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u/TonyBagels · 22 pointsr/MovieDetails

I learned about the significance of the pin while reading "The Nazi Officer's Wife", a book about a Jewish woman in Austria who survived the Holocaust.

She had a friend who was an original Nazi Party member with the special pin who used her influence to help the woman escape Austria with a new, non-Jewish identity.

It's a really good book with a crazy story:

u/rambopandabear · 1 pointr/MovieDetails

Would this be the one you mean? I'd like to read these, but yeah definitely don't want to try to hunt down individual issues, and prefer physical for my reading media. Thanks for the help!

u/acm · 3 pointsr/MovieDetails

> That's a really great article going into way more detail of what transpired that fateful day that I would have thought.

It's only a great article because they were able to transcribe portions of the book which did the work to document this stunt. Gizmodo sure as shit wouldn't do all that research on its own.

Here's the book.

u/Black6x · 1 pointr/MovieDetails

It was like it's own series of 33 issues. You can buy the three volume set on Amazon.

Vol 1

Vol 2

Vol 3

Howeverm if you are not in a huge hurry, they are releasing it as a 2 volume set, and you can preorder the first one which comes out in May.

Getting the 2 volume one will save you a lot because it costs more for the 3 separately anyway, and somehow it's hard to find Volume 2 (of the 3 set), so the price is higher.

u/Pagedpuddle65 · 44 pointsr/MovieDetails

Yeah, it actually shows him doing exactly that except he uses an Albanian-English dictionary to look up each of the words, which was the same one I used when learning Albanian.

I obviously loved Taken way more than I should have because of these little details.

u/arstechnophile · 1 pointr/MovieDetails

> So I'm thinking after watching Interstellar, it would be possible to travel pretty far into the future if you spent, say, a year in close orbit around a black hole?

Yes. There's a book my son got when he was very young that uses this in its plot. It was written by a physicist (Brian Greene).

Of course, given that there are no black holes anywhere near Earth, you would need some kind of FTL travel to get to one and back before you died of old age. :-P For that matter, it would be easier/just as effective to boost yourself up to an appreciable fraction of the speed of light, go straight out for a few years, then turn around and come back at the same speed. You'd still get significant time dilation (more the faster you can go) but you can choose how long the trip takes in your own time frame.

u/kris10leigh · 8 pointsr/MovieDetails

Children aren't aware of gender differences, but their caregivers are.

Cordelia Fine addressed a similar study in her book where babies were shown different toys like this, but it was later shown that the people presenting the toys to the babies were enforcing stereotypes themselves by shaking the toy they expected the baby to want more than the other.

u/sixteenbits · 2 pointsr/MovieDetails

One of my grad school professors was a producer on this film, and is very into visual storytelling. Here's one of his books - highly recommended!

u/thegreatestjose · 2 pointsr/MovieDetails

Are you referring to the House of M listed here on amazon? Is there more to the anthology or is this a good compilation of the storyline?

u/Subtle_Cephalopod · 11 pointsr/MovieDetails

The art book mentioned was for the Lord of the Rings, not the Hobbit. Unfortunately I’m not sure where my copy is (a birthday present back in ‘05), but if anyone has this copy of the art book and confirm? Was in the early pages of the book, just before the shots of Isengard and Orthanc.

u/brogrammableben · 7 pointsr/MovieDetails

That book is definitely not about loving your neighbor. It’s about the Balkan wars. I highly recommend it though.

u/bretton-woods · 1 pointr/MovieDetails

Check out Disneywar by James B. Stewart which is about Eisner's rise and downfall at Disney.

u/darkpassenger9 · 5 pointsr/MovieDetails

Here's the Basterds screenplay in paperback.

u/TempusCavus · 2 pointsr/MovieDetails

Since we are talking about expert based evidence courts use the Daubert test.

Now it still has an element of the bandwagon fallacy, so it's not best for determining actual truth.

Then there is the problem of induction which implies that actual truth from scientific testing may not be obtainable because all science relies on induction.

The next place to go to is The Structure of Scientific Revolutions which I think anyone who is interested in epistemology should read. The take away for this discussion is that scientific consensus is ever changing and while it is not perfect it does give rigorously tested guesses. And as long as a theory can make valid predictions then there is no reason to not accept it, but it should never stop being questioned. Mere skepticism gets you know where besides solipsism. Skepticism with scientific rigor allows you to make predictions that, while flawed, result in cars, computers, rockets, medicine etc. etc.

Physical evidence is derivative of science because the the methods used to test physical evidence are based in scientific theory. So, the same logic applies

My personal approach is a factors test that looks at such things as:

Whether it makes logical sense, Probably the weakest factor, but it helps to weed out logical errors first.

Whether it passes scientific rigor, Scientists do a good job of testing things repeatedly to see whether a theory works practically, in addition to logically. Some areas of science are more trust worthy than others. Always check what bias my exist in the scientist. Always follow the money.

How many other assumptions do I have to make to get to? This is a variation on Occam's razor. The more assumptions I have to make to get to the conclusion the less likely I am to believe it.

I don't believe I have perfect knowledge. I do believe I have practical/working knowledge. And if something happens in the next five minutes that changes my assumptions then I'll change what I believe.

u/PressEveryButton · 2088 pointsr/MovieDetails

I've mentioned this before in a previous thread that this was brought up.

If you enjoyed these little details you should absolutely get yourself The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road. It goes in depth about how they basically designed the entire society.

They explain little things, for example how each steering wheel is detachable because it was supposed to be granted to you by the will of the Immortan, then returned to the altar room which contains all the steering wheels of warriors past and present.

And the guy playing the flaming guitar (Coma The Doof Warrior) is actually wearing a mask made from his dead mother's face. Also, from page 133:
>...anything that looks like leather is probably human skin, as there are no animals visible.

If you love concept art/world building, and want to delve deeper into the world of Fury Road, I highly recommend it.

u/Mahaloth · 1 pointr/MovieDetails

Yes, I believe it was in an earlier draft that is included in The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.