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u/shandypockets · 2 pointsr/NewOrleans

I wrote a guide book, New Orleans for Free (

Here's the free food chapter. For free.

Free game day food
Sports fans, you are the luckiest people in town, because come the days when the New Orleans Saints are playing, lots of bars roll out the free snacks in order to get you to sit and drink for three hours. Again, it’s a rare neighbourhood bar that doesn’t offer SOMETHING in the way of culinary refreshments as they cheer on the black and gold, but among the most celebrated are:
Pal’s Lounge
Not only does this Mid City favourite offer free bar food (such as hot dogs and chilli) on game days (including the bigger college ball games), but it also has free red beans and rice on Monday nights (949 Rendon Street, 504-488-7257,
Henry’s Uptown Bar
Known as something of a quintessential locals bar, it also offers free BBQ during Saints games (5101 Magazine Street, 504-324-8140).
NOLA Brewing Co. Tap Room
This dog-friendly bar has some great free jambalaya when you buy a drink during Saints games (3001 Tchoupitoulas Steet, 504-301-0117,
Robert’s Bar
The free ping-pong and pool tables draw a loyal student crowd, and locals join them in numbers for the free barbecue on game days (3125 Calhoun Street, 504- -866-9121).
Not only is there the requisite free game day food at this Elvis-themed bar, but on Friday and Saturday night, cheap food trucks stop by (1307 Lyons Street, 504-891-2373,
Finn Mccools Irish Pub
Traditional free game day food, but with the twist of it being more of a pot luck, where the locals bring their own dished to share. Buy your bar neighbour a drink and they’ll likely let you have your fill of whatever it was they bought. If you want to get creative, you can win a free bar tab if you bring a dish and it’s chosen as the best of the day (3701 Banks Street, 504-486-9080,
“We love visiting sports fans, but use your common sense. Try not to loudly berate the locals in their own bars. We’re all for some sporting banter, but remember you’re a visitor and don’t get aggressively competitive. We drink as much when we lose as when we win, and we’ll mostly be great sports about it.”

General free food
Even if you’re not a sports fan – and we understand that at least SOME people of this persuasion exist in this city – you can pick up some great free food if you’re happy to patronise the right establishment on the right night. Again, you’re likely to have to shell out for the odd drink, but we think you’re still getting a great deal of free hospitality. The following were all on offer at the time of writing – if you’re making a special trip then of course it makes sense to call ahead and check, because things can change fast here (sometimes, at least…).
Handsome Willy's

There’s a pretty good revolving choice of free food every Friday night, coinciding with Happy Hour, which is 5pm-9pm. Expect BBQ, burgers, tacos, etc. (218 S. Robertson Street, 504-525-0377,

Mick's Irish Pub

A wealth of free food happens here, starting with traditional rice and beans on Mondays, then anything from hot dogs to sandwiches through to Friday. As they like to say: “Weekends, you’re on your own.” (4801 Bienville Street, 504-482-9113,

Rendezvous Tavern

There’s a rare chance to try Indian food in New Orleans here every Sunday afternoon, with spicy curries and exotic sides from local Indian restaurant Nirvana. (3101 Magazine Street, 504-891-1777)

J&J’s Sports Lounge

According to several locals, locals bring free side dishes into the bar at the weekends, and not exclusively for game days, though this is perhaps when the best choice might be found (800 France Street, 504-942-8877).

R Bar
This Marigny staple has regular Free Food Fridays, which can be as exciting as a crawfish boil in season. You’re encouraged to tip the chef. And drink, of course (1431 Royal Street, 504-948-7499)
Le Bon Temp Roule
Locals say head uptown early for the free Friday night oysters as they go pretty quickly. You can stay for the free live music even if you miss out. The seafood comes out at 7pm. (4801 Magazine Street, 504-895-8117)
Banks Street Bar and Grill
“Banks St. Bar has ‘Spaghetti Western Sunday's’. There’s free BBQ, good old school country music played by Ron Hotstream and they show a spaghetti western as they do it.” (4401 Banks Street, 504-486-0258,
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
If you don’t want to sit in a bar and drink to get free food, then the Sunday Night Love Feast at the local Hare Krishna temple is a free meal for everyone that shows up. Food is served at 5.30pm and there are discussions and prayers from 6pm (2936 Esplanade Avenue,

u/2drums1cymbal · 8 pointsr/NewOrleans

Gumbo Tales - by Sara Roahan -- The most beautifully written book about New Orleans cuisine I've ever encountered. Hilarious, poignant, reflective, uplifting and sad. Don't read if you're hungry. Or if you're not near food because you will become hungry.

The World that Made New Orleans -- Ned Sublette -- A narrative history book that looks at all the cultures, people, government systems and all the historical events that shaped the formation of New Orleans. Great read, if only for the chapter where the author incredulously wonders why people would argue Thomas Jefferson didn't sleep with his slaves.

Nine Lives - Dan Baum -- An oral history of nine New Orleanians that lived through Hurricane Betsy and Hurricane Katrina. Includes tales from the wife of legendary Mardi Gras Indian Tootie Montana, marching band director Wilbert Rawlins (also featured in "The Whole Gritty City") and the President of the Rex Organization, among others. Beautifully composed and written.

City of Refuge - Tom Piazza -- Historical fiction following a group of people as they recover from Katrina. Looks at people from every walk of life in New Orleans and does a great job of transmitting their individual struggles in the wake of the storm.

New Orleans, Mon Amour -- A collection of writings and short stories about life in New Orleans. Probably the most romanticized of all the books I've listed but no less awesome.

I also have to second the recommendations made for Confederacy of Dunces (one of the funniest, laugh-out-loud books you'll ever read) and the Moviegoer.

(Edit: City of Refuge is fiction)

u/ddesla2 · 37 pointsr/NewOrleans

I have one of those motion detecting sprinklers. Get one (they have some cheaper ones but I went full on fuck you mode and wanted the best). Hook it up to your hose, plant it in a rather inconspicuous spot where folks love to take leaks, set the range and pressure to MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE and hopefully you have surveillance set up so we can all reap the rewards of the awesome video feed you will have.

u/PoorlyShavedApe · 5 pointsr/NewOrleans

Will you follow Amazon links? Amazon is MSM, at least as a provider (no original content however). Don't get me started on their "1 click patent" bullshit.

u/5_Frog_Margin · 7 pointsr/NewOrleans

Gumbo Ya-ya gets into the history of certain groups of New Orleans, such as the Creoles, the Cajuns, the Knickerbockers and the like. Has some good old folk tales from New Orleans, as well.
Probably my favorite book about New Orleans (after Confederacy, of course).

u/YoBannannaGirl · 8 pointsr/NewOrleans

Nine Lives: Death and Life in New Orleans.

Super engaging books that follows the true stories of 9 New Orleanians from Hurricane Betsy in 1960 through Katrina.
Their stories are intermixed through the book, so you read a chapter or two of one story before swapping to the next.
I think it introduces a lot of New Orleans traditions from a very personal perspective, and I learned a lot (especially about the Mardi Gras Indians).

It’s an easy, quick read and I highly recommend it.

Amazon Link

u/daybreaker · 10 pointsr/NewOrleans

Unfathomable City is a really cool book. Some interesting maps overlaying various things about New Orleans History accompanied by essays.

Also, a book about the history of our street names: Frenchman Desire Good Children

u/buckwheatstalks · 3 pointsr/NewOrleans

That's why they call it the Reactionary Party.

Have you read The Reactionary Mind? It tracks conservatism from the French Revolution onward, and finds that the only common factors are:

  1. Hierarchy is good
  2. Change (away from hierarchy) is bad

    Hierarchy = any kind structure that says some people deserve more than others. Whether they be rich, or white, or male, or landowners, or family, or citydwellers, or religious, or sectarian, or educated... different brands of conservatism prefer different kinds of hierarchy

    But they all want some people on top and, more importantly, some people below. And they will fight fight fight to stop any change from happening.

    It's a fascinating read!

u/fallacybuffet · 3 pointsr/NewOrleans

Thanks. I'm going with food-grade diatomaceous earth. Seems to be good for ants, roaches, fleas, and termites. Being the cheap b that I am, just trying to decide if I want to spring an extra 10 for a bespoke duster, or try to use an empty dish-soap bottle or empty parmesan-cheese container.

ETA: I just read a review on Amazon (can't find a way to link that specific review) which states that diatomaceous earth is effective against fire-ant colonies. Dude has 5 acres. It took him three years of diligent application of DE dust to every hill he found, but in the fourth year his property was fire-ant free, while his neighbors still have fire-ants. It's on the second page of reviews.

u/rigatoniclifton · 15 pointsr/NewOrleans

Levees prevent silt from the Mississippi from spreading across the delta. Instead, it all just gets dumped off a cliff into the gulf. Or something like that. This page seems to sum it up pretty well.

Bayou Farewell: The Rich Life and Tragic Death of Louisiana's Cajun Coast is a beautifully depressing book and at 15 years old, likely contains dated optimism. Still worth a read.

u/Galaxyhiker42 · 2 pointsr/NewOrleans

I bought this

ASUS RT-AC66U Dual-Band Wireless-AC1750 Gigabit Router

2 years ago and have half the neighborhood asking if they can use my wireless.

I've got every device in the house split between the 4 signals. (Some on the 2ghz and others in the 5ghz) and I've not had a problem with speed.

It's at the back of my almost 200 year old shotgun and I pick it up when I drive up to my house.

Ditch the shitty rental gear and buy your own. I spent less than 300 bucks over 2 years ago and have not had to change anything yet.

Also tell a customer service rep to eat a bag of dicks generally does not get you far in life.

I recently had trouble with cox and the way things were being directed to a server and with in 15 minutes the problem was mostly cleared up. (There is only so much they can do after the signal has left their network... but they redirected my signal to a better level3 before it left their network.)

Overall I've been happy with cox... frustrated sometimes, but happy. What 3 year relationship does not have its ups and downs.

Especially when AT&T is your other choice and they don't use lube.

u/Vitalstatistix · 2 pointsr/NewOrleans

Cool, thanks for the rec Jester.

Another couple that I like:

Nine Lives

Managing Ignatius

u/communitylie · 1 pointr/NewOrleans

"Mr. New Orleans" is a pretty entertaining read that may or may not be actual history.

u/redditttttr · 7 pointsr/NewOrleans

this is my mom's favorite gift to buy for my ex's:


i think she's bought 3 of them so far.

u/aziraphale87 · 10 pointsr/NewOrleans

I installed a water filter in my kitchen and bathroom on the cold water. It definitely improves the taste and it's rated for lead (if there is any, my understanding is this is much more dependent on pipes on your property and any nearby road work than the citywide system).

The filters are $30-40 and last 3-6 months unless there's a boil water advisory (which is guaranteed to happen right after you change them).

u/rmplurker · 2 pointsr/NewOrleans

Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How it Changed America

Link to Rising Tide on Amazon

u/cubicleninja · 3 pointsr/NewOrleans

Have you ever read Managing Ignatius?

Cause it's hilariously awesome.

u/dieyoupigfucker · 5 pointsr/NewOrleans

New Orleans, Mon Amour is really, really, really good. Essays by Andrei Codrescu about the city:

u/jonoslicer · 3 pointsr/NewOrleans

APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System (ESSENCE ROES-50)

u/weischris · 2 pointsr/NewOrleans

I just read Frency Brouillette's book and there is a lot of JFK talk in there. It's a kinda fun read.

u/petit_cochon · 1 pointr/NewOrleans


I'm putting that on my kindle. Thanks for the recc! I recently read 'Devil in the Grove' and 'Warriors Don't Cry,' too. Both really excellent examinations of integration efforts and the criminal justice system during Jim Crow.

u/trufus_for_youfus · 3 pointsr/NewOrleans

You spelled bike rack wrong. Buy a used or cheap bike rack to keep in your trunk. Put it on when riding around town. Completely legal and obscures the plate enough to beat cameras and plate scanners.

This image demonstrates the effect well. $35 bucks and you can also carry bikes with it if you like.

u/TheHemingwayOfReddit · 2 pointsr/NewOrleans

I know a couple of people who have had ome of these on their car for years amd have never been pulled over for it. Totally prevents camera tickets

u/rapcat · 4 pointsr/NewOrleans

Who's Your Mama, Are You Catholic, and Can You Make A Roux? (Book 1): A Cajun / Creole Family Album Cookbook

u/geauxlocal · 4 pointsr/NewOrleans

I'll miss the Times-Picayune, but not half as much as I'll continue to miss Chris Rose.

I don't know how many copies of 1 Dead in Attic I've purchased for family and friends over the years, but remains something I'd recommend to anyone. (

u/chillin-and-grillin · 1 pointr/NewOrleans

I've now bought this Filtrete Ultimate cartridge filter & am planning to attach it between my water supply & my fridge. Most of the water we drink is from the fridge & we use lots of ice, so that's my first move. I'd love to get a more serious under sink filter system going but my granite countertop doesn't have a hole for the extra faucet & drilling into the granite sounds too scary for me.

u/RonSDog · 12 pointsr/NewOrleans

As /u/fallacybuffet mentioned, diatomaceous earth is a great non-toxic way to battle cockroaches. It's food grade, so you and your cat can still eat the roaches it kills!

For a more toxic solution, I bought Tempo Ultra SC insecticide to spray all along the outside of our house. You'll need a garden sprayer, too. The morning after I first sprayed the outside of our house, I found a dozen dead cockroaches on our sidewalk. That was a month or two ago, and I have only seen one cockroach inside since then. It was dead.

I also bought Maxforce FC Magnum get bait. I noticed a swarm of roaches using our backyard picnic table as a community center at night, so I spread the gel in the cracks of the support beams and a few other spots in the backyard cockroaches would seem to frequent.

We never had a huge cockroach problem, but after we saw almost six in 24 hours, my girlfriend really started freaking out and drastic measures were needed. These solutions have worked for me.