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u/eRCaGuy · 1 pointr/MeepoBoards

Hey, I'm glad you found the infamous "Computa Pranksta". That's awesome! I hope you enjoy it. It's far from a perfect product but it does the job most of the time.

As for the charge adapter, here is a preliminary listing on Amazon. If you'd like one, I'm currently selling the kits (you must solder it together yourself) for $25 with free shipping, or $35 for the pre-assembled version. You'd have to do the purchase direct through me over PayPal. You could do a PayPal "donation" to me here ( for the right amount and make sure your address is correct and all, and make a note what it's for, and I'll mail it out. I only ship once a week though, and this product is guess what?--also not perfect.

I only have 1 pre-assembled version in stock right now, but quite a few kit versions. I'm in the process of a re-design but don't know when it will be complete. The current version as shown on Amazon requires a 4" jumper wire on the back due to a missing trace (done for your on the pre-assembled version of course), and if you use two chargers at once can get pretty smoking hot: way too hot to touch, but still within operating limits of the components. If you think this is for you feel free to make an order. Here's a couple photos:

Also, for anyone assembling your own: I have a 30 minute video showing me doing the entire assembly process that I can put on YouTube. It's an unedited video as that's not a skill I have yet (video editing), but it's better than nothing.

u/adoobwa · 1 pointr/MeepoBoards

I love my Shredlights, but I also found a decent budget light on Amazon that has a mount specific to skateboards as well:

I-WONDER Skateboard Headlights and Taillights, USB Rechargeable Safe Lights, Waterproof LED Flashing Safety Rear Light, Easy to Install for Longboard, Helmets, Bikes and Backpacks

It has both a red and white light function with flashing modes, so it can be utilized for either the front or tail.

I also ride with a headlamp on my helmet that pivots so I can control my field of vision in front of me.

u/MrFacepalms · 1 pointr/MeepoBoards

I bought those and soldered the female one with the wires from the old connector that I cut off. You'll see once you open your board, it is actually really easy since the connector is actually made to be replaced. Then, you'll want to glue your new connector in place (I used hot glue). MAKE SURE TO UNPLUG YOUR BATTERY BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING.

u/nickgeurnop · 2 pointsr/MeepoBoards

Take a look at this. tangsfire 36V Lithium Battery Charger Output 42V 2A for Electric Bike Batteries Pack DC5.5mm2.1mm11mm Connector

u/Alaskan_Narwhal · 1 pointr/MeepoBoards

I got the Atom Drop Through Longboard (40 Inch) it was cheap and had 9 ply

u/steakbread · 2 pointsr/MeepoBoards

Ulincos Latching Pushbutton Switch U19C1 1NO1NC SPDT ON/OFF Black Metal Shell with Blue LED Suitable for 19mm 3/4" Mounting Hole (Blue)

Yeeco Waterproof LED Digital Battery Meter DC 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V 84V 96V Acid Lead/Lithium Polymer/Lithium Iron Phosphate/NiMH Battery Capacity Indicator 6-120V Voltage Volt Meter Multi Tester

UTG Tactical Low Profile Rail Mount for Ruger 10/22 Rifle

Valken Rifle Accessory Offset Ring Mount, 1"

Angled Wedge Hard Rubber Riser Pads with 1.5" Screws (Blue)

Bones Bearings Bones Reds Precision Skate Bearings

Homyl Aluminum Alloy Skateboard Longboard Anti Sinking Gasket Prevent Sag Washer - Black, as described