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u/StarryMomma · 1 pointr/May2018Bumpers

Oh, also read anything and everything you can written by Ina May Gaskin, but especially Spiritual Midwifery.

"Doing It At Home" is going to be a great Podcast for you and your husband, since it's a husband & wife team and the podcast includes a lot of information about the Dad's perspective, too!

Here is a link to "Taking Back Birth" as well, since I didn't add one earlier.

I don't think that HomeBirth is the right choice for everyone, and I would never attempt to convince someone that they should do it. However, I also believe that the right to CHOOSE where and how a Momma delivers is a fundamental right.

A lot of the reasons why people advocate for hospital birth is because they're scared about what can go wrong - and for high-risk Mommas those fears may absolutely be warranted - however, for low-risk Mommas, that very fear is the thing which may cause complications in the first place. There is evidence that shows that Mommas who feel comfortable and empowered in their birth choices have easier labors, less complications, and when issues do arise, they feel more satisfied with the outcome than Mommas who are informed about what is happening to them and have little choice in the situation.

The most important thing to remember about homebirth is that while some people think it is "irresponsible," in truth, YOU as the Momma are the one who is taking the responsibility of the birth outcome onto your own shoulders. It is your responsibility to educate yourself, understand your choices, and make the decisions that are right for you and your family. It is really the most responsible way to birth in the sense that YOU own the responsibility. You're not handing the responsibility off to a Dr, or even your Midwife. If you decide you want to transfer to hospital for an epidural, you can! A Midwife is there to assist you in your journey, not call the shots. They are there to handle the medical side of things, which they have been adequately trained to do. And in the vein of being responsible, it is your choice how you respond to people's reactions. YOU are in charge of your birth. YOU are the one who gets to set the tone for people's responses. If YOU are grounded in your decision, you can come to a place of understanding - if not necessarily agreement - with those who stand in a different place than you. This is your life, and your journey into Motherhood. This is the first opportunity of many in which you get to act as MOTHER and rise into a place of empowered self authority.

But again, educate yourself. So that when people throw those fear questions to you, "What if..." you KNOW the what if. Understand what risk factors are required for transfer. Understand what steps are taken when X, Y, or Z scenario occurs. Knowledge combats fear. Knowledge is empowerment.

You are going to be an excellent Momma, and I wish you a beautiful and empowered birth experience, and a beautiful healthy baby <3

P.S. sorry for the wall of text!

u/dreamgal042 · 9 pointsr/May2018Bumpers

So by LMP I'm 8+1 with an EDD of 5/2, by the measurement I'm about 8+5, so 4/28, but doc is keeping my due date as 5/2.

She said baby looks good, heart is beating, she couldn't tell how fast, but she said normal speed, so that's what's important :)

It actually looks like a baby! Head on the left, tail on the right. And we just put together this for my MIL for her birthday, with the ultrasound picture as #3 to tell her :)

u/youngcardinals- · 1 pointr/May2018Bumpers

Oh my god yes haha, typing from memory. Kindara is the fertility app lol.

I ordered this two pack to try!

u/Sally_Klein · 1 pointr/May2018Bumpers

I bought these briefs in a size larger than normal. Despite the description, they're definitely not "low rise" -- they come almost up to my belly button and they're really stretchy and breathable. So I guess they fit the "giant granny panty" mold. Very comfy so far!

u/inlovewiththeworld · 2 pointsr/May2018Bumpers

I have this one: Waiting for Baby. A lot of the ones I saw were either too cutesy or too humorous for my taste; this one is sweet and sincere but also simple. There's also room for a lot of detail.

u/mehellie · 2 pointsr/May2018Bumpers

I take unisom for nausea but I still wake up at 3am. What helps me fall back asleep is listening to a guided meditation track or this spray my midwife recommended.

u/SaucerSection · 1 pointr/May2018Bumpers

Cooling Memory Foam Body Pillow - Full Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow w/ Cooling Gel, Support and Comfort for Stomach and Side Sleepers by Mindful Design

u/atp223 · 2 pointsr/May2018Bumpers

I used Palmer's and Vitamin E oil from Trader Joe's with my first and did not get stretch marks (shockingly, as I am super prone). I kept my stomach constantly lubed up. Like, my shirts were all darker in the belly region. I started basically when I got a positive pregnancy test and also only gained 29 lbs (not sure if that helped).

I am trying it again this time, but have been failing at keeping my belly as lubed up this time around. We'll see what happens...

u/DontBeSuchASqueef · 2 pointsr/May2018Bumpers

All I've really given up is alcohol, and smoked salmon since there's a Listeria risk. I highly, highly recommend the book Expecting Better, it was hugely helpful in helping me understand where a lot of pregnancy advice comes from and deciding what's based on science and what I feel comfortable ignoring. I live in a country with a very low risk of Salmonella in eggs, so I still feel okay eating undercooked eggs or having a bit of raw cookie dough (I do wash the shells of the eggs before cracking them). I've kept with my usual work-out routine, running about 25-30 Kilometers a week. I'm continuing to play tennis once a week, but will stop after the summer season ends in a few weeks because I'm still a beginner player and don't want to accidentally fall while playing. That and googling every medicine or supplement before I take it - almost took some Melatonin for sleep before reading the back of the box and realizing there were a couple extra herbs thrown in, one of which wasn't safe!

u/HolyNapoli · 1 pointr/May2018Bumpers

I have one of these and use it to reach the top of my back. I also use the two notches around the curve to kind of dig in to my neck and work the headache out. It's been a life saver since we got it a couple years ago.

u/cjaneway · 1 pointr/May2018Bumpers

I'm seriously considering buying these to keep in my purse and car so that I'm prepared in any situation!

u/jmsilverman · 1 pointr/May2018Bumpers

I've been popping these little candies:

They do OK... I hear ginger candy is good, but I don't love the taste of ginger.

any other ideas? I get hit BAD... fatigue, nausea, the works around now (2-3 pm) and then I stop feeling functional at work. Its terrible because I'm trying to prove over the next 6 weeks I'm ready for a promotion... and the timing sucks since I'm 6 weeks pregnant. I want to blow them away and then be like BTW! I'm pregnant.