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u/SerialPi11ock · 1 pointr/NewTubers

Ok :) Yeah exactly, it's really important! Ah ok. I use one of these and have found it really, really good honestly. For me it was expensive but it was worth it. I have a fan on and the PC is right beside me. I also have an MSI 970, the one with the fan problem so one goes jet engine mode every now and then. Mic cuts it all out, with some techno magic O_O The Vegas audio stuff is pretty good and simple, worth your time :) EQ and Compressor seem to normally suffice. You'll have to fiddle a bit to get it the way you want but if you play it by ear it's pretty straightforward, just make sure you save your presets hah.

u/h2oletsgo · 1 pointr/NewTubers

So ill focus on three things: Audio, lighting and general video stability ect.

First off Audio.
Audio makes up alot of the video and if it sucks its bad. The built in mics on phones are pretty good but the rode video mic me will add value
I dont think this is the first and most important thing and you should look at some alternatives wich are cheaper. Just buy something because if youre going to be further away from the phone the sound will often suck. Heres a good video on this topic

next up lighting, think about your current setup, will you be able to film at night, wdo you have enough light? If you have alot of space id recommend a softbox kit from amazon. You get 2 sopftboxes for usually around 50bucks wich will give you soft even light.If you dont have enough space/budet look for led video lights on amazon. neewer has something called like 160 or whatever.Its just a big thing with lots of leds and it gets super bright(
You might need something to hold up the light but books will also do the job.

As for general I think theres 2 things. One either a gorilla pod or tripod, think about your situation. Will a gorilla pod get high enough?Again books will do the job fine but it can be annoying. A regular tripod will be comfortable to use but might not work for you. And last is some app that lets you change settings, I think theres one called filmicpro just look up some video shoting apps. Mainly you want it to turn off auto focus exposure ect so theres no weird jumping around focus/exposure.

Good luck with your channel, I think an app that lets you turn off autofocus and exposure is very important and depending on your situation you should invest in lights or audio. Or maybe even both.

Have fun with your eating!

u/Cool_Stuff1234 · 3 pointsr/NewTubers

Continue to practice until you feel that you can overcome your nervousness. Redo the lines where you feel you stuttered, or edit them out. I've recently been given advice on my speech and audio quality as well.

This is going to be long, but I hope it helps:

My problem with my speech during recording is that air gets recorded as well (if I make popping sounds when I say a certain word such as Piano, Karen, etc.)

So, I've told to keep away from recording too closely, and I tested it out recently, and it's working perfectly!

As for the audio quality/mic, here a few links I've been given as well to improve it:

I also use audacity for audio editing (editing out stutter words or incorrect words, adding in the right words, increasing the audio volume, reducing background noise, etc)

You'll definitely get better the more you practice, and this is your first video, so it's not going to be perfect.

I didn't mean to make this long, but I hope this helps!

u/TheMidBossYT · 1 pointr/NewTubers

Warning: this should work, but these things can always be a crapshoot.

I work in pro/live audio, and there's a special piece of kit we tend to use to get rid of the kind of ground hum you're talking about. Typically they're called isolators/isolated transformers/isolated splitters/etc.

One of the most cost effective yet also most impressive variants is this one:

You could just get one 1/8" to 1/4" adapter, or a 1/8" to RCA cable or something, and try running it through this. It's a very versatile little thing. Any input 1 is matched to any output 1. Any output 2 is matched to any output 2. No need to configure or learn anything to use it. Plug and play, as we call it.

Someone will probably have a better solution, but that's how I would go about it. Best of luck!

u/Ignited22 · 1 pointr/NewTubers

I think you have some great energy and a good plan to move forward. I would recommend a better mic. Something like This works amazing and gives you the ability to edit your audio as well. Other then that..keep it up! #Roadto100Subs

u/HenRMJ · 1 pointr/NewTubers

So you just got an animation of a subscribe not even an intro. interesting. Not really you shouldn't do that. you should write something down. There's a lot of you repeating yourself. Your energy is so low. I understand that you're not saying anything like exciting but you should show more of your own personality and not have such a monotone delivery. There's a lot of motivational speakers that talk about similar things that you're talking about.

I think you should study up on some motivational speakers to better improve. Marie Forleo is a good youtube that does motivational speaking. She also brands herself really well and her delivery is good. Also get rid of that white background. Find some place else you can record. it's just so bland you have to liven everything up. Everything right now just seems so stilted and quiet.

u/Keyster420 · 2 pointsr/NewTubers

Wow! I'm really surprised that you don't have more subscribers. You were really entertaining and funny through the video. If I was to critique anything is that you should do more videos like this on your channel and maybe look at the camera a bit more.

You just earned a new subscriber😎

My brother uses this mic and it works really good.

u/bowgarr · 2 pointsr/NewTubers

Nice job! I thought it was a real good list and I've gotta agree with most of it, especially maximum overdrive. A few suggestions I'd make would be to try a different background, maybe have some horror related things around you like posters, figures, whatever. I'd also say try messing around with the lighting a bit for the face cam parts. It was shadowy too yellow. If you don't have anything specific you use I'd suggest this set.

It's cheap and it works really well. You are very charismatic and the content of the video itself is really good. I liked the overall length of the video too, not overly long and just enough to describe each film and get the idea of why it made the list. Keep up the good work!

u/GamingApokolips · 3 pointsr/NewTubers


"gaming headset"

Yeah, those words don't belong yourself a favor, buy a real set of headphones, and a real mic. The sound will be far superior, your ears will thank you, and whoever you end up playing with will also thank you.

Go to Massdrop, buy a set of the Sennheiser 58x Jubilees ($160, free shipping in US), then buy a ModMic 5 from AntLion ($70 via Amazon). It's versatile, it'll sound really damn good without requiring preamps or DACs, and you can probably knock it out with a single paycheck.

u/KingCali89 · 1 pointr/NewTubers

HDMI out from PS3's are encrypted, so you need to bypass it through either an analog signal, or by taking two unencrypted digital signals and splicing them to an HDMI.

  1. Component Output into Component to HDMI box. I don't like this one because it's an analog signal which can get fuzzy.

  2. HDMI to DVI cable with a optical audio (toslink) cable.
    What I use.

    It's a pain in the ass for sure.

    Not exactly my stuff, but I'll go through some components:

    HDMI to DVI Cable for Video:

    DVI is video only, and doesn't have encryption, and it's still a digital signal.

    TOSLink Cable for Audio:

    Because you're going HDMI to DVI, you need audio, and the only other audio output on the PS3 is TOSLINK iirc.

    DVI + TOSlink to HDMI Box

    Digital video, and Digital Audio get spliced into an unencrypted audio/video HDMI signal. Haven't noticed any lag doing this and I've beaten a good number of games on my PS3.

    If you're using an Elgato, you can use the throughput to capture on your PC and view on your TV, or you can get another HDMI Splitter box.

    Hope that helps. There's no good easy way to capture PS3 without external stuff unfortunately.
u/deathmountaineers · 1 pointr/NewTubers

absolutely! wanna sound like a pro? get either this

or this

i use the latter mic but i highly recommend the spark my dude. the yeti is also very nice. either are standard youtube quality stuff and don't require a mixer!

u/JohnBrownsBroadsword · 1 pointr/NewTubers

Of course, dude! It may not match the style you're looking for, but check out some of the LED banks that mount to a hotshoe adapter. I mussed around with one in undergrad and they're pretty nifty, especially if you get one with a slide or wheel brightness adjuster. Some even come with plastic covers that act as warm/cool/tone gels.

Kind of like this one.

I agree with you there about feedback. Honesty is key but there is literally never a time you can't serve the compliment sandwich. (Solid criticism buns with a meaty compliment in the middle). Never a need to be rude to people.

Keep killing it on the videos!

u/DiamondRyce · 1 pointr/NewTubers

So if you want to use your favorite pair of headphones that has a detachable mic.

You can buy something like this or this

Now if you dont have a nice pair of headphones.

I would suggest a set a headset of some kind. Not sure how the 3.5mm to rj9 converter works so I cant comment on that.

In terms of headsets something from the likes of HyperX or Logitech would be good options. I heard good things with HyperX cloud line up of headsets.

However my personal recommendation are headphones similar

Samson SR850 and Superlux HD668B with the detachable mics I listed before.

Choice is yours though.

Let me know if you have any questions

u/cheapassreviews · 1 pointr/NewTubers

Thanks! I've been eyeing something cheap like this (comes with stand):

Have you used the neewer one? Seems like it would be a great key light. I've heard the cheaper ones can sometimes have flicker problems, but the reviews are kind of amazing for it only being $33. Might have to pick it up. What's your lighting like?

u/Aleodor · 3 pointsr/NewTubers

Hi! For $100 budget I recommend you Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System, 2.1 Speaker System (Black) ( It has good reviews and a good price. Have a good day!

u/xaviermarshall · 1 pointr/NewTubers

The best bang-for-the-buck microphone right now it the AT 2020. Countless musicians, voice actors, etc recommend it for beginners and people looking to step up their game.

If you're absolutely hellbent on a USB mic, I've heard that the Samson C01U is good, but I do highly recommend going XLR.

u/MrSpicyGaming · 1 pointr/NewTubers

I agree with this setup. I already happened to have some of the equipment needed for my setup from my music recording. Using a USB audio interface does give you more freedom with your choice of mics and makes it easier/cheaper to replace or upgrade.

I use the 4 channel version of this interface
I use this mic currently and it works well

u/npidzarko · 1 pointr/NewTubers

A pop filter would work perfectly for you!

The first one that came up on amazon. Less than 10 bucks you can mount it on your desk.

They are mainly meant to soften harsh sounds and "wind" but it would work well for your issue as well!

u/xSubParx · 1 pointr/NewTubers

Ig i payed $50 for it actually but it works great

Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone, Cardioid - Black

u/Kinetic_Wolf · 2 pointsr/NewTubers

I use the fifine 669b, it was $40 on amazon (canada). You can find my channel in my profile if you'd like to hear example of quality. Personally I'm baffled at how good it is for the price. I doubt you could hear an upgrade from any microphone until you start hitting the $300 range like this one: Rode NT1-A

u/dingusreviews · 1 pointr/NewTubers

Oh, gotcha. I don't know about compatibility with blue yeti, I guess that's something either someone else can give you an answer for or you can research some more.

My mic is an ATR2500 USB:

The boom stand I'm using is a cheap NEEWER stand:
It works pretty well for the price.

u/NeverDot · 1 pointr/NewTubers

I used the provided stand for a bit. It's serviceable, the main problem being the base needs to be where the mic is, which is often where your keyboard is too. I just got a NEEWER mic stand which works with the Blue Snowball and it's awesome. Super cheap too! When you look at it, it doesn't seem to be compatible, but the mic holder can be unscrewed and the base can be further unscrewed again to reveal the connector for the Snowball.

u/curicre · 1 pointr/NewTubers

Any decent dynamic mic will do if you're rather stationary. I assume you need USB, so you could look at the t.bone MB 88U if you're in Europe, or the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB. Maybe in combination with VoiceMeeter Banana, since often Windows 10 for some reason won't boost those mics properly.

u/davidinark · 2 pointsr/NewTubers

Amazon has a MALE xlr to dual male 3.5mm ( and you could couple that with a gender changer ( that would convert the male XLR to female...

u/mouseratforever · 1 pointr/NewTubers

Personally I use the Blue Snowball but if $50 is a bit out of range you could always go with ZaxSound