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u/a_James_Woods · 1 pointr/MrRobot

This is a long explanation, but it's necessary to properly answer your question. The fifth wall connection are a way to bridge the airgap to infect us with a malware program called "Elliot". Stay with me here - another potential fourth wall connection is how Grace Gummer's mother was in The Manchurian Candidate but unless you believe what I believe about this story it seems meaningless and like a huge stretch. I think we've all been intentionally split in to theory tribes by season 2, like in our actual society. We're driven by the stories we believe, and we each believe different things about this story. I think season 2 was written with some intention to discredit Elliot and discredit the people looking deeper as is the case with conspiracy theorists as well as victims of government programs like MK Ultra or people obsessed with the singularity. I've been told several times by users like _whiter0se that I'm over thinking things -- which is what Sam reportedly tells his actors when they start prying. Season 2 made Elliot seem like a straight up crazy person, and many people in the audience wrote off everything Elliot said in season 1 while questioning why they previously ever agreed with him so by extension we question ourselves. Everything that happens to Elliot is in a way happening to the audience because the show is written to turn us in to f.society -- and by extension Rose's Dark Army as way to expose us to the exploits of our programmable nature, because Sam Esmail leads a team of social white hats.

This level of complexity and inter-connectivity is all possible because the show is written like a piece of software and possibly with the assistance of software. Everything is a fractal branching out from Elliot and Tyrell, [season 2 spoilers](#s "as we can see on Dom's Whiteboard with 31 chess pieces on it with the absence of Vera. There are 32 pieces in a game of chess "). It's a mandelbrot set ("find your monster"). Everything is connected but not every connection is necessarily meaningful, which is in a sense up to the observer until the conclusion, which I think may also be up to the audience to decide, though no one seems to believe me, so I can relate to lost_tsol. We should have been working together, and now I can't find him...

Anyhow, the reason it's hard to follow and the reason I wonder if the audience plays a bigger role than we realize right now is because there are two plots at war; [Season 2 Spoilers](#s "While Elliot sees god as a system of control that he despises Tyrell sees God as a path towards being granted total control. He truly believed Evil Corp was capable of managing the world and his God was Phillip Price, but Mr Robot made him see a greater God that he thinks he can get to with Elliot. Tyrell sees God as his path to greater power and control. Maybe while Elliot sees Evil Corp, Tyrell saw Enlightenment Corp. They're having the same battle that Elliot was having with Mr Robot but couldn't settle because they always found themselves in a stalemate. Tyrell and Elliot have completely separate wills, and between them they can make independent choices where Elliot and Mr Robot cannot. Whichever King is left standing in the end ushers in a new world of either total control under the god we've been trying to create for millennia possibly in the form of AI (coltan) or freedom from our constructs of control perhaps by way of a nuclear pinch that wipes out all electronic communications capabilities returning us to a wilder more tribal time. Tyrell and Elliot are Kings being moved by the hands of White Rose to battle each other to decide the future order while we stand on the precipice of irreversible change and watch. ")

"Master" of a human botnet."

[Hypothesis with potential spoilers](#s "There is so much information that we infer meaning, sometimes it's the intended meaning and sometimes it's synchronicity for synchronicity sake. It's unprecedented because the plot is written like a piece of software to reflect how certain players in the story have written people's histories as drivers. The story has been written to drive us. "Elliot" isn't an actual person, "Elliot" is program inside of a brainwashed kid who's history was erased at WTP. "Elliot" is infecting society both in the show and across our reality. People are buying masks and hoodies and even reading his journal. Sam Esmail has a background in computer science and I believe it influenced how the plot is laid out. I believe that's important to the central theme because the characters are essentially programmed to infect society. "Elliot" is the master of a human botnet. Additionally I also wonder if psychometrics were used to design the characters by inputting the films the target audience has seen to generate the perfect characters for the audience to follow. ")


In summary, I believe the fifth wall connections are by and large meant to bridge our world to Elliot's with the intention of putting us inside of his head while more importantly planting him inside of ours as a way to expose the audience to our programmable nature.


u/pluraldoxa · 3 pointsr/MrRobot

I'm really glad you're interested in learning more! A good starting place would be to read the ISSTD's treatment guidelines: Even though it's meant for medical professionals, it's the best source for factual, evidence-based info. (As you already may have discovered via google, there's a lot of misinformation out there.)

I also strongly recommend checking out Coping with Trauma Related Dissociation: Unlike the academic language of the treatment guidelines, this book was written in consultation with people who experience dissociation and it gives the best picture out there of what it's really like and how someone who has it can move forward. (When I got my copy it was like finally being handed "your life: the users manual").

u/Smallmammal · 65 pointsr/MrRobot

My take was that we should have probably seen the 71 bombs coming. I remember watching Elliot try to re-route the trucks and thinking how the DA would also see this and could work around it by bombing the trucks en route if need be. They have the destinations and transit paths and everything Elliot has. Or just carjack them and burn the records inside. Lots of options here for the DA, but I didnt see bombing every building they stopped at coming, but someone did. In fact, a redditor figured it out weeks ago and his comment is linked on the front page, but the comment was fairly buried so maybe Sam and his team missed it.

On the more sci-fi/future tech front, the Congo is the world's source of cobalt which has more applications than just weapons and batteries. It has been discovered in the lab to facilitate quantum tunneling. My layperson's understanding is that this is all possible due to cobalt's unique magnetization properties and that QT is pretty much teleportation. It allows particles to move through a barrier without actually going through the barrier. Sam may be hinting that China has figured out how to make this work in human scale and with huge amounts of low-cost cobalt could have the key to things like dimensional travel (where do you go if you don't pass through the barrier? You could bypass it via a higher spatial dimension). If you can enter higher spatial dimensions then you more or less have time travel. You can look back on our entire timeline from the 4th dimension, see everything, and even interact with it somehow. No one really 'dies' because everyone's life can be seen from a higher spatial dimension like running through a nonstop video of their lives. Cliff Pickover has a fun and easy to read book on the subject for those interested.

On a more ridiculous sci-fi front, perhaps large scale quantum tunneling did actually happen at the WTP. Edward, and perhaps others, were briefly tunneled into a higher spatial dimension, essentially making them trans-dimensional beings whether they realize it or not. Edward's consciousness is safely in this higher dimension and intervenes in the modern world through Elliot's body as he sees fit. WR may have shown Angela that her mother is also a trans-dimensional being due to being at the WPT and could be accessed similarly. Zhang/WR then would also have this connection, perhaps granted by a similar accident in China. Perhaps WR was an WTP employee too, not Zhang himself, but a once alive physical woman that now works through Zhang the same way Edward works through Elliot. Maybe this woman was literally his sister, or other relative, who migrated to the US to study physics and landed a job at E-corp.

This can also explain WR's obsession with time. Imagine being able to access the 4th dimension where 3rd dimension time is just a property you can manipulate as you like, a bit like running the slider on a youtube video or playing around with scenes and objects in a game engine and being able to move the physics forward or backwards as you like. You'd be able to see our future but the future, I imagine, would be an infinite range of possibilities but you can narrow it down to a 'if x happens then what happens next' system and have limited but powerful precognition powers. It must feel oppressive to be in the 3rd dimension and to be 'locked' into real time. That's on top of knowing what a plausible timeline in our future could be and trying to make those future outcomes happen here, which would require perfect timing unless you want your probability wave to go someplace you didn't plan on. Everything must be perfect to the split second or your predictive information from the 4th dimension won't work.

WR's big plan may be to recreate the WTP accident globally and on a much larger scale so everyone can tunnel to a higher spatial dimension after death. Consciousness just finds its way to a higher dimension where 3rd dimension limitations like death don't matter. This also explains why the DA is so casual about dying. If WR's plan works out, they will become immortal and accessible to us regardless of when or how they died.

u/beesbuzzingintensely · 5 pointsr/MrRobot

hello! I’m the girl who posted the cosplay photos, and here’s I got almost everything from Amazon!




Patch-I printed a photo out and attached it to a cardboard backing, but I know they have patches on amazon!

Shirts-I wore a black t-shirt and layered an old flannel on top of it!

Scarf-Again, old scarf, so I’m unsure of where I got it. Any pattern would do well, though, as long as it was brown/tan!

Glasses-My own glasses lol. I did the same cosplay back when I had hipster-esque glasses; it doesn’t impact anything too much unless you’re a stickler for the details.

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, let me know!

u/xor55 · 14 pointsr/MrRobot

Amazon Book Link

Book Description:

Peter Byrne tells the story of Hugh Everett III (1930-1982), whose "many worlds" theory of multiple universes has had a profound impact on physics and philosophy. Using Everett's unpublished papers (recently discovered in his son's basement) and dozens of interviews with his friends, colleagues, and surviving family members, Byrne paints, for the general reader, a detailed portrait of the genius who invented an astonishing way of describing our complex universe from the inside. Everett's mathematical model (called the "universal wave function") treats all possible events as "equally real", and concludes that countless copies of every person and thing exist in all possible configurations spread over an infinity of universes: many worlds. Afflicted by depression and addictions, Everett strove to bring rational order to the professional realms in which he played historically significant roles. In addition to his famous interpretation of quantum mechanics, Everett wrote a classic paper in game theory; created computer algorithms that revolutionized military operations research; and performed pioneering work in artificial intelligence for top secret government projects. He wrote the original software for targeting cities in a nuclear hot war; and he was one of the first scientists to recognize the danger of nuclear winter. As a Cold Warrior, he designed logical systems that modeled "rational" human and machine behaviors, and yet he was largely oblivious to the emotional damage his irrational personal behavior inflicted upon his family, lovers, and business partners. He died young, but left behind a fascinating record of his life, including correspondence with such philosophically inclined physicists as Niels Bohr, Norbert Wiener, and John Wheeler. These remarkable letters illuminate the long and often bitter struggle to explain the paradox of measurement at the heart of quantum physics. In recent years, Everett's solution to this mysterious problem - the existence of a universe of universes - has gained considerable traction in scientific circles, not as science fiction, but as an explanation of physical reality.

u/aanjheni · 1 pointr/MrRobot

I don't have anything like that to recommend but if you are interested in more reading (especially non-fiction) take a look at the ones below.

Red Wheelbarrow Journal

I also really enjoyed the following:

The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution

We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous, and the Global Cyber Insurgency

Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous

Kingpin: How One Hacker Took Over the Billion-Dollar Cybercrime Underground


From there, I went on to various sysadmin books (non-fiction) and a few journal articles.

u/Silver_Entertainment · 3 pointsr/MrRobot

Well, the first episode last week was commercial free on network TV. However, I think that was a one off and we didn't know until Esmail tweeted it a few hours before the show.

The only way to watch it ad free is through online services the next day:




Google Play:

u/Tianavaig · 5 pointsr/MrRobot

Red Wheelbarrow. It's great fun to read and solve the puzzles, and it fills in a lot of blanks.

There's also supposed to be a comic book coming out one day, covering the creation of fsociety.

u/the_stoned_ape · 5 pointsr/MrRobot

Good catch, also noticed Courney Looney's Name! She is co-writing the Red-Wheelbarrow book. Definitely Pre-Order if you wanna support this awesome team.

u/disco_freek · 1 pointr/MrRobot

I personally have never heard that phrase as a suggestion for lucid dreaming, but its been several years since I read one of the definitive books on the process.


Yes, lucid dreaming is aided by "short sentence recited repeatedly". I know a common one is to simply ask "Is this a dream?" or "wake up inside the dream".

If you want to try it, ask those questions at various points in your day and keep it as a running thought - so when you do dream, you might be able to catch the oddness of whats going on and 'wake up, inside of your dream."

u/EdgerAllenPoeDameron · 1 pointr/MrRobot Red Wheelbarrow Elliot's journal.

I just got done playing the mobile game:

The book is awesome, the mobile game is simple. I didn't really like the mobile game too much myself.

u/defialpro · 2 pointsr/MrRobot

Depending on the subject. Like there's a lot of foundational subjects in CS and programming that are still relevant since decades ago. Like this book

which was on

u/e1618978 · 1 pointr/MrRobot

Here is a start. It is a big book and has been sitting on my shelf unread since I bought it, but it gets good reviews.

u/paulmgroves · 8 pointsr/MrRobot

This! Like $12-15 in the US or less. So worth it. The amount of effort that has gone into this is astounding.

u/LeprekonKilla · 6 pointsr/MrRobot

If you really like that twist you might want to check this out

u/AquatikJustice · 1 pointr/MrRobot

Amazon. I literally just bought this one and it's top quality.

u/7h3_W1z4rd · 2 pointsr/MrRobot

Incase you're not aware of all of the ways the story is being told there's Elliot's Journal, the ARG, SXSW, The ECoin launch, ECoin Perks, The Daily 5/9, a mobile app as well as a rumord comic.

u/endoplanet · 1 pointr/MrRobot

>their main goal is ALWAYS to protect the host personality

Not quite true. If you read this, she did actually have an alter who engaged in destructive, self-harming behaviours. Which did protect her, the main personality, by enabling her to function relatively normally at times. People with DID also sometimes have inner child alters - see here.

u/smo0shy · 8 pointsr/MrRobot

I actually already have a copy of Hacking: The Art of Exploitation. My personal library consists of around 45 books on a range of computing topics from PHP, MySQL, C++, Windows Internals, CCNA, MCSE/MCSA, Unix, Rootkits, AI, Data Structures and the list goes on.

Other relevant titles include Gray Hat Python, Reversing: Secrets of Reverse Engineering and Rootkits: Subverting the Windows Kernel.

I was going to buy the following: Assembly Language Step-by-step, SQL Injection Attacks and Defense and Metasploit: The Penetration Tester's Guide.

I agree that where one starts really depends on what they want to end up doing. "Hacking" is such a general term and SQL-Injections is completely different from finding 0-days. If I'm honest I'm not sure where to start but I'm open to suggestions.


u/Cobbleface · 4 pointsr/MrRobot

There's a tie in book that contains all of Elliot's notes and more.

If you're looking for a blank one, there's not an official version but I found this one on Redbubble.

If you just want something similar, it's basically a Marble Composition Book that you're looking for.

u/doMinationp · 1 pointr/MrRobot

It's released for free in the UK but in the US and elsewhere you'll have to pay to access episodes. I'm in the US and for me it's $2.99 for the first episode and $24.99 for the whole season.

u/TheDeadlyKitty · 2 pointsr/MrRobot

Click more purchase options. I'm not sure what time the episodes will be up if you buy it this way.

This thread says amazon puts them up the day after they air.

u/pranavrules · 6 pointsr/MrRobot

If anyone has read the book, there's a lot of references to the Red Wheel Barrow. [Spoiler](#s "Also, in the last episode of the last season that aired, the asian guy in the elevator is eating a burger from RWB while taking Tyrell and Elliot up to the next floor.")

u/OccupiedMeatSpace · 3 pointsr/MrRobot

Appears to be the Logitech MK520 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo.

u/bwandering · 2 pointsr/MrRobot

This is all from the physical journal that they actually published as a book.

u/AceHigh7 · 5 pointsr/MrRobot

I was gonna go as Mr Robot/Elliot mix as Halloween, but they sold out of the color that I needed, but here is what I was gonna wear:



I ended up wearing a black hoodie/jeans and the patch!

u/slightlyinfernal · 14 pointsr/MrRobot

it's a book that elliot "writes" doing s2
it contains it's own little story tieing into s2

u/rflairfan1 · 1 pointr/MrRobot

Not sure how much it is on the website but Amazon has it for $26.47

u/Gundersniff · 1 pointr/MrRobot

Oh I’m not sure about UK sorry. Below is the US link if you want to see if it’s at all similar to UK. Go to more purchase options to view the season pass.

u/rav3ndust · 3 pointsr/MrRobot

Mil-Tec Military Assault Pack MOLLE Backpack.

I have one that I use to haul my computer/tablet/cables/pi/assorted gadgets in.

I bought mine on Amazon several years ago for around $40. Looks like the price has remained steady!

Here's a link if you want one for yourself.

u/Radium8888 · 2 pointsr/MrRobot

How about the tape at the corner of the white part where you write the name in The Butterfly Effect? The RWB journal has a bandage-shaped artifact at the opposite corner of that part too. Maybe it's a reference to both? One, about undoing mistakes via time travel by jumping consciousness, and the other about a strange other world? At the end of the cinematic version of The Butterfly Effect, the protagonist burns the notebook at the end of his journey. Maybe it's a reference?

(It's hard to translate tone to the internet, so my tone is curious, not rhetorical - I don't have a physical copy so if the bandage actually serves a purpose then please tell me. I just based it off of the picture here -

Edit; Actually upon closer inspection, it might not be a bandage but something else that I'm not familiar with.

u/gumkid · 2 pointsr/MrRobot

I thought that was her threatening Philip, and she wanted to piss on the grave of her enemies. Frank Tipler's resurrection involves AI becoming the conciousness of the cosmos and being able to create all that was.

this book was very interesting, and I thought those crazy promises that White Rose did to uh.. BLond Girl forgot her name.... was her explaining her master plan to erect the AI god and transcend humanity