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u/pussaliah · 1 pointr/MountainMen

[This] ( is something just a little bit different but its a fascinating story.

This guy lived in the woods of North Central Idaho for a time in the 40s I think, and generally existed and survived in place no one thought he could.

u/vincopotamus · 1 pointr/MountainMen

One Man's Wilderness by Sam Keith and Richard Proenneke is an absolute classic.

Indian Creek Chronicles by Pete Fromm is another of my favorites.

u/Dandretti · 1 pointr/MountainMen

I would start with this book.

There's a lot of narrative that might give you some insight into what you're about to embark on.

u/emjayt · 1 pointr/MountainMen

I loved these books as a kid. My grandparents had a few of the editions including the one on log homes. I think it was #3, but I might be mistaken

Edit: I was wrong, it was volume one "the foxfire book".