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u/Nazmazh · 2 pointsr/Mydaily3
  • Was just going to have a lazy, take-it-easy day, maybe do a little bit of homework. Until my friend texted me to ask if I was coming to the potluck dinner/silent auction event that our student group was hosting. As this is the adorable sweetheart friend who I have a crush on (despite my best efforts to break it) (I have crushes on many of my female friends, okay? It definitely is a bit of a problem) and she was going to be performing as part of the entertainment tonight, I kinda felt like maybe I should go. So I quickly whipped up a batch of my Rolo cookies (which have more or less become something of a legend within this student group. I don't mean to brag, but I bring these cookies for most events, and I've never had to take any home) and hustled to the place that the event was happening (total time from sitting at computer in pajamas, doing nothing, to having everything ready to go: ~2 hours. Not bad.)
  • The theme of this event is that it's a game meat potluck, so I got to try some interesting stuff. Lots of sausage and such, but I had moose, deer, elk, duck, and bison meat in my meal, and also tried alpaca as part of a "guess the mystery meat" thing.
  • Won a door prize for taking second place on a plant ID contest (although, I did cheat off my crush, who is way more skilled at ID-ing boreal forest plants than I am. And, two of my friends were part of the organizing committee, and fed me a few answers --unprompted, I should add. That totally makes it not cheating, right?). A friend from another class took first place, and my crush ended up with third (okay, I really do feel bad about that bit). We ended up with the same door prize, though, a nice travel mug. I also got into a bidding war in the silent auction for a plant book (which I won for $80). I managed to snipe an autographed copy of a bird ID book too (one of the co-authors is a wildlife prof at our school, who used to host a TV show when I was a kid - as a bonus, he performed his theme song and another song from his show this evening, so that hit me right it the childhood). As a final note, the plant book turned out to be so much more than just a cool book with gorgeous drawings of plants. "The most famous botanical record ever committed to paper: Basilius Besler's complete Book of Plants of 1613 A magnificent pictorial document of the flowers grown in the greatest German garden of its time," (
    So, this is cool for me both as a plant nerd and a history nerd (German history, even). Definitely glad I kept bidding on that one.

    So, yeah, my friend/crush is probably a pretty good influence on me, as today was a pretty awesome day, all told. I'm glad she convinced me to go, instead of sitting at home and doing nothing. Bit of a long write-up today, but I'm glad I have something to actually talk about, instead of wallowing in boredom and depression.

    Song of the Day: Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here:

    Because she did a cover of this song this evening. Seeing her sing and play would be enough of a reason for me to go to a function.
u/CosmosCake · 1 pointr/Mydaily3

Meal planning is so awesome! Good luck maintaining it - we use this to keep track of ours. I like to write things down and when last weeks is done, I use the back to write this weeks grocery list to take with me to the store.

u/zants · 1 pointr/Mydaily3

Razer Naga Hex. I was looking for an MMO mouse and most of them looked overkill with buttons... after using this for a few days, though, I think I would have been just fine on that front. I pick up my mouse a lot, though, so the nub in the middle is really useful (whereas typical MMO mice would have buttons there which would get accidentally pressed a lot).

u/raveofthrones · 2 pointsr/Mydaily3

Raveofthrones to-do list for 08/04/2014: