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u/DaIronchef · 2 pointsr/MvC3

I basically roll from forward to down and have kind've trained where the diagonal is to execute. I probably have a 95% hit rate (I've beaten Haggar, Morrigan, and Chris Missions with the analog).

The big thing I like about it compared with the PS3 pad is that you feel an "edge". On the pad if I were to hold a diagonal I can't really tell if I'm holding the forward and down. That being said I have a hard time hitting diagonals on a stick, but it's more the comfort of being able to roll the edge.

This "pad" would seem ideal for people like me. I got to feel one at the store and it's actually an analog stick with switches on the side for precision, so it "clicks" when you hit a direction. While it seems awesome, reviews are that it breaks easy =/ Maybe someday someone will get it right.

u/Olympiq · 3 pointsr/MvC3

I always will recommend the Logitech C92 Webcam best bang for your buck. But as long as the quality of the cam is 720P and can withstand atleast 30 FPS you'll be fine.

Headsets really don't matter, but when I have alot of people over I use my Blue Snowball... You can find one alot cheaper than that shopping around. The Yeti is the best mic I've used but super expensive... If I'm by myself I just use my turtle beaches actually.

As for my computer, I stream from the ASUS ROG Laptop. Don't worry about your specs much as long as you can get some solid RAM memory. (4GB at the absolute lowest). The bandwidth of your internet speed is what you need to worry about the most... The lowest the general public can stream at that's tolerable is about 1100 kb/s. So keep that in mind.

Feel free to ask me anytime.

u/Sevrek · 5 pointsr/MvC3

It's really up to you as far as which one is better, because no one can say for sure that stick>pad or pad>stick. As far as being dual compatible yes you can find sticks that work for PC/XBOX/PS3. Best brands is also another matter of opinion. I paid $120 for my stick and I think it was well worth the price. Most Eightarc sticks are dual compatible, not sure of any other brands that are. Here are some amazon links for some reasonably prices arcade sticks from Madcatz, Hori and Eightarc.

My arcade stick:

Dual Compatible:


u/p0wderedtoastman · 2 pointsr/MvC3

Why not try out a fightpad? You won't have to re-learn how to use your controller, and they are very durable!
Here's one I found after a quick amazon search!

I have had a number of friends use them and like them a lot!

I hope this helps bud. Stick in there! FGs are worth it

u/qqnowqq · 1 pointr/MvC3

lol that stick is pretty bad actually. If you want to commit to using a stick, I'd actually recommend this one. It's not much more expensive and uses much better parts than does the super cheapo hori one. If you get either though, you can always upgrade the parts though. However, as others have stated, there's absolutely nothing wrong with learning the game with a controller instead of an arcade stick. Some people believe that using a stick is more accurate, and it can be, but there are people who learn how to be extremely consistent and precise with their inputs anyway, haha.

u/xRoKiNx · 1 pointr/MvC3

First of all Welcome!. My advice is to start by buying/reading the Ultimate Holy Bible of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. This is a really good way to get into the game. There is a lot of knowledge and tips in here. Of course you can ask here, but i think that every marvel player should had it. :)

u/fragglefraggle · 1 pointr/MvC3

I agree - this is what I'd suggest first and foremost. You should also pick up the bible:

Dated tech but good enough for starter bnbs and it's useful to have the combos on paper. Also includes frame data and general character strengths, weaknesses and strategies to try out.

u/imgoodatthegame · 1 pointr/MvC3

I'd pick up a copy of the bible if you can afford it.

Sure, a lot of this information is scattered throughout online, and some of this info might be dated, but it's still nice to have a tangible guide in your hand that you can flip through and read at your leisure. It really is an S-tier guide.

u/gamerkim28 · 1 pointr/MvC3

The easiest (and probably cheapest) option would be to get the new 360 controller

If you didn't know, the d-pad can actually transforms from the disc into a traditional plus d-pad. Probably your easiest and cheaper option. If you know who Fanatiq is (a pad player of MvC2 fame), he uses this pad when playing MvC3 and said that he loves it.

If all else fails, I suggest you hit up Tech Talk on SRK. I'm sure someone will have an answer for you there.

u/Lemstar · 0 pointsr/MvC3

Best bang for your buck on Amazon is probably this:

The only drawback is that the button layout is a little different from Vewlix layouts, which I believe are used by most other popular sticks these days.

u/thepipesarecall · 2 pointsr/MvC3

I cannot recommend this controller enough. The turbo feature allows for easy button mashing during supers, it's very lightweight, has almost identical ergonomics to a 360 controller, and the bumpers/triggers are both just contoured buttons with very light action required.

Also, for fps, there's a small secondary trigger recessed into the left grip that, when pressed, tightens the sensitivity quite a bit for more precise aiming.

Absolutely love this controller, well worth the money.

u/Slippaz86 · 3 pointsr/MvC3

Other people can say what they use, but for the lower budget ones this is a solid choice:

I know a number of people with it and they've never had any problems. I was having the same issue you were on a 30ms HDTV (which is pretty low for a random TV I didn't buy with latency in mind). The monitor makes a big difference, and besides making things easier for your brain to sort out, it'll eliminate the "lag" excuse and help you identify exactly what happened when you messed up in a competitive setting.

u/webnurv · 1 pointr/MvC3

Would you be buying it for the ps3 or which console?
Because I would personally recommend the hori real arcade stick
its on a deal right now for $99 plus free shipping, real top of the line stick

u/AFinanceQuestion · 2 pointsr/MvC3

there's an app I use for my android; I believe it's on iphone too:
There is another app called frame fighter that does several games but I haven't used it.
I have the Brady guide. Frame data and general mechanics are helpful. Combos and strategy are somewhat outdated and there isn't frame data for shuma or jill.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/MvC3

Get the brady games guide ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

or reference the hyperguidevvvvv

the only bad part about shoryuken is that it doesn't look like they updated it. Just get the guide.

I would also suggest trying to figure out a different team, it may take time to figure it out, but in my view, Hulk is the best one on that team, and that's not good.

You just need to get experience.

u/siegtheheart · 2 pointsr/MvC3

you need this type of controller, but i use my friends broken 360 street fighter 4 arcade stick
you just plug your controller into the adapter and the 360 controller into it.
i have not tried a ps3 controller on it yet but if it matters it will also let you use your 360 controller on your ps3
and i have not experienced any lag in any sort

u/Levitr0n · 3 pointsr/MvC3

Keep in mind the xbox360 requires special chips in their controllers before they can work and this adapter and most others will require you to plug in a wired 360 controller to bypass this. There very well may be other work arounds but this is as simple as it gets other than learning stick and having a dualmod.

u/Darkhadou · 1 pointr/MvC3

And £8.49 for UK buyers.

Get it on the 25th though, so I went ahead and imported from Amazon US for a £20 premium T_T

u/AndyB_516 · 2 pointsr/MvC3

I doubt anyone will be willing to gameshare. If you really want Jill and Shuma you'll have to buy this BRAND NEW and redeem the code.

u/fuzeebear · 2 pointsr/MvC3

This one is $10 cheaper, no sense in OP getting the one that supports 360+One if he only has 360

Although if it was me, I would just get the Hori Fighting Commander for $39

u/SacforCaius · 1 pointr/MvC3

Thanks for the input. Damn those pads are kinda expensive (Canadian Dollar FeelsBadMan), but it seems the general consensus is to avoid the mini pad, so I'll do just that.

Someone below suggest this specific stick. Is this a good enough stick to get me rolling, cause it's significantly cheaper than the Qanba Q4?

u/pointfivenine · 2 pointsr/MvC3

The inline adapters I"ve seen were either had bad latency, or ridiculously expensive. Of course I don't know how to shop around other than amazon, and the local game store is out of them.
EDIT : And that one is sold out, as well. :(

u/THEH0FFMAN · 1 pointr/MvC3

All this content for 13 bucks and you still want a leaked version instead of buying one?

BradyGames gives its Signature Series treatment to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the latest installment in the legendary fighting game franchise by Capcom.
-In-depth Strategy and Analysis for the Entire Cast of Characters, including 12 new characters!
-Tricks and Tactics from Tournament Pros
-Hints and Tips on Using Each Game Feature
-Gigantic Combos for Every Character
-Character Frame Data

Stategy Guide Summarry
-DEVASTATING COMBINATION ATTACKS for every character in the cast, as well as tactics for traps, aerial attacks, and ranged strategies.
-CHARACTER SPECIFIC strategies and TEAM BATTLE tactics designed with the beginner, intermediate, and advanced player in mind.
-CHARACTER sections show official art, bios, stats, damage ratings for all attacks, and frame rate data.