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u/spongebue 路 3 pointsr/Maps

Also, I used Mastering ArcGIS by Maribeth Price in my class. She does a really good job getting you started with ArcGIS. Even if it's a lot more "click this, then this, then this, then this" you still somehow get to know what you're actually doing pretty quickly. GIS really is a fun hobby if you have an interest in maps. There are SO many possibilities.

u/ThisDogQuigs 路 2 pointsr/Maps

鈥楨llo! I found a few:

A modernist Black and white globe an Amazon: $15 USD - Here

A more vintage-style globe with styled colour: $37 USD - Here

If you prefer a larger, more vivid globe, try this: $25 USD - Here

If you want a hand crafted, gemstone globe with bright colour: $75 USD - Here

If you want a vintage light up globe with LEDs: $60 USD - Here

And finally, if you want a true antique style globe, consider going outside the limit: $112 USD - Here

u/pillock69 路 2 pointsr/Maps

The best pocket atlas I've ever come across is by Collins. I don't particularly like their large reference atlases but their smaller pocket ones are really quite lovely.

u/umibozu 路 3 pointsr/Maps

Patience, precise record-keeping, good old trigonometry, a whole lot of hiking, repeat all of the above hundreds upon hundreds of times in all weather and against all odds.

For specifics on how things were done around this time, read "The measure of all things", that should answer most of your questions. I believe there was a TV show about it (or was it "Longitude"?)

If you are interested in older methods, youtube is your friend

TL,DW: Largely, the same methods applied

u/SirLeopluradon 路 2 pointsr/Maps

Hi there, I have this map on my wall and I love it. It has South Sudan and pretty sturdy paper (it's not plastic by any means, though.) It's quite large, about a meter lengthwise.

u/ConfitOfDuck 路 1 pointr/Maps

That was a cool slideshow. Did anyone see the pictures of the Swedish subway system that were on Reddit a month or two ago? Also, has anyone else checked this book out? I snagged a cheap used copy. It definitely focuses on the design aspect of the map, rather than tons of info about the subway, but it'll make any transit geek happy.

u/MethodicallyMediocre 路 1 pointr/Maps

I have a world map that I bought at Walmart wayyy back. Looks great. Has all the large and fair sized cities on it and an old fashioned "weathered" colour to it. Very closely related to this one.

u/Sundance12 路 1 pointr/Maps

Cavallini & Co. Celestial Chart Poster Wrapping Paper Sheet

Pretty sure it's this one. I own it, too. Says wrapping paper sheet but it works like a light, textured poster

u/bitter_cynical_angry 路 2 pointsr/Maps

Also worth reading if you're interested in more history of cable laying: [A Thread Across the Ocean] (

u/MrDowntown 路 1 pointr/Maps

How much detail do you need? I find a Michelin title no. 970 ("Europe," 1:3 million) is plenty detailed for itinerary planning. I use a Thomas Cook or East View rail map for planning train trips. For driving, I find an atlas more convenient, covering most of Europe at the same scale. The German auto club ADAC published a nice one, but so do Collins or AA (1:900,000 with English legends) or Michelin, or Marco Polo.