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u/Supertranquilo · 1 pointr/NerfExchange

I realize this isn't vintage nerf, but these have the benefit of availability and they work great. These work exactly as you describe the ones you used to have.

Good luck with your search!

u/Kamerick_ · 1 pointr/NerfExchange

E-kind waffle darts are good too! No one mentions them but they work better in blasters like the infinus than adventure darts for me

EKIND 200 Pcs 7.2cm TPR Waffles Soft Head Darts Refill Foam Bullet compatible with Nerf N-strike Elite AccuStrike Guns(Blue)

u/BigBertha249 · 1 pointr/NerfExchange

If you just want a sword I'd go with this
I painted mine black over the green, it looks good and feels great to hold and swing

u/themikewill · 1 pointr/NerfExchange

I prefer to help the little guy but I think you're going to have a hard time selling with the $20+ shipping price tag.

On amazon drain-blasters are $20 and those are like $15.

Think you can go lower? My zip is 12222 until may 18th if that helps you decide...

u/OBrienIron · 1 pointr/NerfExchange

Amazon just had 18 round official NERF magazines for $4.49 and it included 18 darts. I picked up 4 of them, but @ $5.99 each.

Could do a camelcamelcamel alert for the next time.

u/garvisdol · 1 pointr/NerfExchange

I don't know if this will help you, but you can get it for a reasonable-ish price on Amazon right now

Edit: about $54 as of me writing this

u/Huffdaddy32 · 2 pointsr/NerfExchange

On amazon as we speak for $19.99


u/Probably3rd · 3 pointsr/NerfExchange

If you have prime:

A Recon MkII will provide you with retaliator internals, minus some metal bits that they switched to plastic and the trigger. I'd say this would be the cheapest way including shipping.

u/zaakystyles · 1 pointr/NerfExchange

If you are talking about that one. I have it. I might be able to trade if you give me a list. Otherwise offer?
I don't like the blaster was considering tearing it down.

u/Homer_Goes_Crazy · 2 pointsr/NerfExchange

Not sure what you're looking to pay but there's one on Amazon for $35

Edit: here's a complete one on eBay around $40