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u/Jzlomie · 2 pointsr/OKState

Well a campus job, or any part time job has been a tremendous help to me.

  1. It gives me spending money to pay for my groceries, dining out, bills etc without having to go to parents or anyone.
  2. It keeps me more accountable with my school work. I know if I am going to be working from 12-5, and in class all morning, my evenings have to be productive.
  3. You will learn something working that you can apply to your ME life, and skills that will help you with a career.

    Your resume is easy and can be done in a couple of hours. Look up resume tips online, and go to Career Services in the Union. They will help you get a resume and a job.

    As far as the debt... Personal Finance is simple, and your biggest tool to building wealth and getting out of debt is your income. You just have to make sure your money in each Month is greater than your money Out. If it isn't then you have to make changes in your lifestyle. Sell something, get cheaper bills, sacrifice, etc.

    As an ME your earning potential is very high once you land a full time job. Look for internships to help out. Engineering is not an overly weird schedule. You can find jobs for the weekends, evenings, between classes, you just have to sacrifice.

    Two books I recommend:

    Total Money Makeover - This will show you how to get out of debt and build wealth.

    QBQ - This book is a great motivator and questions your way of thinking.

    They are both quick reads and have been very helpful to me.

    > I don't have a resume
    > I'm being forced to get a job
    > that would make me a special choice. Anyone want to help me out with this?

    The above is the advice that I have for you. Until you decide you want a job and work, and change your debt, nothing will happen.

    It is up to you. No one is forcing you to work. No one is forcing you to get good grades, no one is forcing you to go to college. If you want your degree, and a great job, you can. There is no magic formula. Just motivation and determination.
u/OSUTechie · 2 pointsr/OKState

One thing that I have noticed is A.) Stillwater seems to be in a valley when it comes to TV singles, and B.) To get a strong OTA signal you need an outdoor antenna placed pretty high above everything else. If you can do directional that helps as well.

Don't forget that unless your tv has a built in digital tuner, you will need a digital converter as well. OTA signals are now all digital. You may also look at a signal amplifier but I have had mixed results with those.

When I first moved to Stillwater, I too thought man, I am roughly ~60 miles from OKC and Tulsa, I should be able to pick up both, but low and behold the best I was able to do is get OKC stations.

Something like this may work.

Side note: there is nothing different between and HD and a non-HD antennas, they just charge more for the "HD"

u/pilotdude22 · 1 pointr/OKState

If the broadcasting function was 100% turned off, would that then be allowed? Because then it'd just be an ethernet switch. If that's not allowed, is this?