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u/greenbabyshit · 2 pointsr/OSHA

Mine is the best dog ever. She is so full of love. She won't hurt anyone unless I'm not there and someone goes after my kids. Once they learn what they can chew, and you keep enough bones around, they will be fine. It just takes time. They have way more loyalty than brains. Haha.

Try this if it gets out of hand

u/JustMyOpinion2 · 6 pointsr/OSHA

If you like seeing people carry crazy things on scooters in Vietnam, you might like this book:
My favorite sighting was two guys, each one on his own scooter, carrying about a 20' extension ladder together. They looked pretty well coordinated, as if they had done this many times before.

u/Texaz_RAnGEr · 1 pointr/OSHA

Lancelot is what you use. I do quite a bit of log work and there's nothing better to shape than than this tool.

And yes, it's extremely dangerous...and fun :)

u/TheNinjaOf636 · 2 pointsr/OSHA

Not sure id it would help in your perticular situation as i havent seen the stairs, but i typically use this type of ladder when im doimg stuff on stairs, its a godsend.

u/ikeepadreamjournal · 65 pointsr/OSHA

People fall into the Grand Canyon every year because they simply think they because they're on vacation or at some sort of attraction they won't get hurt. There's a book about this mentality written by a twenty year park ranger I have on my shelf. When I get home I'll give you the title. It's a good one.

Edit: Over The Edge: Death in Grand Canyon I was originally drawn to this book because it has accounts of most of the known, fairly recent deaths and how they occurred. I also need to correct myself in saying that people fall in every year. It is less frequent than that but I'm still sticking to the point I made earlier because this book has some seriously good stories in it about exactly what we're discussing.

u/trolls_brigade · 13 pointsr/OSHA

Get an outlet tester (for instance and check the entire house. I have an old house as well, and I am slowly replacing the original knob & tube wiring with Romex.

u/cypherreddit · 4 pointsr/OSHA

the lift is fine, you just need to use an engineered cage like this one

u/abfarrer · 1 pointr/OSHA

Fancy ladder! Looks much nicer than the add on hooks I used to use:

u/IphtashuFitz · 3 pointsr/OSHA

The special edition that includes The Hobbit will give you a little additional clearance.

u/Helicopterrepairman · 7 pointsr/OSHA

I own this exact fan. It weighs 7.6lb. Its not very dense at all. You would have to beat someone with it to cause any damage.

Fantastic fan though.

u/IAMColonelFlaggAMA · 23 pointsr/OSHA

You could always buy a Luggable Loo for extra comfort.

u/Sickwidit93 · 28 pointsr/OSHA

Stanley 655704 High Velocity Blower Fan, Yellow

Just bought another one yesterday actually.

u/how_do_i_change_this · 51 pointsr/OSHA

Yea. OP should take his plug-in tester next time to find out.

Edit: One of these

u/smallfrie876 · 1 pointr/OSHA

That one isn't the rock though. This is

u/Zencyde · 1 pointr/OSHA

I could never see you needing more than 2 of these, ever.

u/sticky-bit · 1 pointr/OSHA

Get a contact-less voltage detector

u/Big_Tom1777 · 3 pointsr/OSHA

Howard Leight by Honeywell Leight Source 400 Earplug Dispenser (LS-400)

u/Apocalypse_Kow · 7 pointsr/OSHA

That's when you make management get one of these, because that's exactly what they were originally designed for.

u/Grizzant · 2 pointsr/OSHA

he was supposed to smoothly and slowly pull the control rod up and instead he tried to do a speedy clean and jerk.

thats when they gave up on building an idiot proof reactor. there is always a better idiot.

for a fantastic and funnily written book (that also goes into the science) of nuclear disasters read this:

u/mgzukowski · 11 pointsr/OSHA

Essentially you put it next to a suspected AC voltage and if it's present it lights up.

u/Agent_X10 · 1 pointr/OSHA

Get one of these devices. It'll tell you how screwed up your outlets are.

Any hardware store has these, no need to order from amazon, or any particular brand.

u/Hayak · 1 pointr/OSHA

Why? What is crappy about it?
It's literally a ear plug dispenser.
Edit: added the URL.

u/Draimen_ · 2 pointsr/OSHA

We would have used a forklift with a basket on it. Climbing a stack of product is always bad, doubly bad if its already trying to fall over. Of course if you only had one forklift yer shit outta luck.