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u/Pulp-nonfiction · 4 pointsr/MoonriseMusicFestival
  1. Have 2 credit cards. Keep them in different locations.

  2. Anything valuable in your camel back? Don't put them on the very top or very bottom(cut through bottom with blade). Wrap them in a hoodie or rainjacket and try to put it in a secondary pocket in the camel or most i see has a elastic pouch that is up against your back.

  3. Buy one of these.
    It goes snug around your waist and the pocket can only be accessed by flipping it insideout. And it has a clip to attach keys to. Had one for all of TomorrowWorld last year and it was awesome.
u/fatcatavenger · 2 pointsr/MoonriseMusicFestival

BLACKRAPID Wander Bundle - Smartphone Safety Tether System

i use this at every festival. it’s incredibly useful.

u/CanYouFeelItNow · 5 pointsr/MoonriseMusicFestival

I HIGHLY recommend a fanny pack! People steal from your pockets some but it is much harder to get into a fanny pack in front of you, especially if your shirt covers it. I wear a small Runnner's fanny pack which is super small and works as a belt! I can hold an iphone, a small pouch for money and ID, and a large phone charger in it and it's not uncomfortable at all. Don't show in outfit pics either!

u/remembertosmilebot · 2 pointsr/MoonriseMusicFestival

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u/Dr3amCast · 2 pointsr/MoonriseMusicFestival

I did this method for EDC Las Vegas last month and had no problem. Get yourself a "running belt" like this one:
It's a stretchy material so it holds your phone tightly, and surprisingly, doesn't move around on your waist. For your cash and cards:

I found it to be too annoying to wear on my wrist. Luckily the running belt i got clips closed so i looped it through my running belt and kept both my phone and the wristband to my front. I twisted the wristband around so the zipper pocket is on the inside of the belt.

If you don't want it stolen don't keep it in your camelbak. I had twist ties on the zipper pockets of mine and still found them open halfway through Sat night of the festival.

u/Lars_n_Mars · 1 pointr/MoonriseMusicFestival

I somehow got one of these past security last year filled to the brim with fireball. Just make sure you tape the top because they are not leak-proof.

u/nickd009 · 2 pointsr/MoonriseMusicFestival

Dont pay them for another band its a huge rip off.

Get this

or jerry rig something to make it stay on, but its def not worth paying to just replace your band.