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u/CarlCaliente · 5 pointsr/NFLRoundTable

Kirwan's book is an excellent introduction to the finer details of the game, but for broader strokes about scheme and particularly their history and how they came into fashion I have a pair of other recommendations -

Sports Illustrated's Blood, Sweat & Chalk: The Ultimate Football Playbook: How the Great Coaches Built Today's Game


Chris B Brown's The Essential Smart Football, and really everything on his website

I thoroughly enjoyed both, they were as much entertaining as educational and easy reads. I've been waiting for Brown's new book to come out on the e-readers, and if doesn't soon I'll probably buy a hard copy.

Also a shout out to /r/footballstrategy - there are some smart cats on that sub who are always happy to answer questions

edit: If you're interested in web articles instead also check out Matt Bowen's Football 101 series that he wrote for Bleacher Report (I wish he'd come back, most of his content is behind ESPN's paywall now...), he broke down a lot of broad principles with some nice diagrams

u/lawson04 · 1 pointr/NFLRoundTable

Football's West Coast Offense.. It's a little dated but many teams in the NFL still run a lot of these plays and concepts. And Chris Brown's SmartFootball is an excellent choice.