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u/TheAnswerIsAQuestion · 1 pointr/MtF

Exfoliating is a big help, these are awesome for in the shower. I lather one up with soap and use it to wash with, then shave, and then I lightly exfoliate with the cloth again with just water before getting out. Moisturize after with something that doesn't irritate your skin (I like Lubriderm Sensitive Skin personally).

I'm not sure I agree with the sentiment that women's razors are necessarily better. I spent quite a bit of time looking online for what the best razor to use on my legs would be and the general consensus was the main difference between women's and men's razors is just the handle shape and packaging/cost. Many cis women actually posted about preferring the Mach 3 which is a "men's" razor. I already had one of those so I've been using it for body hair and personally it's been working very well. It's also pretty economical compared to many when it comes to buying blades (you can get a pretty good deal on them in bulk on Amazon).

Also, how much pressure are you using? It should be quite light, let the razor do the work. I wonder if you're pushing down harder than you need to without realizing it.

u/Synarya · 3 pointsr/MtF

Well the book 'Facial Feminization Surgery' would be a good place to start if you don't know much about it. If you're interested in it, get the kindle version if you can, the physical copies are pretty expensive. It'll help give you an idea of what's possible and what the limitations are, though it came out in 2010 so it might be a little out dated, idk. would be another good resource. It'll help give you an idea of the costs of everything and you can read many peoples 1st hand account of what the process is like.

Deschamps-Braly(San Franscisco), Speigel(Boston), and Zukowski(Chicago) are probably the biggest names for it if you wanted to stay in the US. Facial Team(Spain), and Di Maggio(Argentina) also have really good reputations and will likely be cheaper than the top surgeons in the US.

As for results/ experience, message me in a couple months, I'm having FFS next week on the 22nd.

u/b-at-pce · 1 pointr/MtF

I just posted this on another post, but this author discusses, with drawings and pictures, the many ways that transwomen enjoy their bodies. Vibrators help! Playing with your prostate/g-spot can be enough all by itself, muffing with and without vibrators can feel just have to be willing to not have an orgasm as you experiment.

If you can commit to yourself that you won't stroke it like most guys do, and give each technique a week of regular use, even if you aren't successful in having a traditional orgasm...I'd be willing to bet you'd find something that feels good!

As to whether or not you should release the juice...I don't know if it's medically necessary, but it might follow the "use it or lose it" model, in which case you may still want to play with your prostrate if you don't want it to shrivel too much. Lots of nerve endings there!

u/Lady_Corgi · 1 pointr/MtF

I was shopping yesterday in Goodwill (a thrift store in the US) for a new jacket and found some that fit in mediums, larges and extra larges. There were also some larges that were way too big, and some that were way too small. When people say women's sizes have a lot of variety, they're not kidding. It's nearly impossible to universally label yourself one size or another.

I've found shopping at places like Goodwill a great start, because nobody really seems to care. However, not everyone has the privilege of living in such a trans* friendly city that I do. So if you don't feel comfortable or safe shopping in the store, I recommend getting a tape measure (the really floppy kind used for [sewing, like this] (,0,112,125)) and taking measurements of your waist, bust, etc. You can then find many online retailers that will have measurement guides, as well as reviews that might tell you if something runs larger or smaller than normal. Finally, use a retailer with a good return policy (I've had good luck with Amazon), and don't be afraid to send things back.

I can give more specific information about particular types of clothing if you're interested, but don't want to drone on if it's useless info.

u/thisone4mysexuality · 1 pointr/MtF

I actually found it in the store today. Smelling it, though, I found it a little strong. I'm sensitive to some fragrances and I can only know for sure after having it on for a while.

When it dries, there is no scent? Maybe I should have applied some to my skin while I had it open to make sure, especially if it's so effective! It sounds like just what I was looking for :)


u/Frarara · 2 pointsr/MtF

Someone here recommend tend skin care It worked really well for me, what I do is use a shaving gel for sensitive skin then after shaving use a moisturizing body wash. I've found that helped for me as well as using It keeps my skin feeling well hydrated for the whole day and no need to reapply. I hope this helps.

u/CoraZin · 2 pointsr/MtF

Exfoliating is to scrub the skin, so the dead skin falls off, and it can pull out ingrown hairs, and so on.

Depending on the area of skin, you may want to be more or less gentle. So a face can be exfoliated with a face scrub and/or face brush. The bottom of your feet, use a pumice stone. And for areas you shave, having a washcloth or brush can do it, it can be tricky finding something that is comfortable, yet effective, and not too rough. I'm satisfied with this.

u/100YearsIn · 1 pointr/MtF

Many 'backward' societies thru time have recognized the value of having some among them blessed with two spirits. We evolved along with the others because we advanced the species. Once, we were looked to for leadership and healing. Our societies have found us useful as teachers, child sitters, marriage counselors, entertainers, among much else. It was our culture's loss to erase us. So maybe, with the destruction of our 'advanced' civilization, our world will return to a more sensible ethos of interdependence.

To learn more this book is a good start.

u/Koala-Girl · 3 pointsr/MtF

I ordered it here:

It's pretty long, so I got it trimmed by my new favorite stylist :)

u/travistravels247 · 1 pointr/MtF

I found laser did help, hormones should help more. I suggest a fascial brush to gently exfoliate before shaving. Don't over shave, if not everything is done in the first pass, use an electric shaver later. Also, this aftershave works well and doesn't smell strong or musky.

u/VeraUndertow · 2 pointsr/MtF

The best way is to get a dr to prescribe a pharmacy strength version but I see people recommending this from amazon for a lower strength version that’s otc

u/Carb0nFiber · 13 pointsr/MtF

Buy shaving powder on Amazon, mix it 1 to 1 with water and just coat your body, wait 15 minutes, it's gentle unlike Nair and doesn't burn, just wash off with a warm cloth and all the hair is gone, I'll post the Amazon link

Magic Shaving Powder Gold 4.5...

u/SilverlightPony · 1 pointr/MtF

Pretty good. I have the previous version of this.

u/veiak · 2 pointsr/MtF

> Did any of you have similar experiences and, if so, can you please give me some advice?

I have had very similar experiences. My parents didn’t actually comprehend me when I said that I wasn’t cis until I consistently insisted that I was a woman — before that they kept selectively forgetting and their response to me mentioning anything about being a woman was along the lines of “Why didn’t you tell us before??”.

> Do any of you have any general advice for someone who recently figured out her mind?

Something that helped me trememdously was reading a book called Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity by Julia Serano (Amazon Link) because it validated my experiences, encouraged me in fighting against discrimination I may experience, and provided me with the theoretical tools to explain and understand gender in a more complex way.

Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid gaslighting yourself by questioning whether the things you experience are really valid or actually legitimate, as this spirals into a ton of mind games and just is a huge pain in the ass.

Try presenting yourself how you want to, even if it is just wearing panties or bright socks or leggings under pants a little bit of makeup. Small stuff really does make a difference and it can feel liberating to de-mystify a lot of the stuff you never learned about growing up.

Also, maybe try thinking of a name that you would like to go by and calling yourself it. In my experience, having a name allowed me to begin conceptualizing who I want to become when I couldn’t think of anything. You sort of get attached to the idea of you as {GirlNameHere} and it helps you feel out your identity.

> Is it relatively "normal" for me to be dealing with this stuff at 18?

It is totally normal. I am 19 and have been dealing with it since I was 14 when I first asked my parents if I could wear makeup.

u/Jessica_Rey · 3 pointsr/MtF

There is this book by Mira Bellwether called FTW I recommend. I know the title is a little vulgar but it has tons of useful information.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/MtF

Have you tried a depilatory on it? I personally use this which quite honestly works fantastic. Just wear gloves or you will really mess up your nails.

u/hrt_breaker · 1 pointr/MtF

I highly recommend this one:

Suddenly Fem Comfort Smooth Thong Gaff - Black Satin -M

u/ri-no · 2 pointsr/MtF

If you're able to get a soft tape measure you can take your own measurements.

To take your measurements you need to measure your bust at the fullest point, your natural waist, your hips, and your inseam.

Here is a wiki to help you find the right points.

u/ClaireIsGreen · 1 pointr/MtF

Sorry a link probably helps better than a picture. This is the exact model I use. Found mine at a Walmart (incase you wanna go get it in person)

u/HadMyShareOfDoubt · 1 pointr/MtF

NYX orange concealer with Dermablend over it works very good too.

This stuff

u/SillySillyGirl · 7 pointsr/MtF

Get a medium or high impact sport bra like this UnderArmour bra. The seams are not raised and hide under a t-shirt or two. I can flatten my boobs out for the gym with two of those. Also see Jenna Marbles for an example.

u/Tickle_M0nster · 1 pointr/MtF

Here is the ones I use. Not sure about others and these are pricy at $30 a pair. But these are very nice.

u/alwaysunknown · 2 pointsr/MtF

Yea if you think you'll be able to get your forehead done I'd just wait it out. I definitely recommend buying his book though:

Facial Feminization Surgery: A Guide for the Transgendered Woman

It's old so it uses some outdated terminology, but afaik the procedures are still accurate.

u/xcellerat0r · 4 pointsr/MtF

Check out Austen Hartke and his YouTube videos, as well as his book “Transforming.” (

I’m in the same boat as you and its helped me somewhat reconcile it—if you need to talk about it, I’m available though I’m kind of still an egg maybe?

u/nikiblush · 2 pointsr/MtF

Someone recommended the thong gaff from suddenly fem, and OMG, I have never been comfortable in my tuck until I wore it.

Someone else recommended this one to me. It's cheaper yet good quality still. For me, it didn't fit as well.

They're both thicker than panties, but it's really needed for me and others who have extra to conceal. I've always been jealous of girls who don't tuck. But ditching my homemade gaffs for these was a good move.

u/yara_ironborn · 1 pointr/MtF

This is what I use for underarms. It's gentle enough that you can trim literally everywhere with it and not get ingrown hair (at least i don't), so it might work for what you need. It's noisy, though.

edit: I think there is a cheaper version without the back attachment, if you don't want that.

u/Cheaney15 · 2 pointsr/MtF

Austen Hartke’s book is an amazing resource for those that come from a Christian background and are dealing with family that is using religion to hurt.


u/kits119710 · 2 pointsr/MtF

Took 20mg bioidentical progesterone(Oral) at 6 months hrt for a month and got nothing.

Tried again with this stuff(See link) which is about the same strength and got a lot of growth. (Went from a 32 AA to 32 A in about 3 months but then had to stop hrt late march because ffs with Dr Z.

I just restarted hrt 2 weeks ago and no soreness or anything yet. Hoping for more growth. Cmon b cup!


(No other sides although it might make me sleep slightly easier.)

u/AnonymousAurele · 1 pointr/MtF

Change your razor frequently, moisturize, apply orange concealer over stubborn stubble, then Dermablend (if you have lots of stubble), then apply your foundation, then apply powder. Some skip powder, but using it does soften the look.

u/restlessariel · 1 pointr/MtF

Here’s the one I bought, but there are cheaper ones available for as low as 30 dollars. Amazon Link

u/Sophie_Unlimited · 1 pointr/MtF

I do not shave, I use an epilator !

An earlier model of this one "Braun Silk-pil 5 Power 5280 Epilator
I started using the epilator about 10 years ago. The first time was hard on the morale, the pain was almost too much !

Each time I was using it the pain was diminishing. After a few months, the only thing I was feeling, was the pulling of the hair, no pain.

Now, 10 years later, I only need to use it twice a month, it takes about 30 minutes.

Before you start saying that you don't like pain... You can choose some pain those first times with the epilator, or shave every other day... Or hide the legs ! :-)


edit: In summer, when it is a really hot day, just imagine yourself, bare legs, short or mini skirt.... It's so much more comfortable than leggings, and way more feminine !

u/helloworld1989 · 3 pointsr/MtF

I have heard this is well written. But honestly I feel your pain. Sorry for what your going through. It sucks sometimes.

u/quinn_marigold · 3 pointsr/MtF
  • Soften the hairs first by taking a hot shower.
  • Use good shaving cream, not crappy gels or foams.
  • Use a good razor. You know those horribly overpriced things with five blades? Get one of those: More blades generally means less irritation.
  • Use slow, short strokes. Go with the hair if you can.
  • Be patient.

    If all else fails, get a Norelco Bodygroom and use that instead. It won't get as close as a razor, but you can't cut yourself or cause any much irritation unless you're really trying. It's no faster than a razor though and the results are mediocre, so I'd really try to get used to using a razor if you can!