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u/Jangular · 1 pointr/Nerf

Ok, apologies for the length of this post, but I want to give you multiple options and reasons for them.

Loadout 1 - Flywheels

Rapidstrike Holiday Bundle - Normally I would recommend a stryfe as a starter blaster over this, because the rapidstrike usually needs some level of modding to reach it's potential, but since the holiday bundle comes with 2 18 clips rather than 1, I feel that since you're essentially getting the rapidstrike and 2 clips for the same cost as a stryfe and 2 18 clips then it warrants looking at. Should you prefer the smaller form of the stryfe and the semi auto rather than full auto, then you can get that and 2 more of the 18 dart clips linked below from amazon.

Hammershot - If you want a secondary, this is the way to go in my opinion, since you can use it with one hand and it just is a great platform.

$60~ Shipped

Nmag Clip Holder - These clip holders are fantastic and not super bulky, giving you quick and easy access to your clips while wearing a belt. Certainly an investment, but a worthwhile one.

Belt Loop Adapters - Same as the clip holders, but for your hammershot.

Belt Loop Adapters - These are to use your clip and hammershot holders on your belt, meaning you don't need to buy a molle platform. Choose size according to belt width.

$70~ Shipped

[Extra Clip](
) - Having extra clips is near essential to avoid having to constantly stop and reload your clip. Since the Holida Rapidstrike comes with 2, another clip on top of that puts you at 3 which is a decent start.

$11~ Shipped

Koosh Darts - These are the go to darts for affordable and effective darts. They're more accurate than elite streamlines, but you might encounter some that have quality issues. Overall the price and accuracy is worth the occasional bad dart.

$20~ Shipped

Total - $161~
I know that's a little over what you listed, if you needed to be firm on the $150, you could drop the hammershot and holster, pick up another clip and a single clip holder from Narrowbase and I think that should be closer to the $150 mark.

Loadout 2 - Springer

Rampage - The rampage is a good springer platform to start with, and the extra ammo capacity is always a plus.

[Extra Clip](
) - Same reasons as loadout 1 except buying 2 this time rather than one.


Blastersmiths UK

MkI Battle Belt - This is in my opinion a good molle platform since it has built in clip holders, with molle space you can build on. Also since it isn't a full vest it isn't as bulky or restrictive.

Large Dump Pouch - Something that I wasn't able to squeeze into the other loadout, and was less necessary because the NMAGS can serve as a storage for used clips as well. Basically this just gives you a place to quickly drop used clips when switching out. This is more necessary for this loadout because you have the drum that comes with the rampage you need somewhere to drop.

Molle Attachment Bars - These are used to attach your dump pouch to your battle belt or molle platform of choice.


Koosh Darts - Same as the first loadout.


Total - $147~

This loadout has some different gear than the first because I wanted you to see two different ways you could go with a loadout, so don't be afraid to take aspects from one to apply to the other, it's all about finding what works for you, this is just what I would go with if I had that kind of budget, because I feel like having good gear is just as important as a good blaster, because having reliable and quick or easy access to your clips is important in games, especially HvZ, which I have no idea if that's something you intend to play or not. Anyways, I hope this gives you a good starting point! If you have any questions on why I picked certain things, let me know!

u/dangman4ever · 3 pointsr/Nerf

Get both as both have advantages over the other that balances each other out:

The Mediator is easier and faster to use out of the box IMO since it already has a pump grip already. It's just as easy to upgrade the spring in the Mediator as it is with the Recon Mk2. However, the main con against the Mediator is that it's not left-hander friendly, some people may find the ergonomics a bit off (i.e the short travel of the pump grip isn't to everyone's liking and can throw people off), and the side magwell may be an issue for indoor or heavily cover areas.

The Recon Mk2's chief advantage over the Mediator is that if you wait and monitor this link long enough, you can get the Recon Mk2 for like $5 to $8 easily:

You can then use the remaining $10 to $12 that you would spent on the full Recon Mk2 setup on larger 3rd party magazines off NFStrike or eBay and items you need to create a PVC pump grip like the one you see in Beret's video here:

IMO, the Recon Mk2 + custom pump grip is more ergonomically friendly than the Mediator. The front barrel and the stock on the normal full Recon Mk2 kit are just plain useless so really not worth spending money on them.

But yeah, get both as variety in blasters is a good thing to have in general. Not one blaster is to everyone's taste. In fact, speaking of variety, in addition to the Recon Mk2 and the Mediator, get the Buzz Bee Air Warriors Interceptor and the Snipe:

The Buzz Bee Interceptor already has a very ergonomic pump grip, can take K26 spring for super performance increase, and its out of the box performance is a bit higher than the Recon Mk2 and Mediator. The Inteceptor shoots at an average velocity of 77FPS whereas the both the Recon Mk2 and Mediator shoots at an average velocity of 65FPS. The main con against the Interceptor (they fixed the Magwell issue apparently) is that small grip and short stock. But that can be fixed:

Why the Snipe? Because it's a really really fun blaster to play with. The whole bolt action sequence on the Snipe is just utterly fun to play with. Combined with the overall look, it does bring out the inner "I'm a snipah!!" feel. At the end of the day, Nerf isn't just about performance or a massive arms race. It's about fun too and roleplaying or acting your inner sniper is part of that fun. With that said, the Snipe actually has the better out of the box performance since it can shoot at an average velocity of 85FPS. It can also take a K26 spring upgrade as well.

u/Megashockman · 10 pointsr/Nerf

Or any other compact semi-automatic clip-system blasters:

Stryfe - Go-to for a lot of people, customizable (barrel extension point, stock attachment point and 2 tactical rails), relatively cheap, but only includes a 6 dart magazine.

Rebelle Rapid Red - Girly but has a smooth shell that's good for paint jobs, includes a 12 dart magazine, and is frequently less than $20 on Amazon (from what I've seen), but only has a single tactical rail.

Demolisher - Has a missile launcher, customizable (barrel extension point, stock attachment point and 2 tactical rails), comes with 10 dart magazine and stock attachment, but is more expensive.

Desolator - Right side is clear orange (left side isn't though), comes with a 10 dart magazine, but is Target exclusive, slighly more expensive, and doesn't have barrel or stock attachment points.

There are a few more but I don't think that they're good options for certain reasons:

Hail-Fire - Has higher capacity but to rotate between magazines you need to use your other hand, high capacities make the blaster heavier, it's fatter than any of the other options (can't be holstered at all) & it's more expensive. If you like the idea of it, and think it will work for your loadout, then you should consider it though.

Modulus ECS-10 - Bigger than other options & more expensive.

Rayven - People like it, but it's rare/expensive (it can cost over $50 used) so it might not be in your price range. Plus 1-handed reloading is more difficult.

Cam ECS-12 - Expensive, bigger than other options, and has nearly useless camera

Captain Cassian Andor Eadu blaster - Overpriced & bigger than other options

u/foam_data · 4 pointsr/Nerf

I budget for a minimum of 24 darts per player. I would buy some Koosh or Voberry darts, but delivery time is now against you.

My group has developed to the extent that every player needs at least 50 each, some pack 100+ darts a game. With wear and tear that gets expensive if you use Elites. Thank god for aftermarket darts!

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DONT BUY THE SOLID HEAD FVJ'S they are barred at all my games as they can leave bruises. Everyone should wear safety spec, whatever dart you use.

Voberry Link

BW12 Koosh link, now with better tip glue

u/puncstrad · 5 pointsr/Nerf

Boomco M6/Farshot/Plasma Pistol. $5 to $10 dollars per, plus $12 for enough K26 to fill 15 of them. May take some time and patience to get used to modding them, but despite the annoyingly sturdy construction they can definitely be modded without severe aesthetic damage. u/DukeWintermaul has a very detailed but long youtube video describing the spring replacement process if you need help.


The pistol shows those new to Nerf the potential of superstock mods, and teaches them to value every dart and lead their shots, which I believe is far more important than mindlessly spraying. It'll make them more capable and athletic players, since many (dare I say most) casual Nerfers don't mod anyway.


^(Not as good of an idea if you play with mostly children or teens, though. The priming weight of a modded Farshot variant is quite heavy, and can hurt your hands, which is why some opt to add a pull bar or ring to the end of the plunger rod)

u/ZeroMercuri · 7 pointsr/Nerf

>Are 12 round mags easier to find?


>Are they particularly cheaper


>does the 6 extra dart capacity not justify the extra cost?


>Are they particularly less bulky?

YES! Especially if you have a dropleg holster with a Stryfe, the 12 round is WAAAAY less awkward.

>Do they perform better?


>I've heard that 12 rounds fit into AR mag pouches pretty easily


>Am I just making the situation up in my head, and 18 round mags are just superior and used more often?

I'm pretty sure this is the case. People tend to use 18s for their price/capacity/availability. Some people with infinite amounts of money exclusively use P-Mags for their style (and they hold almost as many darts). And others use the 22 round Worker mags for their extra 4 darts. But I still say the 18 round mags are the most common.

u/BlasterLabs · 1 pointr/Nerf

To my knowledge, that's not correct. To clarify:

  • F2A wasn't the only group at Toy Fair. :) Not that it matters, but we were actually meeting with Hasbro before Vas, and posting images before him or anyone else (so many sites used our images we had to start watermarking them). The point is that we know what was there, and the XD products were limited to the Demolisher and Nerf Cam. No others had been announced.
  • To that end, the Stryfe shown at Toy Fair was unlabeled, and in all likelihood was just the "Orange Julius" Stryfe that has been for sale since last December. Several other recolors like the Rough Cut 2x4 were also shown, but again, the "XD" was not mentioned.
  • It was not know that all Elite blasters going forward would have XD ranges, until we broke the news right here.

    Having said all that, it's entirely possible someone else mentioned the XD version of the Stryfe before this post or even before the post. But saying we've all known about it since Toy Fair isn't accurate.
u/Zombona · 5 pointsr/Nerf

My primary loadout is BOOMco based and used in HVZ. It's always been going through an evolution of sorts so this is the latest iteration. I use this loadout during long games even if it slows me down a little.

  • The Twisted Madness This blaster needs no secondary as jams are not an issue and I have a front gun for taking well placed shots.

  • This chest rig This was the latest change and with this rig I can carry four 40rd clips and keep spare darts on hand very easily.

  • I carry five 40rd clips and a slew of spare darts for topping off clips or refilling the front gun.

  • The air tank for this blaster is in a seperate generic backpack. I keep a tire pump in my car if I need to fill the tank back up. It has a shot capacity of 700 shots and has never run out so far.

    My accuracy loadout or the one I primarily play in skirmishes or if I have a squad I can really count on. When I don't want to miss my targets I run this loadout. It also much lighter than my main loadout so I can stay on my feet longer and move much faster. This loadout has an engagement range that is about 20-30 feet greater than my main loadout but doesn't have the same RoF. This is the funnest loadout I have.

  • My primary is a double springed Breakflip using modified 20rd mags. I keep this blaster on hand but isn't what I use most often.

  • My secondary is cut down double springed Halo M6. This 100fps blaster shoots lasers and is the first blaster I start an engagement. I shoot this one first when the target is in the 40-60 foot range. It's usually a 50/50 shot. If I miss then I grab my primary and the real fire fight begins.

  • This chest rig I use this chest rig as well because it holds BOOMco clips so well. I can carry three modified 20rd clips, one unmodified 40rd clip, and a slew of spare darts to keep the DS-M6 firing for days.

  • I run with four modified 20rd clips so they have just a little bit more punch and distance, and one 40 rd clip. I break out the 40 if I anticipate a substantial number of shots are going to be used and range won't be as important.

    If I want to run Nerf I make sure I bring the firepower. None of my BOOMco loadouts can bring the heat that this one can. This loadout is also very light as the rig I use is very minimalist and the blasters are compact.

  • Primary is my OJ Stryfe. 180-3240 motors running on a 2s lipo. Fully rewired of course. Made to look as stock as possible. I have expanded the jam door to allow for loading while the clip is in. This blaster has great RoF and FPS which is why it has more heat than either of my other primaries. It is the bridge between the two.

  • Secondary is a OMW kit Firestrike that has been rewired to use real LEDs and provide useable light.

  • This chest rig. I can carry six 18rd mags very easily in this rig and it is not very cumbersome.

  • I run seven 18rd mags and keep more darts in a dump pouch to keep myself topped off as well as quickly pick up darts.
u/murse_joe · 4 pointsr/Nerf

I'd say buy a Nerf Hammershot It's pretty easy, it's a five shot revolver. It's got a hammer to cock instead of a slide, so you can prime and fire it one handed. Easy to still have a drink or hold on to something, or you can dual wield. It's pretty cheap, takes most any dart, and is a lot of fun to cock like a revolver.

There's also the Strongarm and the Disruptor. They're both six shot revolves, slide primed so harder to dual wield but they're solid and you won't have any problems running them, and they take pretty much any dart. If you ever played with a Maverick when you were younger, they're basically the modern equivalents.

EDIT: the Hammershot is actually on sale on Amazon. You can also grab them cheap at Walmart or Target.

u/Fireproofjeans · 2 pointsr/Nerf

/u/Mistr_MADness has the right of it. For under half price you can get the basic blaster.

Unless you're sub 5' tall, the stock that comes with the full price version isn't going to function well as a stock. The worker one he recommended is fantastic, I have the black version.

As for how well that blaster stacks up, it's going to depend on your intention. Are you just plinking around the house? This'll be great at that. Are you planning on going to HvZ or some kind of Nerf war? if so, you're either going to want to invest in some spare magazines or look at a turreted blaster, as those are easy to reload on the run.

The recon has excellent potential for modding though! If you happen to come across an original barrel extension you can convert the pistol into a pump-grip rifle, which makes it far easier to prime after you mod it for maximum power!

u/ben827 · 4 pointsr/Nerf

The Longstrike? Was it a thrift item?

If you're not planning on modding it, you're gonna have a bad time. The Longstrike has a pretty bad reputation around here.

Since you're kinda new, I'd strongly recommend you get this blaster. Again pricing varies, so the waiting game is the best way to go.

Here's another excellent beginner's blaster, they sell for $20 at Target, but this Amazon link is for convenience. I'd also check out eBay.

Around here, we really like this blaster..

Maybe those links will also help you.

Edit: Did I mention the Stryfe comes with a 6 dart clip? So that would have you covered on multiple levels if you're interested. As others have said, 12, 18, 25, and 35 clips/drums also work with your blaster. So anything you can find that says "clip" or "drum" is okay to use as long as it uses darts. Disc clips are not compatible with this blaster, nor are disc drums.

u/Kuryaka · 1 pointr/Nerf

Iron sights with stock blasters are kind of unreliable just because the standard Elite darts aren't very good. Stock blaster accuracy depends more on the dart than the blaster.

The Accustrike line has heavier darts that are more accurate, but they will reduce your ranges slightly. A quick search for waffle tip Nerf darts on Amazon or Adventure Force waffle darts gets you a TON of darts at similar quality to Accustrike for a lot cheaper.

If you like the Disruptor, get it. It has better performance (slightly more power) than the Falconfire. People saying the Falconfire is more accurate might be seeing an improvement in accuracy because of the better darts and the fact that you just don't have as much range.

u/Daehder · 5 pointsr/Nerf

These kind of darts. Notice how they've got cavities formed between the ridges, kinda like a waffle? It's tenuous, but it's catchy and easy to remember, so it stuck.

Do note, those were found with a quick Amazon search; while the price is not bad (and much better than official Hasbro darts), you can find even cheaper darts that should still work just as well.

u/Yowomboo · 6 pointsr/Nerf

If the budget is super tight there's also a 100 pack. Though I'd really recommend the the 200 pack, more darts is always better.

These darts also have a nice squishy tip.

u/Lordsquiggles7 · 5 pointsr/Nerf

Here's an easy [mod kit] (, yet this is more of an [immortal kit] ( although get it when it's back in stock online at its usual $20 or in stores if you can find it.

Jokes aside, there's really no point in making springer blasters into flywheel when you can just get a flywheel blaster. If there's still hope left in you, know that the area in front of the mkII barrel isn't long enough to fit a full sized flywheel cage without jutting forward.

But anyway, to answer your question, yes. integrate a flywheel cage and a Stryfe style pusher into your internals. You can still buy the above blasters mentioned and use the their parts, though you are scrapping some decent blasters.

u/Intedinator · 1 pointr/Nerf

The easiest mod is the Nerf Rival rechargeable NiMH battery pack, as others have already said. It makes a noticeable difference, and, IMO, takes most Rival flywheelers from adequate to fun.

Nerf Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack

LordDraconial has a nice mod guide at:

Or go a little crazy, like I did, with a 2-stage 3S LiPo MassKhaos:

Or perhaps IAmBobololo’s Khaos Pistol:

Almost forgot this beast:

u/ScarSent77 · 5 pointsr/Nerf

Headshot ammo. Very good manufacturing quality, terrific value for money, and you get a free dump pouch.

u/nevets01 · 1 pointr/Nerf

I know you say 'no batteries'
But what do you want doing all the work? Your arm, or an electric battery?
Boiler League of Tag has a 160 FPS cap, so much of the high-FPS springer (Caliburn etc.) realm is out, and they also disallow shortened darts, much to my chagrin.
At the end of the day, for you I'd recommend a Dart Zone Quantum, despite your aversion to batteries, because it's rapid-fire, high capacity, and ridiculously easy to reload (open top cover, dump balls in the hopper, close top cover), and the $50 price point is fair.
As for the batteries, you can use Nerf's rechargable battery pack to make it considerably lighter, and, well, it's rechargeable.
It also presents a clear upgrade path (rewire for LiPo) if you decide you really do like this sort of thing.

u/Gildan_Bladeborn · 1 pointr/Nerf

Good news - a quick search confirms that the "Adventure Force" Accelerator (ie, the Dart Zone Accelerator rebranded as Adventure Force because Dart Zone makes those for Walmart) is not only cross-compatible with Rival rounds/magazines (which I already knew given their whole Ballistic Ops line advertises that), but it's also compatible with the Nerf rechargeable battery pack (unlike the Zeus, which this is essentially their take on), so you can indeed buy that and ditch the heavy C batteries. I highly recommend it, that thing is so light it doesn't even feel like it's a battery (particularly compared to the tray loaded with C or D batteries).

>I think it may shoot softer than my spring Rival

Flywheel Rival or equivalents tend to shoot a bit slower than the spring-powered ones do, at least out of the box pre-mods, so that's probably the case. You do get a bit of a performance boost switching to the rechargeable pack though (it's only a couple of FPS or so, the real benefit is the faster rev-up time and of course long-term cost savings).


u/donutcat_cables · 1 pointr/Nerf

Has a tank roughly the size of a Titan and uses a very efficient backpressure valve resulting in massive power. Just glue an adapter on there and it's ready for darts, hir, rockets, pens, pencils, and other fun stuff.

u/jaxmeh · 0 pointsr/Nerf

Pacific Northwest. Personally, I've had trouble finding it at hobby/craft stores, but I've seen it in two different Ace Hardwares. Your best bet would be to just check any hardware stores or hobby stores near you, or any other place that seems like it might carry stuff like that. If all else fails, you can buy it online:

u/RustyX · 1 pointr/Nerf

No ACE near me, but you can get it shipped from Amazon for a little bit more:

Sellers / prices vary. Last I ordered, there was a 3 pack that was the best deal, but currently it's $5.62-$6.32 for a single 12" tube depending on if you want prime shipping or can wait longer.

u/sp00kymemes · 7 pointsr/Nerf

Hammershot -$15US on amazon.

Elite Spectre -$50US on amazon.

About 1/5 of the price of this haul.

Amazon is love, Amazon is life.

u/greyflcn · 1 pointr/Nerf

I'd say don't stress the business part. Lipo chargers cost too much. And Nerf veterans won't buy IMR setups.

At best you're only going to get $10 to $30 profit per blaster.

More likely you're going to lose money on it.

That said, Stryfes are cheaper, and they are functionally identical.

Heck, if you are looking for simplicity and profit I'd suggest modding Rapid Reds for IMR. They are only $13 on Amazon, come with a 12 clip and are in dire need of a paintjob.

Add in a pack of 4 black Yamix 12 clips, and you've got a somewhat competent setup.

u/reemul01 · 1 pointr/Nerf

The Nerf Rapid Red is going for pretty cheap on Amazon right now, currently showing at $14.92. It's the Rebelle (supposedly girl friendly line) reskin of the Stryfe and more or less identical under the shell. Most internal modifications available for the Stryfe will work as is, external modifications need to be adapted to the different shell.

u/rampage998 · 2 pointsr/Nerf

This is the vest I use: I'm not sure if this is the one 'Sir Petals' uses, but I really like it and would recommend it!

u/Goggalor · 1 pointr/Nerf

Are you letting the motors spin up all the way before firing?

Generally the people that can fire their Stryfes very quickly have done modifications to give the blaster a lot more torque, things like motor swaps and voltage mods.. those things don't really belong in a 4 year old's blaster. :P Seconding what /u/foam_data was saying, you should take out that skirt and the unnecessary locks.

If that doesn't sound like something you want to do, you could swap to less complicated blasters- springers like the Roughcut, or Triad would be great for a 4 y/o. There are decent non-Nerf offerings, as well.

u/Mickey-the-Luxray · 1 pointr/Nerf

Solid choices, although are you planning on buying the official Elite darts? I think Voberry Darts would allow you to provide your kid with many more darts for a longer time. The fact that they're slightly larger than Elites allows them to be used without wearing down for a longer period of time. They won't need to be replaced as often as a result.

Although, there are two kinks in the Voberry darts; one is that the shipping protection is often inadequate, resulting in crushed (and thereby useless) darts. The other is that every once in a while, a dart will have a completely solid head. They must be thrown out as well.

Despite those problems, the Voberry darts are still a better value for the money than official Elites, especially since your kid isn't attending hardcore wars and likely won't be going through darts too quickly. And even if he does, $5 isn't too much to spare for 50 extra. C:

u/darth-diglett · 2 pointsr/Nerf

I'd go with Headshot rounds. They come in many different colors and they've always had a good reputation. They're pretty cheap, too.

u/iCANhazRECON · 6 pointsr/Nerf

>For Rival Ammo
>For Mega Ammo
>For Vortex Ammo
>For AccuStrike Ammo
>For Clips
>For Attachments
>For the cheapest darts i could find
>For Base Recon Mk 2 because at the time of posting this its $4.38

There are a few other things I should fix about this post, but I won't because I've already just fixed your formatting for free

u/dkdavid721 · 2 pointsr/Nerf

my opinion is don't bother with drums. Amazon sells 18 round stick mags for $12 and it comes with 18 darts. Stick mags take up less space so they are easier to carry than drums and you can tape them together if you wan't fast reloads. Also if you run an hvz rig with pouches you can fit stick mags in them. Can't do that with drums.

u/voyanex · 5 pointsr/Nerf

I'll take a Hammershot too. Free shipping (with Prime), capacity for an extra dart, and easy to mod too. Here's a link

u/SocksofGranduer · 7 pointsr/Nerf

Haha. You mean voberry :P

Every time someone says 'vodberry' I think "... and the snazberries taste like snazberries!"

u/flibby404 · 5 pointsr/Nerf





of course there are other brands and sellers, but these ones look good.

u/Duke_Wintermaul · 0 pointsr/Nerf

I've said it before, and now I'm saying it again.

This rig is by far the cheapest and most reliable piece of equipment every nerfer needs to have. The vest sits snugly over your shirt, the rear is completely adjustable to accommodate bloated and shriveled alike. The three front pouches will hold six eighteen round clips with ease, but the rig can be pushed to carry twelve eighteen round clips for max capacity.

Although slightly uncomfortable when laden down with 216 darts, the easy front access is a life saver. With a little practice, I can reload my Stryfe without ever touching the clip.

Do yourselves a favour and buy this rig.

u/FC-TWEAK · 1 pointr/Nerf

I highly recommend picking up the Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack. Much, much better performance than using alkaline batteries.

u/SearingPhoenix · 1 pointr/Nerf

Ooh, let us know how well this handles once you get it locked down.

I don't think it's quite as slim as something like an AK Chest Rig But it looks like if you could get two on your hips, or 1-2 on some sort of backpack rig it could be a worthwhile addition.

u/w0lfbiker · 5 pointsr/Nerf

By no means. Nerf Elite darts are pretty horrible. The official Accustrikes are solid, but way too expensive. So LighTake and others sell knockoffs, often referred to as "[Accufakes.] ("

Also superior to elite darts are waffleheads.

u/roguellama_420 · 5 pointsr/Nerf

For $30, you can buy some pretty good options for one, but not for two. You’d be limited to something like two Strongarms . If you can go up to $40, you can get two Superdrums .

u/Virisenox_ · 2 pointsr/Nerf

Strongarm, Disruptor, or Hammershot: Great cheap pistols. Not great for modding though.
Retaliator: A basic mag-fed rifle with that's been modded by a lot of people.
Stryfe: Semi-auto battery powered mag fed flywheel blaster. Not great stock, but it has a huge modding community.
Stratohawk: Full auto flywheel blaster. Comes with a 25 round drum. Very usable out of the box.

u/tokydre · 1 pointr/Nerf

K & S Engineering #140 17/32x12 Round Brass Tube
Free with prime , 6usd

u/Lecic · 1 pointr/Nerf

Double-X also comes in glow-in-the-dark white from "EKIND." Alternative to Glowberries?
The main link for red Men-Gun darts is currently out of stock. This one still has 3 in stock. Can you add it as a second link for those?
Thanks for maintaining this thing for the community.

u/Maniacal_Coyote · -1 pointsr/Nerf

Get a pair of Stryfes. They're good, cheap, and easy for any rug rat to use. They don't even have to worry about which way they load the darts in!

u/WhoKnowsWho2 · 1 pointr/Nerf

They are a generic elite dart from China.

I haven't seen any undersized reports from them. But there are mislabeled ones that have hard rubber tips. And the glue can leave something to be desired like Koosh.

u/ChiefNerf · 3 pointsr/Nerf

Where are you located? You can amazon prime ekind waffle head darts in the US or ray squad. You should also be able to get the green adventure force waffle heads for around 10$ for 200 at Walmart.

Amazon Ekind Waffle

Adventure Force Walmart

u/daggazine · 3 pointsr/Nerf

Ekind has 2 different style darts. One of the styles is basically an elite dart and the other are "waffle" tipped

The waffle darts seem to be popular right now.

u/SimpleNerf · 3 pointsr/Nerf

A lot of people have recently taken a liking to the [NcStar AK Chest Rig.] ( It holds up to 6 mags, and the cheapest I've seen it is around 16$ new on eBay.

u/CommanderCooper · 0 pointsr/Nerf

Who's selling it, then? I was under the impression that Amazon had to be directly involved for it to be eligible for Prime shipping.

u/majikmonkie · 1 pointr/Nerf

> I haven't been able to find it in any stores here in Canada.

Clearly you didn't read that fully, or don't understand the difference between shopping and currency in the US and Canada... We typically have a more limited selection of things, and not everyone ships here, and when they do we pay more taxes and import fees to get it across the border.

The only two offered through (Canadian site) are: $59.96 CAD and $54.00 CAD before taxes (13%), and neither can deliver before Christmas.

The only one through (US site) who ships to Canada is this one, and after shipping and import fees to get here in time for Christmas it will be $45.85 USD, or $63.24 CAD. Even with regular 8-16 day shipping it's $27.59 USD ($38.05 CAD) and that won't be here until well after the new year.

u/jjb224 · 3 pointsr/Nerf

Alot of people have been using this lately it fits 12 round clips and 18 round clips the side pockets can fit anyside arm up to a cycloneshock.

u/Backfjre · 1 pointr/Nerf

If you decide Voberry then these Voberry darts are what I bought and they're pretty solid.

The big 2 to look into are Voberry and Koosh.
It's tough finding info because a lot of things are actually outdated, so I'll try to give a quick summary.

Koosh has 2 specific sellers to use on eBay, BeautifulWomen2012 and Yutoys. BW2012 had issues with tips falling off, but recently acknowledged the issue and made improvements with "Improved Adhesive" listings. Yutoys often had less issues with tips falling off, but still some problems. With Koosh, the difference between these 2 buyers is small, and if you don't mind regluing tips they're a solid choice. Koosh originally had issues in springers but other posters here claim that's also a thing of the past. As far as I know, Koosh is more accurate and consistent than standard elite.

Voberry you can find on Amazon, and I recommend only buying from the Voberry market connected to that link. There are a few different sellers (JLTech1 and CXB1983 I've purchased from) but I've noticed no difference between them. Voberry has no manufacturing issues, but I noticed a slight drop in range in flywheels. These darts are the same accuracy as standard elites.

u/Mistr_MADness · 9 pointsr/Nerf

> Would this be a good first Nerf gun? is it powerful? and is it accurate?

I mean, it hits the standard 60/70 fps, nothing special. It's about as accurate as any other Nerf blaster, which isn't saying much. The 'custom stock' kinda sucks, I recommend you get one of these instead. If you really want to get one, go ahead, but you should really just get the blaster without any Nerf accesories and buy aftermarket accessories.

u/Jeroscope · 1 pointr/Nerf

Meishel's will be very easy on them. I run mine at 43mm. Oddly enough, I was backwards. I used a Meishel for my pusher and Fangs for the flywheels. The Meishel puts out a fire rate similar to Soldier 76's pulse rifle in Overwatch which was EXACTLY what I wanted.

u/ahalekelly · 1 pointr/Nerf

The Recon MK II is on sale right now on Amazon for $4.53, though that doesn't come with any magazines or accessories.

u/bioreactor · 2 pointsr/Nerf

This is the page I ordered from but it only billed me something like 15.60 for the order of 2, not sure if it was a limited deal or what

u/Agire · 6 pointsr/Nerf

Amazon, if you just want to keep performance stock then a 7.2v NiMH battery pack and a connector will do (that's all the rival pack is at the end of the day).

u/Colorblind22 · 2 pointsr/Nerf

Like the guy said, these. They shoot more accurately than the official darts, and they're cheaper.

u/lordcanyon1 · 3 pointsr/Nerf

This is what someone suggested and i believe i'll buy it later.
(sorry seems your UK, maybe you can find similar.)

u/DFSniper · 2 pointsr/Nerf
u/ilbandguy · 5 pointsr/Nerf

Little Valentine(Soft Tip) 200-Dart Refill Pack for Nerf N-strike Elite

u/morpheus1229 · 9 pointsr/Nerf

>darts are EKIND's new ones, found here:


u/RazgrizInferno · 11 pointsr/Nerf

Long story short - accuracy in Nerf has very little to do with the gun and is mostly determined by the darts. Get yourself some of these and an N-Strike Elite blaster of your choosing and you'll get close.

u/Limited_Infinities · 5 pointsr/Nerf

[These] ( are just as accurate and have more range and initial velocity.

u/wherever_whatever · 7 pointsr/Nerf

>$12.15 + $12.13 shipping



u/chronacolyte · 1 pointr/Nerf

I would put my vote down for dual wielding Triads: 2x $7, tie a string between the priming handles, congrats you can now fire six darts in less than two seconds, no batteries required and reloads faster than anything mag-fed. It's also a crowd-pleaser--the combo is so simple but always gets the most attention.

u/thepuma89 · 3 pointsr/Nerf

Is this what you are talking about? When you say air holes do you mean take off the orange part that is at the front but do not remove the grey.

u/hacktek · 1 pointr/Nerf

Tested some more and headshot ammo is just awful. Even sticking the finger into the magazine the balls just simply get stuck coming back up. It does look like they're just too big for the tube so they don't come out smoothly and I swear to god that over 50% squish/jam/get stuck coming out the barrel. I'll test them out in a Helios that's coming in the mail soon but this is so frustrating that this blaster is basically unusable with these. This is the bag I bought:

u/richardjgrayson · 1 pointr/Nerf

The requirement is to use the Modulus and have it be semi-automatic. The idea is for it to be able to detect a color and shoot a single dart at it.

u/Thingymrbob · 3 pointsr/Nerf

Most people in the NIC refer to it as a "Cobra" drain blaster, because that's what the original was called, but it's being sold under different names now. Here is the one pictured. I also have this and can attest to its insane power.

u/ZeroBladeNL · 1 pointr/Nerf

Had to look for a bit, but this is them

Box says bio degradable on the side, but since I didn't buy em, I have no more info than that