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u/goose323 · 2 pointsr/Metalcore

This is a fantastic write up!

On the ear plugs thing I wish I had worn earplugs from the beginning cause the hearing in my right ear is pretty fucked with tinnitus so now I use these and they work great! They lower the volume without ruining sound quality.

The standing point is really good as well but I’ve been to some pretty small venues where it doesn’t hold up as well, one of my favorite venues is a place called sound bar in downtown Orlando but the entire floor turns into a pit there’s nowhere you can stand except out at the bar where you can’t see the stage that you aren’t either in the pit or getting hit by people in the pit. It’s a ton of fun but maybe a little too intense for a first timer. A few of my favorite moments have happened at this place though, somehow someone got a hold of a floor fan and was moshing with it not hurting anyone but just holding it up in the air and moshing it was hilarious(I’ll try and find a picture) then the singer of one of the opening bands stage dove later in the show and surfed all the way from one end of the place to the front door.

Going alone to concerts is one of my favorite things to do I can go where I want and not have to worry about finding them at the end, a lot of times there are bands I want to see the are under the headliner but I’m not actually interested in the headliner and if I go by myself I can enjoy the bands I want to see and leave when I want.

u/stonygman · 1 pointr/Metalcore

You can't go wrong with either one of these:

  • 1More E1001-SV1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

  • the Audiophile Elite

    I own both, they're fantastic and under $100. The latter option is amazingly good if you are on a budget. TBH I thought they were going to suck due to the price range, boy I was wrong. The construction is solid, they sound pretty good and I would dare to say, maybe on par with my ATH m40x if it wasn't for my sound card.

    The first one is still under $100 and is a moderate bump, superior than my ATH m40x and now my main ones . The sound is rich and crystal clear, less bass heavy yet moderate for the music we listen to.

    Edit Fixed product links.
u/Did-you-reboot · 3 pointsr/Metalcore

I got these off Amazon and I love them. Super comfortable and doesn't screw up the sound. Highly recommend them.

u/Alexz0r · 4 pointsr/Metalcore

Definitely, for years I had the Etymotic pair I put below and had zero complaints about them. Recently I switched to the pair of Alpines I put below based off of a lot of positive recommendations and while the sound quality is definitely superior they are a bit hard to get in your ear. Your other option is to just buy the cheap one time use ones you can get in multipacks from CVS or any other drug store which might be a good place to start if you've never used them before. Hope this helps!

u/FramingA · 2 pointsr/Metalcore

Real quick I just want to recommend these earplugs as well.

The ones I linked work better with bigger ears and the ones the other guy linked work better for smaller ears for most people. Hope this helps for your future concerts!

u/imnotdangerous · 1 pointr/Metalcore

One time around 4th grade my mother bought a Christian cd that had a lot of rock Christian song on it. One of them was an Underoath song. I listened to it a TON. I was never able to get on the internet because we lived in the middle of bum fuck egypt and had dial up. Shortly after that my family started watching a Christian rock music program that was on like every sat night. They had a lot of TDWP and Underoath so I just couldn't wait for sat night to stay up decently late and watch it. After watching that for a while there was an old Christian college in my town that had an Amphitheater. My family went to a free concert of what I am assuming to be locals. There was a pretty heavy band there. I loved them. My parents kept wanting to leave but I think I talked them into staying. Needless to say I fell in love <3

EDIT: I found the CD!

u/FlyRobot · 6 pointsr/Metalcore

Vater - my friend picked them out for me and I don't have the green holding cord. I stick the whole case in my pocket for shows, open it for security (never an issue), and rock them for the show. Probably not the BEST on the market, but my ears are protected and I can still enjoy the show.

u/Skankdinavian · 2 pointsr/Metalcore

I use these and they're perfect for me.

Comfortable for a long concert but I can still hear and such. You may want something heavier duty, but these are so good. The case helps as well.

u/LyingInWake · 9 pointsr/Metalcore

We are Lying In Wake. This is our first single, which we are sharing first with /r/metalcore. We want to thank the mods for allowing us to promote ourselves on the sub.

If you enjoy the song, you can follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our YouTube page.

We are currently working on more songs that we plan to release soon.

Available on:

Google Play Music

Apple Music


And more.

u/ExcuseMe-DoYouMAGA · 13 pointsr/Metalcore

AudioTechnica ATH-M50x. It can be found for $100-$110 during sales. I have been using them for four years and they sound phenomenal. I have the regular M50 which does not have the detachable cable(only difference)

Amazon link

Check out pretty much any reputable headphone review site and you will see them listed as some of the best headphones you can buy for the price.

I’m not sure what your budget is, but if you can’t afford a good pair of over ear now save your money for a good pair. You’ll be real disappointed to buy a $50+ set and it sounds like some shitty skull candy earbuds.

u/HelpIThinkImASoup · 5 pointsr/Metalcore

Pro Tip: waiting in line early is rarely worth it in my opinion. The only time I would advise that is if it is crucial for you to get a spot on the barricade (the very front). Most of the time you can work your way from the back all the way to front, especially if you get to the show for the opening acts when the crowd is smaller and a lot of guests are still checking the merch tables. I always wait for doors to open before going in and will grab a bite and drink outside the venue while everyone else is waiting in line.

I actually went to the BMTH/UO/Toof tour you mentioned (in San Francisco)! I showed up after doors were already open and I walked right in, found a decent spot in near the back for Beartooth, worked my way up as close as a I could for UO, and as soon as they started and the pit opened, I was able to move up even closer for a great view.

Again, if it is really important for you to be AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE, then standing in line makes sense. Otherwise, though, I would say just skip it and find a local joint nearby to relax at before the show.

Also, these are the earplugs I use. They are comfy and beyond preventing hearing loss, they actaully make the concert sound better, in my opinion.

u/gnarles_barkley · 1 pointr/Metalcore

I have a pair of these, not the same exact kind, but very similar. I can 100% vouch for them, there was still a lot of clarity in the sound while bringing it to a safe level. I almost preferred having them in than out. Though I have naturally sweaty ears, so I had to let my ears breath between sets.

I believe these are the ones I have.

u/SetYourGoals · 1 pointr/Metalcore

For the long term, these are the earplugs I've used for years. They make the shows sound great, have a nice little carrying case so you don't lose them, and $13 is a steal for a lifetime of better hearing.

u/TStrait21 · 3 pointsr/Metalcore

I've been wearing these to concerts for over a year now. Highly recommend, they allow you to actually hear the music haha.

u/restoring4s · 4 pointsr/Metalcore

I use DownBeats

They're comfortable and allow a safe amount of sound to come through. I started using them because the ringing in my ears for a few days after a show started driving me crazy, hasn't happened since. Plus I feel like I can hear the instruments and vocals even better, they drown out a lot of the speaker feedback and crowd noise.

u/Trifax · 5 pointsr/Metalcore

Hearing protection is massive. I recommend these, been using them for a couple years now and they've never fallen out. Best way/most affordable way to protect your hearing, and still hear the music with clarity.

u/sempiturtle · 8 pointsr/Metalcore

Do yourself a favor and check them out then.

Moths and Rust



Also pre-order this because you're going to want to hear the whole thing haha

u/top_KeK_420 · 3 pointsr/Metalcore

Was recommended these here and they have been working like a charm

u/summerincassiopeia · 26 pointsr/Metalcore

Seriously guys, get ear plugs. Nothing hardcore about not being able to hear when you're 30. I recommend these, you can't see them when they're in and they have a few different filters. They don't muffle the sound and they don't fall out. EDIT: I've had the ER20's before too. They do the job, but I don't find them as comfortable and start deteriorating after a year of constant use.

u/Not_a_Shovel · 1 pointr/Metalcore

Any guitar shop will have filtered ear plugs, which do not diminish the sound quality only reduce the volume. You want something like this. They significantly improve the experience.

u/Methorabri · 2 pointsr/Metalcore

i get these ones from work, manufacturing engineer, and i pull the cord off of them and they work well because i can adjust them if i want it louder or quieter. I often grab an extra pair if i have friends coming to shows with me, because they often don't think about earplugs.

u/amp3rsand · 4 pointsr/Metalcore

logic for tracking. superior drummer to program drums (this is pretty much industry standard now).

get this pod studio. it'll come with tones that people generally use and there are plenty of metalcore tones you can find online. no need for and pedals or anything.

u/iSkelly87 · 8 pointsr/Metalcore

Bummed to see some people not enjoying it, but being a little bias by knowing the guys since the early days I have to say Dark Flag may be my favorite Phinehas song since I am the Lion. Also, Amazon has the CD up for pre-order with release date info and track listing:

u/sleepyeyeslee · 1 pointr/Metalcore

These are the earbuds that I have. I love them. Lots of perks. Shure SE215

Edit: you can get them wired or wireless, I have the wired ones

u/lil_eidos · 4 pointsr/Metalcore

They actually released an EP before Sleepwalking. Incidentally, this EP might be my favorite debut by a band.

u/wild_muses · 7 pointsr/Metalcore

I've heard good things about these

u/terevos2 · 9 pointsr/Metalcore

I personally don't like the lyrical content of some bands. So I don't listen to them. Sometimes their lyrics don't blend well to metalcore, either.

If you want to hear an album that is Christian where the lyrics fit very well with the genre, try an oldie: Zao - Where Blood & Fire Bring Rest

u/cstark · 1 pointr/Metalcore

I'm assuming you want the same style of headphone, not full size ones.

$70 1more dual drivers - these used to be cheaper...

$95 1more triple drivers

$350 FLC8s with red/black/gold filters

u/Nimhard · 1 pointr/Metalcore

If you're deterred by the price I understand, but these are phenomenal.

u/Mankyliam · 1 pointr/Metalcore

I have these ones with the thinner tips and I'm kinda afraid of getting knocked in the head and the earplugs getting lodged deep in my ear, is it actually possible that this could happen?