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u/jimbotheconflictor · 10 pointsr/NetflixBestOf

One of my favorite animated movies. Folks who enjoy this might also enjoy Thomas Cahill's How the Irish Saved Civilization which explores the impact of Irish monastic traditions on the preservation of knowledge through the dark ages. You also get some cool background on St Patrick and his struggle with the cult of Crom Cruach a prominently featured character in The Secret of Kells.

How the Irish Saved Civilization: The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe (The Hinges of History)

u/aandkh · 1 pointr/NetflixBestOf

Movies sometimes bend reality in favor of fully capturing an emotion. This is commonly used in action movies, where the hero of the story will overcome extreme odds to achieve their goal. I recommend you start here if you're just embarking on studying the art aspect of film and want to get more serious about studying mise en scène.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/NetflixBestOf

Some Russian Guy

It, and the following series, is definitely worth reading. The movie is basically based on the first of three stories in the first book, also called Night Watch.

There are four books in total, and it's an absolutely fascinating modern fantasy story. I loved it and I'm not normally a fan of stories with vampires/magicians/werewolves/etc.

u/Slashs_Hat · 5 pointsr/NetflixBestOf

Patriot on Amazon Prime

It's quite good with depth & nuance. Your list suggests that you like immersion storytelling.

u/EMike93309 · 2 pointsr/NetflixBestOf

I'm Just Here for the Food. Between that and The Bread Baker's Apprentice I can pretend to be a pretty decent cook.

Thanks to /u/compto35 for the link!

u/baconsea · 4 pointsr/NetflixBestOf

Patriot on Amazon is a great underrated comedy/satire

u/GateCrasher311 · 14 pointsr/NetflixBestOf

I will question that. I have a Roku and wouldn't trade it for anything. Roku also has Amazon Instant. I can stream in 1080p AND as an added bonus (which I would pay another $100 for) I don't have to dick around with iTunes.

edit: Roku XD

u/username-ugh · 12 pointsr/NetflixBestOf

Check out The Devil's Chessboard by David Talbot. An excellent book that looks at Allen Dulles and the CIA and how the dealt with Kennedy.

u/superanth · 1 pointr/NetflixBestOf

There's a book called "Without Warning", which explores a similar idea where most of the citizens of the United States vaporized by a mysterious force-field.

u/permaculture · 2 pointsr/NetflixBestOf

William Goldman wrote the screenplay. I just finished his book Adventures in the Screen Trade which I can recommend.

u/GotTheBloodlustPerry · 6 pointsr/NetflixBestOf

I haven't seen this doc yet (just added it to my list!), but it reminds me of an amazing book I just read called The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, about how the felony and incarceration system in the US limits the rights of african americans in a way similar to the Jim Crow segregation laws. I was skeptical of the scope of the problem at first, but the book was really convincing- I'd recommend it if you're interested in learning more about our prison system and how messed up it is.

u/Lurfadur · 2 pointsr/NetflixBestOf

If you're interested in reading a book with a somewhat similar theme as the movie (who even started the fight? war is not pretty, etc...), I highly recommend The Forever War by Joe Haldeman. It's sort of an anti-Starship Troopers story where the main character is drafted to war rather than volunteering. Still scifi with bizarre alien creatures but, IMHO with a more memorable story.

u/Discount_Lex_Luthor · 10 pointsr/NetflixBestOf

Here's the book he wrote.

There's also a whole gang of articles about his death from before the documentary came out. Not quite sure why you think the interviews seem staged.

u/Squirmish · 18 pointsr/NetflixBestOf

I came into the thread hoping someone would say this - great, great, film, but very, very one-sided. Senna was a genius, but no angel. I recently read Folley's Senna versus Prost - no doubt the book has its faults (it may even go too far into Prost's corne), but it's a balance to the film - the truth is probably somewhere in between.