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u/Scarlettjax · 3 pointsr/OnTheBlock

I've lived through several evacuate or not situations in FL, and had the authority to make the call. It's not a great place to be in. So many things to take into consideration, the state of your infrastructure, the numbers to move and the transportation available to move them, where you move them to, moving staff and support with them, when to do it, how much is the cost (yes, you can get reimbursed by FEMA but it takes over a year in most cases), how and when to take them back, and on and on. Of course, how bad the storm is and whether or not you are in the direct path makes a difference too.

I would hope most correctional administrators have established MOU's or mutual aid agreements for emergency housing in such situations, but I know that's likely an optimistic view. And when the SHTF, sometimes all those agreements get blown away with the wind.

In all the cases I worked with, we stayed, but had extensive plans for contingencies, like loss of water and power, maintaining the ability to feed people and house our personnel and their families. You can't expect your staff to be there if you don't allow them to get their families evacuated or otherwise taken care of. Our personnel came in prepared for an extended stay.

We also released as many as we could with the blessing of the court well prior to the storm's arrival, and for the county sentenced we released, gave them a report-back date and time. We had almost 100% compliance for hundreds of inmates, and nobody died or was victimized during that time that we know of. I have to say almost because one dude did come back late and drunk, but that was the least of our worries.

If you want to read about what it can be like, read "No Ordinary Heroes" which describes in detail what happened in the New Orleans jail during and after Hurricane Katrina, and I've heard the stories of many others who lived through disasters in correctional facilities. We took in inmates from the BOP after Andrew and housed our counties juvenile detainees in some of the storms. The key is to plan like hell but be flexible enough to roll with the stuff that is going to happen that you didn't plan for.

Be safe if you gotta work through it, and don't be afraid to share any ideas you have with your management. They don't know it all and everyone has to be all in during times like this. If you get lucky and are off duty during the event, get back to help when you can, because they are going to need you for relief.


u/AyYoCO · 2 pointsr/OnTheBlock

Newjack Guarding Sing Sing

This book is great, I’m currently reading it and loving it. Its about a journalist who tries to follow a CO through the academy in the 90’s to be able to write about the CO’s experiences, gets denied and he decides to become a CO himself and recounts his firsthand experiences as a NY State CO. I like it because there’s a lot of similarities to my prison and what I’ve been and currently going through.

Rose Tainted Justice is also another good one i gotta read that was recommended by my instructor at the academy which deals with corruption in Corrections.

u/Drcornelius1983 · 3 pointsr/OnTheBlock

Learn to keep your cool and use your words. I see some younger officers come in acting hard, they have a rough time. You need to give respect to get it. A good rapport with an inmate will 9/10 solve any issue. Having good rapport will also get you more information from inmates who are willing to inform. I can't tell you how many times I have prevented inmate assaults or siezed hard contraband simply off of inmate tips.
The other big thing is to be able to identify inmate manipulation tactics. They WILL test you, and they will fuck with you in ways that your age will not allow you to see. It starts small, "Hey CO, can you look up the store/weather/address for me?". They are testing you to see how far you will go for them. The word no is your best friend. It's easier to turn a no into a yes than a yes into a no. On that, if one day you realize you have screwed up or gotten to close to an inmate AMD may have been compromised, go to your Lt or Sgt and be straight, they will help you.

Order this book now, it is so invaluable

u/TheFireSwamp · 2 pointsr/OnTheBlock

I have been wearing these for a year and a half Bates Men's Delta Side Zip 6 Inch Uniform Boot, Black, 11.5 M US ( I paid about 90, on Amazon so shop around). I wear them with Dr. Scholl's P.R.O. Pain Relief Orthotics for Heavy Duty Support (since unavailable, try something similar or Walmart). It adds extra support and cushion and makes my boots last longer. Since I started working 12s I actually added gel heel cups I had from when I was a kid to the mix. No kidding they're 15-20 years old and I still had them.

I also have two flashlights for my accountability and security checks. This one I love because it fits in my pen pocket and doesn't weigh me down : Streamlight 66122 Stylus Pro Pen Light with White LED and Holster, Blue

Everything on my duty belt is provided by my work, so these are my only purchases.

u/Nish5115 · 2 pointsr/OnTheBlock

I have a radio holder, flashlights, pouches for gloves, OC holder, here's the old oc case that I upgraded from which worked great for three years, Handcuff Case, Key Clips and/or Carabiners work great too.

u/DodgeDozer · 2 pointsr/OnTheBlock

The Polytac has served me well. Small but sturdy, and very bright. Fits in a cargo pocket if you need it to. Just don't rely on the clip as it'll break off pretty quick. I bought a holster for it.

u/jbrandona119 · 2 pointsr/OnTheBlock

Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro LED Pen Light with Holster, Black

Love this light. Perfect size and it's great for doing rounds in those dark cells. And it takes AAA.

I don't use the holster.

u/wolf_pack1997 · 5 pointsr/OnTheBlock My old man uses this make sure its real copper, but if it's looking like the statue of liberty it probably is.

u/Viper04 · 3 pointsr/OnTheBlock

I have one of these

It's great, and in the situation you described, should not come apart because it requires an additional button push to come apart.

u/tillthelast · 3 pointsr/OnTheBlock

Woot something I can contribute too! Fenix pd35 something I carry everywhere not just work. Super bright last about 2 weeks with moderate uses. Has setting 1000 lumens, strobe, low light for searching units.

u/kayriggs · 1 pointr/OnTheBlock

I do believe I found it on amazon, or at least close enough. Bianchi PatrolTek.

u/Hexdog13 · 1 pointr/OnTheBlock

If this was interesting for you then check this out:

u/laikalou · 2 pointsr/OnTheBlock

Check out the Garmin Forerunner 15. It's discontinued, but you can still get it from Amazon and probably other online stores. It has a GPS outdoor running mode and a watch/fitness tracker mode and can't connect to anything without a cable.

u/graylinelady · 3 pointsr/OnTheBlock

I have the second book. It's ok. Not bad, not great. Mostly common sense stuff.

I've got the following in my Amazon cart:

Game over: Strategies for Redirecting Inmate Deception

Officer Survival for Correctional Officers


What Every BODY is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Speed-Reading People

I also want to read Verbal Judo. I've got a copy of "Conflict Communication" that I need to finish reading. It's just really dry. I can't get in to it.