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u/serhack · 21 pointsr/Monero




It's a pleasure for me to release the free version and digital versions available on Amazon and Google Play. All the content is available for free on Github repository too.

I would like to thank, firstly, the Mastering Monero team. UncagedPotential (the editor), Anhdres (the illustrator), Baltsar (the graphic designer), SGP (the publisher), and me have been working on digital versions for more than one year. I'm nothing without this community and those people. Secondly, I'd like to thank all the community contributors and developers who helped to make Monero the most private cryptocurrency. Each one of you - except fro tr0lls - made special this community and I'm very pleased to be one member of it.

There are only two things that I ask you to do: leaving a sincere feedback and sharing this free resource to anyone in the world. To cite Leonardo Da Vinci, "The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.", I fully agree with him.

> "Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it. - Alan Moore."

Thank you guys. Happy 5th anniversary of Monero project.

Criticism also very appreciated.

u/TommyEconomics · 7 pointsr/Monero

A good way to look at volume is like pressure. Higher volume = higher pressure. Imagine it like pressure in a pipe. Thus if there the price is increasing, on high volume, the momentum is strong, and it takes a lot of pressure to reverse that momentum - and vice versa (price decreasing on increasing volume, you'll often see the floor drop out).

Note that virtually all modern-day trading indicators are based off price and volume. Back in the day (pre-1950's), price and volume were the primary thing traders looked at (in the absence of the 100's of different trading indicators used today).

If you want to learn more about volume and technical analysis, here are one of the best books on the subject:

This is also an awesome book, talking about how a trader in ~1950's used pretty much only price and volume to know what to invest in, an enjoyable read too I'd say (I just noticed the kindle edition is only $1, you should definitely check this book out):

u/CaptnMeowMix · 1 pointr/Monero

I know right? Totally unrelated to monero, but for anyone that's interested, the book "The Origin of Consciousness In the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" by Julian Jaynes gives a pretty interesting theory about how and why this kind of authority worshiping behavior was likely the dominant mode of thinking for much of ancient history. If anything, witnessing all this authoritarian-loving hysteria springing up recently, without an ounce of self-reflection or irony, seems like pretty damning evidence of the book's hypothesis being true.

u/c-789 · 1 pointr/Monero

Unfortunately that's beyond my level, but someone else may chime in.

You might find "Mastering Bitcoin" by Andreas M. Antonopoulos to be helpful or at least interesting. Even though it's not Monero-centric it still has good info. The [newest version on Amazon] ( is releasing in about 2 weeks.

u/phillipsjk · 1 pointr/Monero

A Monero ASIC would probably look a lot like option B.

Small, power efficient CPUs (low clock speeds), with independent access to 2MB of SRAM each. All talking on a shared interface to some kind of dispatcher assigning work.

I am thinking of something like this. That thing used 32 hashing chips. Each has their own mircocontroller to half-fake HTTP well enough to get work from a central server; living on the other side of the Ethernet interface.

I suspect a Monero equivalent would be larger though.

Edit: the entire Monero network is only 0.12GH/s at the moment. For option A , you are almost certainly not talking about Monero hashing.

u/KaroshiNakamoto · 1 pointr/Monero

This sounds a lot like Daemon, by Daniel Suarez, a read that I fully recommend. The book was published before even Bitcoin was a thing (late 2006), so the AI had to be a bit more creative about the incentives.

u/yuvzst · 5 pointsr/Monero

That is the cost of real privacy and security. The rangeproofs are large, thankfully monero has a dynamic blocksize for onchain scaling till second layer options exist. Storage is cheap

u/edbwtf · 2 pointsr/Monero

Downloading the blockchain is much easier than understanding the code. I just synced the Bitcoin blockchain from scratch in less than 30 hours.

Just diving into the code won't get you far, I'm afraid. Monero uses difficult cryptography and Bitcoin has been optimized for performance rather than readability. (By comparison: downloading the 6 GB Fastcoin blockchain, based on an older version of Bitcoin and Litecoin, took me two weeks.)

To understand Monero, I'd start by reading the Moneropedia and the Monero StackExchange. For Bitcoin, there are educational books like the Princeton Bitcoin book, and Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos (free draft).

u/thanksweaselboy · -8 pointsr/Monero


Please immediately add the following book to your reading list, I will happily cover the cost of it


u/hyc_symas · 2 pointsr/Monero

Back when I started working in Unix I read that book and _The_C_ProgrammingLanguage

I read them cover to cover at least twice.

When you start to grasp the syntax, start reading code. Read the source code to the string functions in the C library, or the stdio functions. Understand that these are, by no means, examples of excellent code or design. But they are examples of working code, which are relatively easy to understand.

u/Ant-n · 1 pointr/Monero

>Why are you using D-Wave as an adverb? It is a company name. English is my second language but I think it is more correct to say D-Wave's computers.

I was saying D-wave computer like I would say an Apple computer but I might be wrong I am not a massive speaker too.

>If you have the cojones to grapple with set theory foundations, this is the link:

I will have a look.

I was more interested to understand why D-wave computer are not a threat to cryptocurrency.

I will send you a link if I find it.

u/smooth_xmr · 1 pointr/Monero


Your CPU has 4MB cache, which allows you to run two cores effectively. The one you linked above only has 2 MB cache, so would likely be stuck with one core. Still the GPU might be better, so hard to say.

u/jdh1285 · -2 pointsr/Monero

They still use them, they may have reduced the amount, but the number of vaccines has increased in the past decades and mercury is cumulative poison. It is true that not all forms of mercury are equal but I have read a few studies which show that a conversion takes place in the brain into the more leathal type of mercury, I think it's callee ethyl mercury. I can dig these up to back what I am saying when I'm not on my phone

Here is a book worth reading

u/XMR2020 · 8 pointsr/Monero

Absolutely. Casa's multisig wallet has a stunning UI. Their designer Scott Hurff wrote a book on design called Designing Products People Love. You can read a very interesting excerpt from his book here.

u/SamsungGalaxyPlayer · 4 pointsr/Monero

It was approved on Amazon today, but it may take 2 days to appear. Those who purchased the paperback can buy the eBook at a discounted price.


u/LSDog · 2 pointsr/Monero

I got a DELL LATITUDE D630 and an old lenovo thinkpad for other coins

u/fireice_uk · 1 pointr/Monero

Why are you using D-Wave as an adverb? It is a company name. English is my second language but I think it is more correct to say D-Wave's computers.

If you have the cojones to grapple with set theory foundations, this is the link:

u/Protttt · 1 pointr/Monero

Are there any block erupters for Monero? Like this