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u/Rigu7 · 1 pointr/NFLNoobs

This is a good big format book for getting to grips with everything from the simple to the complex:

I'd also recommend picking up Madden 17 on the cheap so you can get a handle on clock management by managing a clock yourself. Sometimes the key to victory is not scoring as quickly as possible.

We're kind of lucky in the UK now in that our national broadcaster has a highlights deal with the NFL and a couple of shows a week where the main presenter acts as the non-expert and the ex-players really go into detail of why big plays turned out the way they did, rather than just showing highlights. There's bound to be plenty of YouTube dissections and that's the kind of thing you want to really appreciate the game.

u/Lazerkatz · 5 pointsr/NFLNoobs

Read one of my favorite books, Take your eye off the ball

This book is amazing. It taught me almost everything when I read the first version. I was so into it I read it in one sitting.

This may be just what you're looking for

u/Phifty2 · 1 pointr/NFLNoobs

I just bought this one. No complaints. Good grip, came fully inflated, smells good.

u/wiz0floyd · 1 pointr/NFLNoobs

Can you order online? They have it on Amazon UK so hopefully you can get it in your country for a good price.