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u/atomicbunny · 7 pointsr/NYGiants

These are less about Giants history than they are biographies of each individual...but worth mentioning.

Tom Coughlin - Earn the Right to Win: How Success in Any Field Starts with Superior Preparation

Victor Cruz - Out of the Blue

Mark Herzlich - What It Takes: Fighting For My Life and My Love of the Game

David Tyree - More Than Just The Catch: A true story of courage, hope, and achieving the impossible

u/probigblue · 15 pointsr/NYGiants

Prices will only go up. You will not see anything close to $100 for a nice Sunday afternoon post labor day. People want warm outside games, and if the forecast is anything like a normal tri state Sunday afternoon it should jump each day it gets closer.

FUCK do I love brats and beer and throwing the football at metlife.

PS: If you were thinking of getting yourself a gift, check out this bad boy: perfect for tailgating. I have one and it is just plain awesome.

I'm not a spammer, I just really like my grill. Fuck the Eagles.

u/that_one_buddy · 4 pointsr/NYGiants

Inside the Helmet, by Michael Strahan

It doesn't follow the Giants history as much as it follows Strahan's career as a Giant. However it was an awesome read, and gives you a great inside look at every aspect of being an NFL player. I've read it multiple times and love it even more every time.

u/chief_colonel · 5 pointsr/NYGiants

Tom Coughlin did write a book about his time in football after the 2011 Super Bowl win, which focuses a lot on the Giants and it's a really interesting read*Version*=1&*entries*=0

u/out_of_time · 9 pointsr/NYGiants

Eli Manning: The Making of a Quarterback is not a book that I've read but you might want to. I've heard it's pretty good.

u/yrogerg123 · 2 pointsr/NYGiants

I bought the playoff run DVD's from Amazon for my dad a couple years ago. Full games, pretty awesome. Check it out, those games were epic.

I believe this it:

u/JBurlison92 · 5 pointsr/NYGiants

Eli Manning: The Making is a Quarterback

Really neat insight to how we ended up with the best Giants QB of all time.

u/bwsmg718 · 1 pointr/NYGiants
  1. You can't go over
  2. I'm not sure I'm answering your question because I was a little confused as to what you were asking but regardless of whether or not we sign anyone, if a a player was cut in 2017 you have that dead money hit on your books and it comes off in 2018
  3. Draft signings and any other signing that would account for the top 51 salaries on a team are counted against the salary cap for the given year.
  4. As far as a resource this is your best bet, I haven't bought it yet myself but I am an avid listener to his podcast and a constant viewer of his website.

    Crunching Numbers: An Inside Look At The Salary Cap And Negotiating Player Contracts

    Hope this all helps!
u/devilsyankeesgiants · 1 pointr/NYGiants

I read this one a few years back. Nothing crazy in it, but was an enjoyable little history lesson about the Tuna era

u/TheJollyVereenGiant · 2 pointsr/NYGiants

Don't listen to that other bdsm guy. Hes a renowned asshole.

I'd say start with the simple stuff. Scour the teams wikipedia page, read some books or articles about team history. Training camp is coming up soon, so there will be plenty of articles written and podcasts put out on the teams progress and upcoming season.

I suggest searching for the podcast Big Blue Kickoff Live. Its an almost daily pod that focuses exclusively on the Gmen.

I recently read this book. It was a nice read about the team's first two superbowl runs (in 86 and 90). Def check it out when you have a chance.

u/jshanley16 · 6 pointsr/NYGiants

I got my dad this book and he loved it. Touches on various historical pieces about the Giants

u/SuperBawang · 3 pointsr/NYGiants

full games on DVD

It even includes the Week 17 loss to the Patriots, which we played admirably and served as a prelude of things to come.

u/ThatSteveGuy33 · 2 pointsr/NYGiants

I read the following book about Wellington Mara while I was on vacation over a decade ago and highly recommend it.


u/3rdAnnual · 2 pointsr/NYGiants

u/VenConmigo · 3 pointsr/NYGiants

Out of the Blue by Victor Cruz One of the few books I've actually read cover to cover. A lot of insight into the details of his life prior this breakout season.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/NYGiants

I really, really, really hate that guy. What he did was so much worse than people realize. I wear the negative karma I accrue explaining his crime as a badge of honor. The good news is that [almost all the surviving dogs have been rehabilitated] (

Every time we play him I feel like our DL is playing for his victims.

u/rob132 · 3 pointsr/NYGiants

Get one of these:

And one of these:

If you live in an area that's too far from the antenna, you can get 2-14 from your cable provider for $10 per month (that's what I do. I got all the channels with my antenna expect for FOX)

Sign up for the DVR service for $5 per month, and you're all set.

Oh, I forgot the hardest part.

During the giants game, you have to cut yourself off from the rest of the world. No cell phones, no social media. A glimpse of the score ruins everything.