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u/ElbowDeepInIt · 2 pointsr/MorbidReality

> Do you think a reality TV star known for bankruptcies and being a general piece of human trash is a good fit for a president?

I think as a person he is near trash, we're in agreement there, but his policy is not bad. Since Bill Clinton and JFK were elected despite being not the best people on the merit of "look at their policy, not their character", republicans have done the same.

>I know it’s not really relevant, but if we’re talking about a debate here how can you dismiss someone’s point of view based on their profession?

>Because the dude is a comedian he can’t have intelligent thoughts outside of jokes?

Fair enough, one's profession is not a good metric for judging their ideas and ideals. However, when your opening line is essentially saying responsible gun owners keep their guns in safes rendering them useless proves his ignorance on a subject right out of the gate. Why would I consider the opinion of one with no credibility? I keep my hunting rifles and shotguns in a safe, and yes, I wouldn't have time to get them in an intrusion. I do, however, have something like this on my nightstand. I can retrieve a loaded gun from a safe in about 15 seconds. If it's not there, it's on my hip where it's also safe.

u/BadBarney · 6 pointsr/MorbidReality

Escape from Camp 14

If anyone is interested, I highly recommend reading the book "Escape from Camp 14"

It's an easy and highly intriguing book and gives an unfathomable account of life in the camps and shows how mentally warped the people of the country are.

The guy is in the U.S. now and discusses how before coming here he didn't even truly understand the emotional connection of family or loyalty to them as much as he did fear and loyalty to the country.

Edit: Autocorrect

u/miraoister · 2 pointsr/MorbidReality

You should read Drawings of the Gulag... by Danzig Baldaev, its his forth book, but they are all amazing.

this book covers this event... its worth a read if you are interested.

u/rosythewench · 1 pointr/MorbidReality

If this is something you're interested in, you should check out The Red Market by Scott Carney. It's about all aspects of the trade in human flesh, including organs, blood, hair, eggs, etc. It's really fascinating, and I love the analysis the author provides.

u/BuzzkiII · 1 pointr/MorbidReality This is a great series, and it covers execution and many other things! It's mainly comic strips though by varied artists, but the topics covered are all informative and bring up lots of real life events. There's some bits about the history of executions at the beginning if I remember. The illustrations are great!

u/jaywalker1982 · 5 pointsr/MorbidReality

I encourage, as always, everyone pick up The Aquariums of Pyongyang , Escape from Camp 14 , as well as Nothing To Envy as u/winginit21 mentioned.

Also David Hawk's The Hidden Gulag:Second Edition is a great resource. (PDF File)

u/Quietuus · 32 pointsr/MorbidReality

Teratology is the science of studying birth defects. It is from this study that we have gained most of our knowledge of foetal development, amongst other things. This book is a great overview of the subject and would probably be of interest to many people here.

u/hippogrifffart · 8 pointsr/MorbidReality

I think they mean Columbine by Dave Cullen. it's pretty definitive if anyone's interested in learning more about what happened

u/Dash_X · 2 pointsr/MorbidReality

Looks like there's a 10th Anniversary updated version too. Definitely went on my Wishlist.

u/ajmanx · 3 pointsr/MorbidReality

Enough that in the gift shop at the Grand Canyon, they sell this:

Over The Edge: Death in Grand Canyon, Newly Expanded 10th Anniversary Edition

u/stalker007 · 2 pointsr/MorbidReality

Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales is good as well.

u/rocan91 · 3 pointsr/MorbidReality

This is also a great book that was written by a doctor who happened to be there during the 83 days. Very haunting to read the details in which he describes Ouchi.

Edit: Just realized OP already listed the book. Sorry about that.

u/bajjz · 5 pointsr/MorbidReality

A Slow Death:88 Days of Radiation Sickness. Its a very powerful book about the documented death of a nuclear worker in Japan and all that the experts in the world tried to do to save him.

u/Betsy514 · 4 pointsr/MorbidReality

There's a great book on this fire.

Here's the kicker - one survivor - who spent a lot of time in the hospital recovering from burns, died years later burned to death in I believe a car accident. Trying to find reference but I believe it's in the book. Here's another good resource

u/99trumpets · 29 pointsr/MorbidReality

Biologist here, get this book if you don't already have it. It's about the genetics & developmental biology of some of the most bizarre human mutations and birth defects. It's well written and absolutely fascinating.

u/Ballinger · 23 pointsr/MorbidReality

If you want to know more about daily life in North Korea, check out this oral history book entitled Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea

It is an amazing read, goes from after the Korean War, through the famine in the 1990s, to current day.

u/gobohobo · 6 pointsr/MorbidReality

Buy this. Attach it to your keys.

u/drgojirax · 14 pointsr/MorbidReality

I use this one to watch my pets when I'm away.

u/blazaiev · 10 pointsr/MorbidReality

This happened in camp 14, the same that is described in Escape from Camp 14, about a North Korean born and raised there and who lived to escape and tell his story. It's not a long read and I recommend it to everyone who want to learn about the horrors that are going on in North Korea. Not for the faint hearted.

u/Juanitoelgringo · 2 pointsr/MorbidReality

These guys may have Utah's polygamist child molesters beat out for the title of World's Sickest.

This book has more info on our perverts.

u/thepasttenseofdraw · 8 pointsr/MorbidReality

Any one interested in high altitude survival should check out . its dedicated to survivors of immense freefalls.
Here's the world record: Vesna Vulovic was a stewardess on a Yugoslav DC 9 jet airliner that blew up in January of 1972 (probably as the result of a terrorist bomb). She fell more than 33,000 feet in the wreckage of the plane, which hit a snow-covered slope. The only survivor, she was badly injured and was paralyzed from the waist down, but later recovered and now can walk.
And here's two of my favorites:
In March of 1944, Nicholas Alkemade was the tail gunner in a British Lancaster bomber on a night mission to Berlin when his plane was attacked by German fighters. When the captain ordered the crew to bail out, Alkemade looked back into the plane and discovered that his parachute was in flames. He chose to jump without a parachute rather than to stay in the burning plane. He fell 18,000 feet, landing in trees, underbrush, and drifted snow. He twisted his knee and had some cuts, but was otherwise alright.
And the father of Deep Survival author Lawrence Gonezeles (an amazing book about the psychology of survival and WTL
In January of 1945, Federico Gonzales was a pilot of a 398th Bomb Group B-17 whose wing was shot off over Dusseldorf. He was unable to bail out of the spinning plane and fell 27,000 feet. He was pulled alive from the wreckage. Everyone else died . -what's not included are the incredible events that occurred immediately after being pulled from the wreckage... Gonzales had broken most of the bones in his body. The civilian who found him produced a pistol and tried to execute him. The pistol jammed and before the civilian could run the action a nearby German officer stopped him... Talk about fucking luck.

u/a_personification · 367 pointsr/MorbidReality


The water pressure on the car will prevent you from opening the door. This is how you are trapped. Wind the window down.

My friend died in exactly this way. I wish he knew this. Now you do.

Edit: If you can't roll it down; How to smash a car window (from zolco1 below)....or you could keep one of these handy for emergencies.

u/cypressgreen · 15 pointsr/MorbidReality

Fire in the Grove: The Cocoanut Grove Tragedy and Its Aftermath

Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919

Under a Flaming Sky: The Great Hinckley Firestorm of 1894

The White Cascade: The Great Northern Railway Disaster and America's Deadliest Avalanche

Curse of the Narrows: The Halifax Disaster of 1917

Chicago Death Trap: The Iroquois Theatre Fire of 1903

To Sleep with the Angels: The Story of a Fire

"One late summer's day, the yacht Trashman set sail from Annapolis to Florida. On board were five young people: John, the captain; Meg, Mark, Brad, and Debbie Scaling. When the boat sailed into a gale, the eighty-knot winds shredded the sails. Forty-foot seas crashed through the cabin windows, and Trashman sank, leaving the crew adrift in a rubber dinghy. Albatross tells the story of how Debbie and Brad survived and how the tragedy changed Debbie Scaling's life forever."

have not read yet, supposed to be good:
Flight 232: A Story of Disaster and Survival