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u/AslanTheKitten · 17 pointsr/Miami

Hey OP, I love the enthusiasm, it's what people in this career need! I'd like to provide some advice before the class begins.

I'm in cyber security, participate in pentesting for clients, and visit local security meetups between Miami, Tampa, and Orlando.

Take my advice with a grain of salt as I'm just a person on the internet:

I have the CEH, took it v9. It did nothing for my career. The CEH is basically a memorization exam that doesn't teach practical skills. Some topics include, what tool would you use for this? Or for that?

The CEH's only merit is it complies with the DoD's requirements 8570.01-M requirements. That being said, paying for the bootcamp and the exam will cost a lot of money for little gain. Reason? Many companies hiring for pentesters/red teams overlook the CEH.

CompTIA's Security+ is $339 (you can get it cheaper with a student email/voucher) and once completed, you fulfill the same DoD requirements and you're able to jump into the Cyber Security field. There are free resources on YouTube and a great book on Amazon costs $30.

>But what if I want to get into PenTesting and Exploit Hunting?

Take the OSCP. That certification hold a lot more value as it's a 24 hour exam based on your performance hacking boxes.

The EJPT is also one that hold more weight than the CEH.

And if you can afford it or, preferably, your employer will pay for it, a SANS is highly regarded.

Swing by r/SecurityCareerAdvice - It's a great community willing to help you get that career you want.

u/nemoran · 1 pointr/Miami

THE SWAMP is a great read. If you have the time to read all 900+ pages of it, there's no better novel about early Florida history than Peter Matthiessen's SHADOW COUNTRY.

Another good one that's more historical, albeit a bit salacious, is UP FOR GRABS, which reads like a shorter version of THE SWAMP (focused a bit more on recent history and Miami specifically) if it were written by Hunter S. Thompson. Two words for you: "Mescaline bagels." It was recommended to me personally by Billy Corben when I was writing an article on Tom Wolfe's BACK TO BLOOD (which I thought sucked).

T.D Allman also put out a pretty decent -- if at times shrill and overtly political -- contrarian take on Florida's history in the past two years. That one's called FINDING FLORIDA, and it shines a nice light on some of the state's forgotten figures, like Zephaniah Kingsley.

Last but not least, I definitely recommend LAST TRAIN TO PARADISE by Les Standiford (FAU creative writing faculty). It's an overview of Flagler's Folly and the whole line from Jacksonville down to Key West. Fascinating read, chock full o' great anecdotes.

(Florida history is one of my favorite things in the world, if you can't tell.)

u/trecool · 3 pointsr/Miami

Just be careful and dont get a beach cruiser!!!!! id recommend a hybrid bike like a trek 7.1 and put a rack on it for panniers so you can carry your stuff. Also if you are over weight i highly recommend a brooks saddle i have a b17 and its wonderful on my ass. Also bike shorts 4.3 miles aint long, but it will make your life much easier. A cheap walmart bike will break often and be expensive to repair. Refer over to r/bicycling to learn more if you are strapped for cash id go with this bike its a good all rounder and bikesdirect is a good company, or a trek and the seat brooks b17 bike rack panniers shorts
Once again do not buy a bike from walmart it will make you hate bicycling. Oh also rules and sheldon brown a repository of all things cycling
Best of luck to you, safe riding and Dont buy this!!

u/brewtalizer · 6 pointsr/Miami

FIU CS Major Here Class of 99,
The school was much smaller back then, But curriculum and education was good and very competitive.
The Labs were VAX and Sun Sparc Stations back then but eventually migrated to Unix and Windows. Beginner's Programming was in Pascal, Intermediate was ADA and Advanced was C++ (I know for a fact that changed).
One notable thing:
My Data Structures professor wrote the book that was used in universities nationwide.
(might still be)

As far as University Life, there was very little to none, there's no "University Spirit" it's not in a College Town, its a true commuter school, you get there take classes and go home. (this may have changed a bit, but I think not)

EDIT: Black Listed by Tech Companies? Source or Confirmation? My class of 99 mates work for: (Oracle, IBM, EMC, VMWare, Motorola, Citrix, Fujitsu, and numerous Consulting Firms)

In this day and age, its more about what you know than what's on the paper.
If it makes financial sense go for it. FIU is as good as school as any other.

u/zewm426 · 2 pointsr/Miami

I got mine off craigslist. But be careful, make sure you ask to look at it first and give it a good look. Make sure it doesn't sputter or have ignition problems. Check for rust or damage. Check the throttle and make sure it has a little play but is still responsive. You don't want a scooter with either too tight of a throttle (means it hasn't been used in a while and is stiff) or too loose of a throttle (It means it's been used pretty hard and rough).

If you can ask for a maintenance log I would (receipts or user logs of work done with dates). I purchased a motorcycle that cost me $600 in tune up repairs. The previous owner hadn't changed the spark plugs or the oil in years.

Once you purchase the scooter I would advise giving it a complete maintenance. Change out the oil (you don't know how long the previous owner left it in there). Check all the fairings and bolts to make sure they aren't loose. Replace the air filter. I would also, personally, put new tires (since I don't know the state of them and don't want one to break on me mid drive).

At the very least when you go to check out a scooter just check all the metal parts to make sure there is no rust and check the plastic parts of evidence of damage (such as falling off or from an accident). They are clear and visual signs.


My last suggestions will be to check out /r/scooters for advice and maybe buy a scooter/motorcycle maintenance book. You can get one for like 8 bucks at any bookstore.

This is the one I have. Even though the title states Motorcycle, it has information about scooters as well. The only bad reviews on the site come from experienced people that are complaining about a book made for beginners.

Stuff like this: "Don't by this if you are expecting any in-depth technical information as its not much better than a simple owners manual".

The book is not meant to be in-depth. It's supposed to be entry level. If your scooter doesn't come with a manual, it's a good basic start.

u/kadditor · 3 pointsr/Miami

I did too! But, "urban gardening" is becoming a big thing in Miami. Organic Methods for Vegetable Gardening in Florida is a great book I found on amazon. Also, this guy on Youtube did a bunch of great videos about what grows in south florida and when…he has a lot of…enthusiasm and some of the videos are a little long…but he knows his stuff. He was very helpful.

u/19b34413f6f60afd6e4c · 2 pointsr/Miami

Some of the many options for cell phone mounting in vehicles include:

  • CD-slot (you're not using CDs anyway – it's 2019, amiright?)
  • Air vent (personally I dislike because I want that sweet AC @ 100%)
  • Cupholder (not ideal for sure, but better than hand holding it)
  • Windshield suction cup (can be positioned literally anywhere)
  • Dashboard clip (might be a little sketchy on bumps)
  • Adhesive dashboard (not guaranteed to hold up in high temps)
  • Steering wheel "hammock" (super sketchy, but hey)
  • Seat bolts (I use one of these for my iPad – it's OK)

    That's plenty of options I think. So I feel confident when I assert anyone who is not using one of those options either has a car so specialized it probably shouldn't be on the street anyway (Ariel Atom?) or they're just making empty excuses because their feelings are hurt by being told not to be unsafe.

    FWIW, I'm actually opposed to the law philosophically. But I'll take that to another part of the thread.
u/triptico · 3 pointsr/Miami

Agree. The old fashioned way is the best way. But if you just want to spend money buy something like this Delonghi Expresso Maker.

u/csmicfool · 2 pointsr/Miami

One of my favorites:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Includes stuff about the keys as well. Miami pretty much wouldn't exist as it does today without them.

When you read this you realize how much of modern Miami was shaped by a group of business people and engineers from more than 100 years ago.

u/eibv · 1 pointr/Miami

Probably too late now, but get painters plastic. Lay it in the tub, then fill it with water. It won't leak and your tub doesn't even have to be clean.

u/WeAreDuval · 1 pointr/Miami

Have been using the Breville Cafe Roma for 5+ years (with a burr grinder). It's on the lower end of home espresso machines but seems to work just fine.

u/unclefishbits · 7 pointsr/Miami

A guy wrote about the mob mentality in public shaming:

It's very important. I think there is a spectrum or shades of grey. The misintepretation of a bad joke is one thing (the woman on the flight to Africa), but these sort of entitled actions are the reason people dog pile on her. The term is "literally brought this on herself". But we all do, and we're all human. Personally, I think the internet has a short term memory, and things pass, for the most part. I know it ruins lives too.

u/tableman · 1 pointr/Miami

>I'm no economist or currency expert, but isn't this inherently risky?

Governments inflating currencies have been destroying economies since ancient Rome.

u/sppride · 2 pointsr/Miami

The original bay of pigs invasion was set up by the republican president before Kennedy (eisenhower). Kennedy came in and changed the plan so it looked more like a defection of cuban pilots and removing American "Air Support" for the invasion making it a failure - Many folks like my grandfather spent 2 years imprisoned as a result of the failed operation. This failed operation led to the cuban missile crisis as well so it was their first dance with american politics and it didn't go well. They've held that grudge for years - but we don't have to.

Alot of older cubans are starting to realize the republicans and corporations are killing this country at least. Too bad it took 50 years and GWbush getting elected by florida.

Really short book about the bay of pigs -