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u/AnswerAwake · 2 pointsr/NJTech

> The 14th is brand new this year, so I'd take that single one-star review with a huge grain of salt.

Yes you raise a good point. One review is usually not a good metric.

>So it's possible that they botched it up pretty badly and Thomas is rolling in his grave.

Looks like this edition was released in January. I guess we will find out at the end of this semester as more reviews start to roll in.

I was always a fan of the Stewart book to be honest. It was lovely to go through.

A lesser known book Calculus by Larson and Edwards is also a personal favorite. Have you used the Stewart or Larson books?

>I recommend a riot, burning the Pearson HQ to the ground

That is just yet another reason. There are already many reasons to riot Pearson already. :)

u/njitbooks · 1 pointr/NJTech

Selling books for ECE 252, ECE 353, and the notes for ECE 354. All of them are in good condition, and I made sure to not write anything inside. If you're interested in buying a certain book, find the lowest price for a used copy of that book (in good condition) and send it to me and I'll sell it for less, unless someone else is offering to pay me more.

Also giving away this book which I used for HUM 101 two years ago.

u/meattbone · 1 pointr/NJTech

I actually took the class at Rutgers. It was very fun and interesting, but you could probably do all the work on your own (if you're dedicated enough). The textbook we used was Genki 1
The workbook as well

Not all Rutgers classes are on the NJIT schedule builder. Japanese you'll have to find in the Rutgers schedule builder:

Finally, to register for any class at Rutgers, you need to fill out this form and bring it to our registrar:

u/Anton338 · 1 pointr/NJTech

My project was pretty much a smart outlet. (Coincidentally one of my prototypes used the same zigbee communication standard that Samsung now uses.) The difference between these two was that I wanted my device to handle high current as well as non-linear loads without using relays (for increased reliability) so I made use of opto isolated solid state relays, which in the end produced a decent amount of heat that made high current loads challenging lol

Anyway, my team made three fully working prototypes and each one of our failures was a learning experience which is the whole point of the experience.

u/BillyDeCarlo · 1 pointr/NJTech

I wanted to circle back to this thread to let folks know that Vigilante Angels Book I: The Priest is now available in paperback and Kindle ebook (99 cent sale).

Also, if you buy the paperback, you get the Kindle ebook for free. You can find it at

Book II: The Cop is available for preorder at the same link

u/JerseyVan · 12 pointsr/NJTech

This is what i used, it will make you more popular

u/liquor_in_the_front · 2 pointsr/NJTech

he has a thick accent, and very hard to understand and hard of hearing. The course is a tough course BUT he makes it probably the easiest I can think of. He gives you a sheet called SP problems, they are basically what the exams are based off of. The book that I used was this one, . Go to class, as tempting as it is to not go because you don't really learn much by his "lectures", the more he sees you the more he's inclined to help you.

u/Phreakradio · 1 pointr/NJTech

Grow the F*ck Up

Gotta say, it's a real game changer.

u/Relemsis · 1 pointr/NJTech

I'm looking to replace my garbage Razer Blackwidow; what do you think about the Corsair STRAFE with Cherry MX Silent switches?

u/anothertransfer · 1 pointr/NJTech

If you aren't taking Calculus 3 in the future, you can buy the single variable version of the book with MyMathLab access for $150 here. A standalone access code will cost almost as much. Also, this book is smaller and lighter than the full version, and isn't loose leaf like that $230 version in the bookstore.

u/GDS_Official · 7 pointsr/NJTech

$50 million — went to fulfilling an existing city teachers' contract, and another $20 million went to management consultants, each of whom received, in many cases, $1,000 a day.

Here is the much-lauded Harvard study of that $200 M dollars into Newark.

And a very well written book on the subject of Newark schools, Zuckerbot, and Politics... she is vicious against the squandering that happened:

And an analysis from a CUNY PhD.