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u/bejahu · 1 pointr/Mariners

It's worth doing some research on the high up guys Howard Lincoln and Chuck Armstrong and their lack of knowing anything about what it takes to run a successful baseball team. They're business men with no knowledge of the game.

A good summary of the history of the team and all of the highs and lows from players, wins, bad moves, good moves, good leadership and everything is the book Shipwrecked. The author, Jon Wells, is a longtime M's fan and writer for the magazine "Grand Salami" (the famous grand slam call from Dave Niehaus.

You can get it for pretty cheap online and I'm sure you can find it at Barnes and Noble for about the same.

I have been a big fan since 95, got a little fed up around 05 or so and took a break... but I'd consider myself a die hard since the 2009 season (had a bit to do with Griffey returning :P).

Also, welcome to the area! It's beautiful here and you'll never want to leave.

u/mega_shit · 0 pointsr/Mariners

> sorry but best hitter in the #4 slot is a filthy lie fed to us by cotchety old baseball managers who talk about grit and sac bunt way too often

The Book says your best hitter goes in #2 or #4 spot:

u/inderpwetrust · 4 pointsr/Mariners

Not really for newborns, but something you can have on hand for when the little one is a bit older. My kid still enjoys this book.

u/BaronVonMonkeyfart · 6 pointsr/Mariners

If you want to experience Sick's Stadium, drive north 3 hours into Vancouver BC.

Fun Baseball fact:

Nat Bailey Stadium (home of the NWL Class-A Short Season Vancouver Canadians) was built using the same blueprints used to construct Sick's Seattle Stadium. What's more, the scoreboard (and I read somewhere the lights too) was salvaged and trucked up north where they were installed at Nat Bailey.

Unfortunately, Nat Bailey Stadium underwent a major interior renovation a few years ago, which modernized the concourses. I know they replaced one of the two scoreboards, so I'm not too sure if the old scoreboard from Sick's is still there.

Have a look

The Nat back in the day, a little easier to see the resemblance

Center field Scoreboard at Nat Bailey note that balls, strikes, and outs are a mono-color dot-matrix display

Sick's Scoreboard

edit: If you're interested in the history of professional baseball in the Seattle area (pre MLB) then you should read Pitchers of Beer which is a great history of the Seattle Rainiers. It also has lots of info on Sick's Stadium in it.

u/soapbutt · 2 pointsr/Mariners

I have the book from back when he was on the Mariners (haha at the prices). I remember getting it signed by him at a bookstore in Pioneer Square. I only remember I have because of a line it it: "I'm not playing for the money". Haha, ok, A-Roid.

u/shrederick · 3 pointsr/Mariners

Edgar: An Autobiography written with Larry Stone from the Seattle Times. It came out middle of June, I believe.

u/frakking-anustart · 1 pointr/Mariners

Hey how is Erasmo guys?

I haven't heard form him since I read Class A

u/rickjameshoward · 3 pointsr/Mariners

Anybody read this? It's a pretty good read. Explains why the mariners have been mostly terrible for 40 years.

u/thepoopsmithreigns · 1 pointr/Mariners

Ok, the lady/man with the red visor behind that one of those visors that has the fake hair? (like this) I swear it is.