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u/aanderson81 · 2 pointsr/Newfoundlander

First off stuff to buy.

  1. Crate. Unfortunately from my personal experience you will likely end up with 2. I got the largest I could find locally and it worked well for the first year or so and had a nice divider so that crate training worked well, but by time Minnie was full grown it was too short for her and ended upgrading to this massive beast and she loves it

  2. Beds are a waste as others have said, they will look for what ever is cold and will lay in some of the most awkward positions you can imagine. So with that said i recommend the following pad if you are going to spend quite a bit of time in a room that is carpeted. Its filled with water and does a good job making a cool spot for them to lay. If you are handy i recommend getting some thin fabric and making like a giant pillow case for it as it will make cleaning it 100x easier and will further prevent rips from their claws (although it is quite durable on its own)

  3. Dryer. This you wont need now, but once their adult coat starts coming in around a year and they are swimming more a high velocity dryer really makes a huge difference in getting them dry and keeping their skin in good condition. I recommend googling this a bit and looking at some reviews. These can get pricey but generally you get what you pay for. I personally went with the B-Air Bear Power 4hp model, but it comes and goes in terms of availability at a decent price.

  4. Toys, they really can do a number on toys so you'll probably want to skip most plush toys and stick to the more heavy duty canvas and chew resistant toys. Generally dont spend a ton on toys because they will likely be destroyed, keep an eye on them and take them away once they really get into them and starts ripping them apart. The one brand I will however absolutely recommend is Chuck-it. They are the Orange and blue toys and I have no idea what they make their toys out of but we have several of their large balls that are going on 3 years old still in like new condition. Minnie can chew them like bubble gum and hasn't managed to destroy one. their water bumpers are nearly as indestructible.

  5. Flea and Tick meds. This will likely be controversial because ask 10 people and you will get 11 answers. But we started Minnie on Advantix II and it worked amazing, as long as you applied it frequently. Its once a month under ideal conditions, but with heavy swimming it can be as little as once every 2 weeks. As long as you are applying it on schedule it does great. Never saw anything on her and we are in New England where the tick season has been crazy the last year or two. However the cost and application timing was getting a bit much so we switched to the Sorresto collar and it appears to be working just as well (doesn't protect against mosquito like the advantix however but with their fur i figure thats a minimal issue). The advantage is with the collar is that its good for 5 months even with regular baths / swimming. So overall the cost is lower and you arent having to keep reapplying it.

  6. food and water bowls. I found these on amazon and love them. they are good and heavy, dishwasher safe and nice and large. For the price they have been amazing. The nice thing is with their weight that Minnie doesnt try to move them around to flip them over if she splashes in her water bowl. I got the 9.5" version. One note of caution, they can get chipped in shipping, so really look them over if you get them. Amazon is great on exchanging them if you get one not in perfect shape.

  7. Health and wellness. Where possible dont buy "dog" things here. A good example is if you end up having to do dewormer. Panacur-C is quite expensive because its done by weight. The same medicine is sold on amazon / Tractor Supply for goats at a much lower cost and you can easily calculate dosage based on what the mg in the comparable Panacur-C package. Same goes for probiotic. Like we use this and its lasted close to 2 years and its been a much better value than buying the dog version.

  8. Microchipping. If you have a VIP pet care in your area they do the chip and lifetime registration for under $20.

  9. Food. As a pup its important to find a food that has a low calcium content. Eukanuba Large breed puppy is one of the few that I've found that meets this. You want less than 1%. As they get older you will want to find a quality food. Kirkland Salmon is affordable and gets good feedback.
u/jourtney · 1 pointr/Newfoundlander

Slowly, and with treats. Will your pup definitely eat the bed? Or have you not yet introduced one out of fear that your pup will eat it? Make sure it's huge and fluffy.. too big for the pup to ever even consider it a toy.. ever. I have an X-Large Cozy Cave for my 30lb Dachshund/Redbone Coonhound mix, and it is GIANT for her.. she absolutely loves it, and she has never chewed on it before. She did chew on a couple of beds we bought her, but they were all either a little bit small, or "just right" for her.. so I'm not surprised she chewed them a little bit.

I think size matters in this case. The larger the bed, the less likely your pup is to chew it up. The X-Large is so big, I can fit inside of it (5'7" 119lbs).

When introducing it, make sure you have toys present. Praise the pup for just getting onto the bed, or sniffing the bed. Play with the pup using some toys, get the pups mouth onto something other than the bed right away. Have treats in your pockets. When the pup gets onto the bed, feed some treats. Make sure you monitor your pup with the bed for a week or so, just to make sure he won't chew up the bed. Make sure there are PLENTY of toys around the bed at all times.

To make the toys more interesting, you can have two bags of toys, and have several of the same kinds of toys in each bag. You can switch the bags out every week to keep the toys feeling like "new." Canines are scavengers, so they will most likely be more interested in a ripped up rag doll toy they haven't seen in a week, than a perfect squeaky toy they have been seeing for a week.

u/mom2two06 · 5 pointsr/Newfoundlander

My boy is prone to terrible skin.. not just hot spots, but all sorts of things. We have had success with two different treatments, and I cannot at this point say which one really works better.

1 - Neem shampoo - and specifically, this brand - Last year I was able to get my hands on this as soon as he started developing bad hot spots and this stuff was magic. He was immediately doing better, less redness on his skin, less itching, and he healed quickly. I tried another Neem bar soap, hoping it would last longer, but it did not work at all.

2 - Zymox shampoo - This summer, for some reason, he has been worse than normal, I am guessing from the heat and humidity.. everytime we go for a walk, he has to go in his pool, so he is never really dry. Rather than buying the shampoo above, I decided to give Zymox a try because it had such great reviews. I bathed him twice the first week and immediately saw a reduction in the amount of itching, redness, and scaliness on his skin. It will take more baths and time for him to heal completely, but he looks a ton better already.

A vinegar and water spray can also help, but frankly he hated that and it made him smell awful all the time.

u/N0ReDdITAcC0UnT · 1 pointr/Newfoundlander

There is an episode of Cesar Millan with a Newfie named Storm who was a picky eater and Cesar could help him maybe it helps you too. It is Season 2 Episode 14. Season 2

u/farang_on_crack · 2 pointsr/Newfoundlander

So ironic this thread popped onto my feed. I have the V8, love it—worth every penny.

But I just moved into a place thats 100% hardwood and the standard head wasn’t doing the trick. Then of course I found out they sell a specialty head for $180+...

Hopped on Amazon, found a $20 dyson hardwood head along with a $10 piece that enables them to snap together. Total game changer

Edit: Added plain URL

u/lurkotato · 3 pointsr/Newfoundlander this is what you want. It won't stop the dog from sticking their feet in, but it certainly reduces how much water gets splashed on the floor.

u/ajjones5 · 3 pointsr/Newfoundlander

My girl was wonder woman last year, I ordered 3xl because she’s large for a female, but if your girl is on the smaller side she might fit a 2xl.

u/TwoNewfies · 2 pointsr/Newfoundlander

We've had newfs eat entire large batches of chocolate chip cookies with absolutely no Ill effects ...
But I do recommend the Kong doughnut--type cone Much easier for them to eat and maneuver - plus makes a sweet pillow!

u/NegatedVoid · 2 pointsr/Newfoundlander

My newfie eats Natural Balance's large breed food. She's not really a big eater - probably something like 4 cups a day (I just refill her bowl when it runs out). She's about a year and a half old, and ninety pounds.

u/yavml · 2 pointsr/Newfoundlander

This one has treated our Newf & Golden rather well over the years:

Memory foam, washable, two covers included. Comes in XL, XXL, and jumbo.

u/kat1010 · 1 pointr/Newfoundlander

I know you have a mixed breed. However, I have found this rescue has some great staff and articles. I have emailed them a few times over the year, and they have been willing to help.

Here's a cheat sheet that one of their members wrote:

My favourite tools:

On a personal note, my male regularly gets matts around his ears if I don't use a wide tooth comb or under coat rack to pull the dead fur out. My female is usually the back of rear legs. I have found with mine that if there's matts it's more because the old shedded fur didn't make it to the surface to be left our the house. I now use a daily 15 minute brush out during the week, and a 30 minute detailed brushing on the weekend. Usually while watching some tv.

u/Aurimoon · 1 pointr/Newfoundlander

My pupper had to have his entire head shaved when a small cut turned into a vicious infected rash, you would never know looking at him now but he was Friar Tuck for a few months, poor guy!

It could be yeast, my newfie also has these red patches on his tummy, I give him allergy meds and treat it with this shampoo that has really made a major difference: ask your vet if this could be a good idea for your pup too.