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u/GustoB · 2 pointsr/NewParents

Diapers and wipes are always good -- newborn or preemie size probably. That said, some diapers just don't fit great on some kids, and some kids will have more sensitivity to certain wipes, so it's hard to say exactly which type/brand to get. "Water wipes" ( are a really good sensitive wipe. I wouldn't necessarily send her too many/any bigger diapers yet. They'll just take up room and might be a brand that doesn't work great. A box or two of the next size up is enough for now.

A good diaper cream will probably also be needed. I'd recommend something somewhat "natural" like, again to help reduce sensitivity hopefully. I would avoid petroleum jelly based ones.

Some type of burp cloths. However diaper cloths (I can't remember if that's what they are called) work great. I can't speak for this brand but something like this.. They are usually like a light linen/muslin, and usually fairly large square, and plain. They're easy to clean and big enough to fold over if part gets dirty, etc, and multi-use.

I would also avoid too many clothes. Some onesies with zippers is probably all that's really needed. Maybe also a nice soft hat as well, and some muslin swaddle wraps. Additionally, a warm, soft blanket or something to cover them when they go out. They're not supposed to wear anything bulky between the child and the carseat harness (ofc, they'll need a carseat if they don't already have one -- most hospitals won't release babies without one though, especially from the nicu).

Pacifiers are good too. Kids will probably find a certain kind they prefer, but I think this is basically what hospitals almost always use

They may also be recommended a vitamin like poly-vi-sol, or possibly other things, but this is hard to buy without being able to talk to her to find out exactly what is prescribed.

Similarly, bottles, nipples, and/or breastfeeding equipment, but this is hard to buy without knowing what she and the kid prefer. However, hand sanitizer for after diaper changes, and a nice bottle brush ( or are great to have.

Some type of food/meal delivery would be awesome. Possibly even a local housecleaning or laundry service too, depending on how independent she is.

And ultimately, money can help, as well as your phone number or contact info and an openness for contact and support.

There might be more that I can't think of. At this stage it's probably as important to get things to help her directly as for the baby. She may also have some medical needs depending on how the delivery went, and all that. Feel free to pm me too with any more questions etc.

u/Isadored · 1 pointr/NewParents

I liked this book tho what to expect and the mayo one are also very good

I sometimes go to dr sears website. I am using his alternative vaccine schedule for #2. I highly recommend his vaccine book even if you plan on following the normal vaccine schedule. Its good to know the side effects & all

I took a parenting class with my first for like $30 @ my hospital & was truly surprised @ what i learned from the class. I recommend taking one along with a cpr class

Also take the maternity tour @ the hospital you will be delivering at (its free).

Meet with pediatricians before baby is born. It should be free. You want to find one you like & who has similar beliefs when it comes to treating your child. I went thru several with my first before finding one i actually liked. I wish i had found one i liked beforehand instead of going from one to another after my child was born

I also agree on a doula

u/upbeatish · 6 pointsr/NewParents

My friend raves about her baby wearing group:
Basically moms (not sure whether dads go, too) get together and borrow out carriers to test before they buy them. It’s also a nice social network for new parents.

From my experience, we had an Ergobaby, a few Boba wraps, and a Baby Bjorn, but this low-cost one from Target was always the most convenient, maybe because it was so cheap that we left one in each car as a backup to our beefier carriers. And I think the baby actually preferred it because it was more airy. It held pretty solid until she was about 14 months. Then it got uncomfortable to wear because the straps aren’t thickly padded. Definitely great for warm weather though. Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

Good luck!

u/sudsymugs · 1 pointr/NewParents

The classes are actually less helpful than you would think. It's more piece of mind for my wife. I put the website below for more info. You can gain most of the information from the internet.

Bradley website

Really good book. I have like a thousand bookmarks on various pages. It goes through what you will be going through, how your boyfriend will be able to tell what you are feeling and what he should be doing to make you more comforatble and be more supportive. I highly recommend this one.

Good luck and congrats!

u/PlaysOneIRL · 4 pointsr/NewParents

I love our monitor. It’s got a great picture, you can adjust the camera, the screen is clear, volume control is great. The downsides are that the battery doesn’t last as long as I’d like and it takes forever to charge. I usually just leave it plugged in all night so it doesn’t randomly die, which seems like it would be a great solution except there’s a bright as hell blue light that comes on when it’s all charged. So that wakes me up around 2-3am every night, since the monitor sits like 2 inches from my face on my nightstand. Lol Also, when our microwave is running, it disrupts the WiFi signal if the monitor is in the kitchen with us. Other than those things. it’s been great.

This is the one we have.

ETA: I realized I don’t think it’s actually connected thru WiFi because we frequently take it to my inlaws and don’t use their WiFi. I don’t know how it works. Magic, most likely. Either way, the microwave interrupts the signal.

u/briand92 · 1 pointr/NewParents

Reddit is definitely a great resource. However, make sure she knows about That is a great resource for new parents (mom & dad). Having a brand new baby at home can be a very stressful time. However, between all the screaming you and your wife will have some of the most precious and memorable experiences of your lives. Treasure those moments and the stressful times will feel worth the effort. Definitely pick up the Nose Frieda. It definitely helps having the right tool for the job. Also, pickup a copy of Be Prepared. It's a great (and funny) book for new dads.

u/emperorOfTheUniverse · 6 pointsr/NewParents

100% this one. This was recommended to us by a friend (who does a lot of research on products usually), and we have found it to be invaluable. I've also noticed it at other people's houses and we always have a 'best baby monitor ever, right?' moment.

The range is great. We walked across the street and checked our mailbox when testing it. The picture quality is great, especially in the dark. And it's easy to add multiple cameras which is very handy. We had a camera on our boy's crib and his playpen so that we could still see him while washing bottles in the kitchen as he played.

u/Cubswin41 · 5 pointsr/NewParents

Swaddle Sacks! These things are great, we used them every day/night.

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle 3-PK, SuperStar (LG)

Pair those with a rock and play... and your little one should take some nice naps (which will help you get some sleep).

Fisher-Price Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper, Aqua Stone

We also used (and still use) a noise machine. Helps you continue to have a life while the baby is napping in the other room!

Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Crib Soother and Baby Night Light, Owl

Good luck!

u/Nix-geek · 8 pointsr/NewParents

To add, you can get the video baby monitor cheaper on amazon than in store. We have one of these, and it's pretty good.

While it isn't cheap, it's less expensive than in-store ones. It can also be expanded pretty easily with more cameras, and the ability to change the lenses makes it pretty versatile. We've had ours for 3 years, and it's still great.

We used to live in a 2-story house, and it was invaluable to hear when the babies were stirring to run up and attend to them before they full woke and then couldn't get back to sleep :)

u/DjChickenFinger · 1 pointr/NewParents

The other comments of consumable things like wipes, rags, etc are great ideas. Gift cards to places like Target are great too, you always need more something with a newborn. A couple other little things I found really helpful when my son was young:

Baby timer to remind you for the next feeding, nap, diaper, whatever:

Nose Frida (yes gross, yes very useful):

u/Dewdeaux · 3 pointsr/NewParents

I know this doesn’t help in the long run, but if your kid is in need of tummy relief, I’ve heard great things about the Windi . I bought some to have on hand just in case, but I haven’t had to use them yet.

u/rohbawt · 2 pointsr/NewParents

We've been using the dekor system and its pretty easy. Hands free, does well with the smells, and changing out the bag is pretty painless. Can be used as a regular trash can post diaper phase.

u/probablycorey · 1 pointr/NewParents

Take a look at "Happiest Baby on the Block"

Basically you need to do 5 things to calm the baby. Swaddle, Hold baby on the side, White Noise, Jiggle, and Pacifier. It sounds too easy, but it works. There is a DVD that comes with a book that goes through the techniques and it has saved my sanity!

We also bought a motorized swing and a white noise machine that works great at keeping our baby asleep.

u/jukesy · 8 pointsr/NewParents

The baby bumps sub had a great swing thread when the rock and play was recalled and it had some awesome alternatives. I’m not sure if you’re wanting to purchase something new but the Graco Dreamglider swing was recommended because it switches from inclined to flat for nap:

We purchased it and my 5 week old loves it. He’s had it since he was about 2 weeks old or whenever the recall happened we purchased it.

u/thisishooey · 3 pointsr/NewParents

Things got better for us around 8 weeks. We started on the Babywise schedule ( at two weeks. It absolutely worked for us. If you're into schedules, give it a try. The schedules are also available on the website ( but the book has a lot more information than the website.

Every day will get a little better, I promise. I definitely had my moments of wanting to return baby to the hospital! You WILL get through this!

u/ss0889 · 1 pointr/NewParents

Thats the one we got, seemed to get good enough reviews and we figured if she liked it we could get a nicer one. apparently this one also doesnt conform to proper hip support guidelines? makes sense.

nice thing is, for 30 bucks i dont even care that its money lost.

u/DeadPlasmaCell · 1 pointr/NewParents

Our son is 2.5 years old and we've used a Nestcam/dropcam since day one. No issues with it. WiFi, 1080p recording, two way communication, night vision, 24 hour with 10 or 30 day cloud storage. Plus you can make time lapse clips and draw out a notification zone where you'll get specific alerts. You can view it on any device at home or when you're out and about. We also used the Infant Optics video monitor as well initially. It's not WiFi, but the range is really great and also has two way communication, night vision, temp monitoring and you can move it around remotely plus you can add on multiple cameras to the system.

u/whowannadoit · 2 pointsr/NewParents

It absolutely is easier to put a newborn baby to sleep on their stomach (in my experience with 2). I only ever allowed it for brief daytime naps, while they were feet away in a bassinet. Nighttime, no way! At night if I have the opportunity I am passed the fuck out, which is why it’s scary to leave a newborn in a risky position like that.

I’m sorry to say but you just gotta keep trying. Swaddle tightly, maybe a pacifier, and a shusher. You’re just not going to get great sleep for yourself with a newborn unless you have a partner or other extra help to be there for you.

There’s a reason every swaddle and crib and pediatrician repeats ad nauseum “back is best”.

u/akolby89 · 3 pointsr/NewParents

Our white noise machine has been so helpful. It put me at ease and helped get me to sleep when LO was a newborn.

Then, when we started sleep training it helped because she was still in our room and she didn’t wake up when we opened the door to go to bed ourselves.

Now she’s in her own room and we still use it every night. I don’t feel like I have to be super quiet and when planes fly over (we live next to a base) or when cars drive by bumpin music I’m not worried she’s going to wake up.

You should get one!

u/gsuEAGLE21 · 10 pointsr/NewParents

I highly recommend the Infant Optics. Big fan of it not requiring a WiFi signal, as it uses its own radio signal. The range of motion is great, and the camera comes with a 2x Zoom lens (can be used without as well)

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

u/borderrat · 1 pointr/NewParents

You're talking about these?

I bought them just two weeks ago, ran them through a hot water wash with baby detergent. They came out flimsy like first aid gauze and they don't absorb the poor kid's spit. I would have been better off buying a pack of men's t-shirts.

Are these the same ones or is there a better version I missed?

u/tchuckss · 3 pointsr/NewParents


The New Dad's Survival Guide

The Baby Owner's Manual

Dad's Playbook

These are all a bit lighter reading, and mind you I do not regret buying them at all. Really useful information in all of them.

u/rgraves22 · 2 pointsr/NewParents

I picked up Dude, You're going to be a dad before our first was born. SHe's now 3, and we have a 15 month old. Its such a fun ride.. congrats!

u/librarianzrock · 2 pointsr/NewParents

Consistency. If you can be as regular as possible with the routine and the pre-bedtime rituals, that might help. The time of evening doesn't matter as much as the process and duration of bedtime.

We started doing sleep training at 14 months when our LO started giving us signs she was ready to sleep through the night (she was tired during the day, napped poorly, nursed just a little before nodding back to sleep...we truly felt she was telling us she needed to figure out how to put herself back to sleep through the night). I was hesitant to let her cry because I assumed she was hungry, so we started giving her a smoothie of Greek yogurt, milk, and a banana at story time.

If you do sleep training, read the updated Ferber book. It took only a few days and now at 19 months she's sleeping for 9-11 hours strait. It's like a drug...

u/My_Business_Acct · 1 pointr/NewParents

I couldn't be happier with the infant optics.

Seems to me like most "blogs" and "reviews" are just promoting whatever product they're paid to promote. The motorola one that is almost $300 has 45% 1 star reviews on Amazon.

u/MrFrogy · 3 pointsr/NewParents

I recommend this book over and over. Reading it was one of the best things I did to settle my nerves and get that peek behind the curtain. I have done many, MANY of the suggestions they outline, and they have never let me down!

u/Chowdahead · 3 pointsr/NewParents

We got the Diaper Dekor Plus from our registry and it works pretty well.

We quickly found out we can just use regular trash bag liners that we get from Costco that we use in the kitchen, which are a lot cheaper and work just as well.

Dekor Diaper Plus Diaper Disposal System

u/Chefitutide · 3 pointsr/NewParents

I got the "baby manual" Funny stuff, but contains lots of useful information

u/dman011 · 2 pointsr/NewParents

Graco Dreamglider. Using it on my second and it still works great.

u/LadyStarbuck1 · 2 pointsr/NewParents

This isn’t a toy, but it’s also not ungodly expensive for an MP3:

Wiwoo MP3 Player for Kids, Portable Music Player with FM Radio Video Games Sleep Timer Voice Recorder, 1.8" LCD Screen MP3 Music Player Support Up to 128GB, Blue

u/meatloaf_again · 6 pointsr/NewParents

The Baby Owner's Manual is fun and informative. We have a copy that we both read before our baby arrived.

u/rboymtj · 1 pointr/NewParents

Sorry, How To Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems by Dr. Ferber.

Audible has it too if you like to listen to books.

u/iwantcjsjob · 7 pointsr/NewParents

If she breaks out of the Velcro swaddles, you could try something like this maybe
SwaddleMe PeaPods (NB)

u/MrRibbitt · 1 pointr/NewParents

We also called our baby Houdini. He Could get out of the tightest swaddles (my husband is a pediatric nurse with 15 years swaddling experience). Ultimately the only swaddles that worked for us were these
SwaddleMe Pod 2-PK, PeaPods (NB)

u/verdouxkai · 2 pointsr/NewParents

I haven't read them yet, but I got this book and this book for my husband, they were highly rated.

u/ahhhhhpoop · 3 pointsr/NewParents

I can't recommend this book enough. Worked WONDERS for us, you should check it out.

u/jdjd1118 · 2 pointsr/NewParents

Our little one had some issues with gas/pooping prior to cutting soy and dairy from wife's diet. These helped a lot when she couldn't go:

u/monkey_feather · 4 pointsr/NewParents

As many are saying, night terror. It's actually more specifically a confusional arousal. We had the same issue with my oldest daughter, and needed sleep training to help her circadian rhythms work together. Check out Ferber's book has a big section on it, and steps to take to get rid of it.

The tldr is that he's getting stuck between sleep phases, and having trouble transitioning to the next one.
Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems: New, Revised, and Expanded Edition

u/jmurphy42 · 7 pointsr/NewParents

Not until 6 months, and even then you're not supposed to let them cry for unlimited amounts of time. Please get your hands on a copy of Ferber's "Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems" before you even consider crying it out, because there are a lot of misconceptions about the method and if you do it wrong it might be traumatic for your child.

u/glorysk87 · 1 pointr/NewParents

Our kid was the same, wouldn't sleep at all. It was mind numbingly terrible for the first couple of weeks. Then we bought the shusher which helped our kid sleep when nothing else would.

It sounds dumb, it's just a machine that makes a stupid shushing noise. But boy did it knock him out.