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u/meeper88 · 3 pointsr/Nightshift

The two things that helped me most were light-blocking shades and a white noise generator. You have the shades, obviously, but try some sort of white noise. You can leave a fan running, get an app, or buy an actual physical machine (I've done all three). I've had so much luck with white noise generators that I've bought them for most of my family and friends (even the day-shift people) and helped them improve their sleep as well :)

If you get an app/machine with multiple sound options: Listen to the sounds carefully and eliminate any that bother you on any level, even if it's something as minor as being ever-so-slightly in a key or a pitch you don't like, or a "heart" beating a, little too fast. For any surviving sounds, you may need to try them out. For myself, I've had the most success with a thunderstorm setting: the constant background "rain" helps mask little everyday sounds, while the intermittent "thunder" makes me a lot less susceptible to waking up for bass noise (lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, trucks, car exhaust, etc).

What I've used (that I remember):

  • a fan.
  • My old desktop PC with the side opened up so the noise from the fan was louder.
  • The original versions (both desktop and travel models) of the Sharper Image Sound Soother 20 [I don't like the newer models (the pitch is off on thunderstorm); the ones I've linked look like my machines, but I've not compared the actual model numbers].
  • A rip of rainy mood set to infinite loop.
  • And TMSoft's White Noise Player (the site's down for me, but is reporting that the site is up so you may have to double-check the link). TMSoft's app is really nice: you can play with pitch and mix your own combinations and stuff.

    Good luck!
u/daytwi · 2 pointsr/Nightshift
  • Earplugs! My favorites are [these] ( I get a box of 200 for about $20 every few years, but maybe grab him a few kinds from the drugstore and see what he prefers?
  • White noise machine so you can adjust the pitch and volume of the white noise to drown out different things. For some people, a fan is enough, but I really like being able to change the volume on days my neighbor is being an asshole.
  • Some people really like sleep masks
  • Melatonin can be useful to help get sleepy (Midnite is a brand that makes nice dissolvable ones that you can chew or let sit under your tongue without having to go get a glass of water)
  • Sunglasses for the way home from work!
  • You may want to consider getting light block curtains and a nightlight for the bathroom that he'll use when he wakes up so he doesn't get greeted by noon sunlight in the face or have to turn on bright bathroom lights in the middle of his sleep.
u/latigidigital · 1 pointr/Nightshift

The trick is to have closed blinds on the other side of the insulator. This should give a fairly normal appearance if they fit and look right.

If all else fails, you can always implement a thick, dark, high quality fabric that resembles curtains. If that's not enough, you can make a wood or wire frame to give the fabric inward depth from the miniblinds and glass. If that's not enough, you can further add a lamp between the insulator and fabric to simulate a lit room, and you can even incorporate a window A/C since they are visibly insulated a lot of the time anyway.

It's all about determination, my friend :)

Edit: Mirror blinds are a great style for this purpose. They're aesthetically appealing and I'd be really surprised if someone thought it was unusual that they couldn't see past reflections in broad daylight. Try to use an insulator that blends in well with the scene and, if you still feel it necessary, open up often enough to mitigate any long-term neighborhood concern.

u/IJD22 · 11 pointsr/Nightshift

The biggest thing for me when I moved to overnights is I blacked our my room so I could go to sleep. I use something like this on my windows in my bedroom.

Having a dark room did wonders for my sleeping. Also make sure the room is a comfortable temperature and try and go to sleep at the same time everyday. Being in a routine helps tremendously.

Drink lots of water and try to eat a somewhat healthy diet and if you can do some sort of exercise, even if it is just walking outside when you get home from work for a half an hour.

Edit: Welcome to the aviation industry.

u/malama61 · 1 pointr/Nightshift

Some stores sell these little vials of ginseng. I'd add it to your tea or drink, but it'll also help you with energy levels.

lol not suggesting you buy 180, but you get the point.

u/cradled · 2 pointsr/Nightshift

Absolutely it can be. When a dog hates its crate and is biting to get out, yeah. But when it goes in there whenever it is tired or scared or bored, it is home. I had a wolf hybrid that woild hate to have the door closed to the point it bent the bars, but if I left the door open and told him to go inside he wouldn't budge until I came back, even if my roommates would try and play with him. Crate training is a good thing, in my opinion, and dogs have that instinctual need to have a den, otherwise they run the house and their owner.

There is a great book, "Don't shoot the dog!" That I used a lot of information from when training my dogs. Maybe look it up and get some advice?

Link to book:

u/fancyantler · 1 pointr/Nightshift

I take Trazodone. I sleep solidly and don't wake up groggy. I also sleep with a white noise machine called a Marpac Dohm sleep machine. I sleep like a baby. Good luck to you!

u/agent_of_entropy · 3 pointsr/Nightshift

I highly recommend Tranquil Sleep. I work 3rd shift and have been using these for the last month or so. Also use blue blocker glasses to watch TV for an hour or so before hitting the sack. Combined, these are awesome. I rarely have a problem sleeping since I started using them.

u/Babycakes87 · 1 pointr/Nightshift

I hope this doesn’t come off as rude. I know your son was just trying to be helpful, I’d worry about alerting people that you work nights though. If I may suggest the “nanny knocker” It works great for me, and prevents people from ringing the bell. Here’s a link if you’re interested.

u/djronnieg · 2 pointsr/Nightshift

They come in two sizes -- Original Blackout Pleated Paper shade. 36" for $20 and 48" wide for $36. I bought the $20 version and was able to had to trim off a couple of inches; they're designed to be cut per the directions.

The top most end has an adhesive strip although in supposed one could use tacks if they preferred. The adhesive stip works fine.

u/phenobarbidoll89 · 1 pointr/Nightshift

I was having this same issue. I recently got one of these and put a deep sleep playlist from Spotify on. I also recently started taking Zzzquil. I feel like a combination of those two things have helped significantly. Now if only I can stop getting woken up by my bladder 2 hours before I actually need to be up.

u/NotQuiteOnTopic · 1 pointr/Nightshift

I use a combination of tint cling and blackout curtains--and my blinds. My curtains are just the basic gray blackout from target.

u/efbandersnatch · 2 pointsr/Nightshift

These changed everything for me. I throw on some Afternoon Thunderstorm on repeat on my phone and the alarm plays through the speakers. They also double as a fleece blackout mask. ( sorry for link format, I'm on mobile.)

AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classic (Sleep Headphones) - Black Medium (One Size Fits Most) by AcousticSheep, LLC

u/Paperloader · 1 pointr/Nightshift

Been on nights for 18 years.

Ear plugs! You have to make they're the type of earplugs you can roll up and be sure to stick them waay down into your ear canal. Dead silence.

I suggest the Mack's Original Soft Foam Earplugs -

u/inias_knayvid · 3 pointsr/Nightshift

Custom molded ear plugs.
I use these everyday. If molded properly, they block out almost all noise.