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u/The-Noodle-Incident · 7 pointsr/Ohio

Some non-food ideas:

Calvin and Hobbes books! Definitely one of the best comics created. Bill Watterson still lives in Ohio. Calvin rampages through Chagrin Falls.

Books and pictures of the Bicentennial Barns.

History on the Wright Brothers, John Glenn or Neil Armstrong

Ohio art pottery can be really nice but you can sink some serious money there. Roseville, Zanesville, Hull.

Dayton Dragons are fun too--shirts or other stuff.

I always like Amish style quilted hot pads and trivets for gifts. Pretty, small and ship well.

Of course, cardinals are beautiful! They translate well as stained glass, notecards or prints. Lot of possibilities...

Edit: remembered something else fun, depending on your relatives....Haunted Ohio. There's a series of books now and the author lives near Dayton.

u/[deleted] · 12 pointsr/Ohio

A committed party that, you know, likes Democracy and upholds the values of Liberalism (that's large L not small l). This book does a good job of outlining the issues with the R party:

One can also do a thought experiment if instead of Trump this was a D President doing the actions. What would the R party be doing?

Please also know that what you see on Twitter or hear about happening on a college campus isn't also the D party's platform. There are lots of shades of grey when it comes to Free Speech and such a right is not absolute.

However, I do agree with Haidt that Speech does not also equal physical violence which is what the folks on College Campus seem to be equating:

With Due Process you need to be specific. Different actions have different Due Process steps. Some of which are in need of reform.

u/zspacekcc · 2 pointsr/Ohio

So there are quite a few options in the space, but I'll link the one I got below.

So the budget ones start at about 30 bucks, typically have built in batteries, and require about 9 hours to provide ~10 amp-hours worth of power. Your average phone takes between 3 and 8 amp-hours, so it will charge a 1-2 phones in 9 hours of sunshine. Now that's 9 hours of direct sun, so on cloudy winter days you could run short (if it's really cloudy). From my tests with it, even on a cloudy day it could charge my phone 30% in about 2 hours of summer sun, so you could probably charge one phone a day in the winter. This is what I got with my 200 dollar budget, but they sell some nicer ones if you're willing to spend a bit more. The big thing to look for is one that has a standard USB port, and can output at least 5 Watts.

The next tier up have foldable solar panels, and can provide 15-21 Watts, enough to charge tablets. These are typically used by backpackers and people that live in remote areas or off grid, but if you're wanting to be ready for anything, or keep your e-reader charged, they're worth looking at. These start at about 50 bucks and can run as high as 100. Most of these do not have internal batteries, so a charge pack is recommended if you want to be able to store power without having the device connected.

What I got was the basic tier:

Cheap option if you want to charge tablets (doesn't store power): If you want a power bank, get a large one, at least 25000 mAh. They run about 35 bucks.

u/Zeriah · 3 pointsr/Ohio

Columbus: 2,078,723 > Cleveland: 2,058,844

>had a difference in 3,000

The difference is 19,879, and while Cleveland has shrunk since 2010, Columbus has surged by over 9%.

I know that you want to be right, but unfortunately you are not. [I recommend this book to help you in the future!] ( Best of luck!

u/Bluedevil88 · 1 pointr/Ohio

> Under Obama they had a chance to actual transform our insanely terrible healthcare system. What did they do? Lobbed up a half-ass bill that really didn't change the fundamental issues because that was easier. Was it a step in the right direction, yes, but too small of a step, they played it safe to CYA themselves.

You've created a narrative in order to arrive at the conclusion you want. The ACA didn't go far enough because Obama wanted to try to get R and Conservative support. He wanted to make it overwhelmingly bipart. Hell, he even dropped the public option. That, could be argued as single act of failure of Obama's leadership rather than a system thing.

>More recent: How about the recent bill introduced where the house is trying to block free IRS software in favor of HR Block and other like companies.

That's not accurate. The IRS shall continue to offer its free filing program, the current existing one as described here

What the IRS cannot do, under the current continuation of the program, is create a system.

You can literally read the bill here

Even your source says it here "...codify an existing arrangement preventing the IRS from creating online tax filing software to compete with private services such as TurboTax."

Indeed, according to the WAPO one could read the law as giving the IRS permission to create a system it just can't create a system to "compete" with Turbo tax etc.

Moreover, a D president could direct the IRS to create such a system so long as it "can't compete" and then fight the legal battle in the courts.

To re-cap, it doesn't do what you think it does.

Now, if you wanted the IRS to compete directly with TurboTax to create a system then I guess you think all Ds and Rs are the same.

>BOTH parties are systemically failing and badly or do not believe we have the knowledge, money, and power to fix the problems around us???? This is mess what caused by both parties. Giving one a pass cause they like some other of my ideas is dumb.

Hardly. The Ds have issues but not a systemic-wide one like the Rs. It's clear I am not going to convince you to abandon your bothsideism but I would encourage you to read:

u/sulandra · 1 pointr/Ohio

Since when is making a profit on an investment such an evil act? I know the history and I've read his book.

The BoE created the opportunity that should have never existed, if not for their stupid behavior. Soros took advantage and made a profit. Why aren't you blaming the stupid policy makers at the BoE? Are you some sort of socialist who thinks making a profit is evil? Should all iphones be given away for free by Apple for zero profit and Google be handed over to the government so that all the profits can be spent by politicians?


u/tresbizarre · 4 pointsr/Ohio

For future reference, I've made some pretty good chili with these Cincinnati Chili spice packets.

u/coltocol · 3 pointsr/Ohio

I got this book last year and it’s absolutely phenomenal. It shows both female and male colors, breeding and non-breeding seasons, as well as flight patterns for that bird and maps during the different seasons as well.

u/Butterstick1108 · 1 pointr/Ohio

The Bob Evans restaurant chain originated in Ohio. So you could pick something from their menu. The first thing that came to mind for me was biscuits and sausage gravy.

If you want to do Cincinnati style chili, there are certainly plenty of recipes on the Internet which you could start from. If you don't mind starting with a spice packet, rumor has it that this brand is actually made by the Skyline company. You might be able to find it in grocery stores.

u/ballpark_mustard · 2 pointsr/Ohio

I have this one. It easily fits into my back pocket and orders each bird by color (not name) for the purpose of identification.

u/AceOfSpades70 · -1 pointsr/Ohio

20% of people who are non-religious identify as pro-life....

There are also plenty of pro-life doctors and scientists...

Just because you haven't educated yourself on the full scope of the topic, does not mean those view points opposed to yours do not exist.

u/raw157 · 1 pointr/Ohio

There is a book Haunted Ohio I and Haunted Ohio II which have many of the same things as the website but without making you want to scratch your eyes out! I suggest you check it out!

u/Ericovich · 18 pointsr/Ohio

There's a historical basis to the accent you're hearing in Dayton.

We've talked about this on the local subreddit.

From the 1920s to 1940s there was a massive migration from Eastern Kentucky to Southwest Ohio. This is mentioned in the book Hillbilly Elegy.

What you're hearing is an Appalachian accent. It's extremely common in our part of Ohio, especially in working class white neighborhoods.

Edit: Pasted the wrong link.