want (mailed all the extra ones I had) - vertical badge holder

Badge image printed from u/Bimpgo - they can be found here:

If you have time and want to be legit order the embroidered badges from u/imactually

EDIT: Added links to everything

u/HauteCocao · 9 pointsr/Maniac

The closest match would be the Ray-Ban #RX6489 in gold, but those run about $173. The most economical match would be these $9 frames I picked up on Amazon for my own Mantleray costume. Best of luck on your search!

u/TidalFight65 · 4 pointsr/Maniac

I absolutely found these parallels. If you haven't already I highly suggest reading this . It is super insightful into the healing aspects of psychedelics. Particularly LSD and Psilocybin. I thought this show had a very unique way of bringing these practices to the forefront of the media

u/Bimpgo · 4 pointsr/Maniac

A note about ID cards:

You don't need a ID card printer. After reviewing some episodes, it looks like the ID cards are printed on a heavy card stock (similar to that of a good quality business card) and the images are stuck on. The images look to be old-school passport photos and stuck directly on the badge. Now there are several different ways to accomplish this look but here's how I've gone about it (I'll upload another post with detail and pictures of the process at a later date).

  1. Source some blank business cards, and self adhesive clear contact (like that used for covering books), a printer and some plain printer paper, and some scissors.
  2. Practice making a few on printer paper by printing them the size of your business card and sticking some contact over just the picture.
  3. Print on the blank business card and round the corners, cut the hole for the tag holder.

    Some optional extras:

    ID Badge hole punch

    ID Badge Clips
u/J_Mantleray · 5 pointsr/Maniac

These are the closest glasses I’ve been able to find Amazon - zeroUV glasses

u/infinityinc · 3 pointsr/Maniac

I used this You can also find a wig for Etna from the incredibles around some shops.