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u/obviouslyaman · 6 pointsr/NSFWIAMA

Man, I'm sorry, that sucks.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Most women don't get off on penetrative sex alone. Most require oral or manual stimulation as well.
    Remember, lesbians have healthy sex lives without a penis at all.

  • Don't build up sex to be more than it is. It feels great, don't get me wrong. But the cuddling, talking, massage, are just as important, if not more so.

  • Consider hiring a sex worker. For the most part, they don't care how you look, as long as you're clean, respectful, and pay well. That way, you can take as long as you want, and don't have to worry about pleasing her. They will also help you learn how to please a woman.

  • Work out, and lose weight. If your body is otherwise rocking, and you have the rest of your life in order, a lot of women are going to overlook the size of your penis. As a young man, you have a lot of advantages that you don't appreciate now: clear skin, rapid recovery ability, full head of hair. Make use of it! A lot of old men would happily trade their bodies with yours, micropenis or no.

  • It sounds like you suffer from anxiety and depression as well. If you haven't taken MDMA yet, I recommend taking it sometime, so you know what it feels like to not have anxiety and depression. It will also help you to feel self acceptance for your body. I also recommend getting your testosterone checked, if you haven't already. Consider taking supplemental testosterone, especially if you're at the low end of normal. It will help you build muscle and feel more confident.

  • Consider reading this book:

    Right now, you're focused a lot on what you don't have. This book will help you learn how to be content regardless of what you have.
u/LobotomistCircu · 3 pointsr/NSFWIAMA

Nah, I'm very non-judgmental about the stuff we sell, and honestly aside from maybe some of the extremely niche fetish DVDs, we don't have anything that weird. Some of the packaging can be pretty funny, like this ball gag always make me chuckle because it shows two people trying to kiss between a plastic fucking ball, but when you're in a small store for 12 hours a day, you seen't it plenty enough to avoid laughing.

The most time was at my old store, where a guy who I'm like 90% sure was on the spectrum somewhere (winter gloves in the middle of summer, and a compression shirt/shorts) spent around 2 and a half hours staring at one section of one wall. I asked him if he needed help probably a dozen times and he told me no each time. I can't remember what he bought, but he did buy something once I told him we were closing in 15 minutes. At the new store, we have a much bigger DVD stock, so there are a ton of dudes who will come in and browse DVDs for over an hour.

u/misscloud · 4 pointsr/NSFWIAMA

I don't like the term, but I don't particularly get angry about it.

I would be classified as something of a "transgender", but tend to prefer the term genderqueer. In western countries, we have a habit of classifying everything with a binary mindset: 0 or 1, on or off, good or bad, right or wrong, man or woman. But as it turns out (quantum mechanics, quantum computing, etc), the world isn't very binary. There is a middle ground, or a third option. In morality, we call this a grey area. In quantum computing, there are qubits. When it comes to genders, there are "third genders", in the sense that gender is most definitely a spectrum, and different societies and different cultures have a different concept of it.

Because we are so obsessed with classifying everything in either Category A or Category B in the west, trans people insist that they are real women. But, well, they're not, and they never can be. I am not, and I never can be. In ancient Egypt, I would have been considered a sht ("sekhet" not "shit" lol. In ancient Israel, a saris. If I was born in India, I would be considered a hijra or aravani. Brazil, a travesti. In the Philippines or Thailand, a ladyboy. There is even a similar concept in English history.

None of these are considered "female," and the overwhelming majority of them consider themselves to be male. Don't believe me? Go create a dating profile on Brazil Cupid or Filipino Cupid. Sort by men, message the "ladyboys" or "travestis." They all refer to themselves as such, and insist that you're aware of it if you chat with them. They will also often refer to themselves as "a gay," or as "gay." But they consider themselves separate than men. Or read anthropological works on these people.

You can call yourself a trans woman, and I am perfectly okay with that identity. Anyone should be. I'm a trans woman too. But calling me a shemale isn't inaccurate, although I don't particularly like the term. My identity necessarily involves both masculine and feminine traits: female (she), and male. I don't like it because it's a stupid term, mixing "she" (a pronoun) and "male" (a noun) to produce a new noun. Ladyboy is almost better in that sense. Or Girlboy. Or boygirl. Whatever, I'm not a linguist. ;-) But also, of course, shemale has a pornographic connotation. I don't simply oppose the term because it's "offensive." Stupid words don't deserve that amount of authority.

The fight against the term seems to always go hand-in-hand with trans people claiming to be "real women" just like "cisgender women." Trans women are not real women, and never can be. They are a part of a "third sex" spectrum that most of the rest of humanity doesn't seem to be so fucked up about classifying and naming properly. It's really twisted.

u/TragicDonut · 3 pointsr/NSFWIAMA

This is the case.

24 Easy Store 8TB Hard drives. I then shucked them.

Motherboard (Includes LSI SAS3 flashable to passthrough mode for ZFS):


I got 4 of these

170 is online. That 170 TB and another 130 TB is offline and at a different location. I organize the videos by various tags. These include director, actresses, hair color, tattoos, etc. I watch it on a laptop.

u/reddituser2912 · 1 pointr/NSFWIAMA

I had an ex with 36G - suffice to say this outfit had a fair few cumstains on it

u/tawa83 · 2 pointsr/NSFWIAMA

You might consider getting a waterproof/moisture absorbing sex blanket…this one is pricey, there are others.

u/angusprune · 3 pointsr/NSFWIAMA

Do you feel you are missing out on things by not having sex outside of brothels? Are you craving a more traditional relationship or are you content seeing prostitutes?

You should read, if you haven't, "Paying for it" by Chester Brown

u/georgedrunkman · 1 pointr/NSFWIAMA

Do you have one of these?

Have you had any problems with thrush?