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u/ObnoxiousFactczecher · 0 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

> Ethiopian emissaries did pass through Bohemia on their way north at one point

And any citation of that...?

>If it's referring to trade between solely central and west Europe, it's right, but between the near-east and central Europe Bohemia was a logical stop.

Bohemia is Central Europe. And as Sedlar states,

>"Bohemia lay aside from the main long-distance routes through Central Europe, which in medieval times were linked to the Rhine or the Danube and their tributaries. This meant that its foreign trade was largely regional in scope; and Prague lacked the commercial importance of Vienna, Nuernberg, or Regensburg, where transit trade played a major role."

> ...

> "The kingdom of Bohemia was unfavorably situated to profit from staple rights, since the most important medieval transit routes bypassed its territory. The chief international thoroughfares which crossed in Prague--those from Nuernberg into Hungary and from Regensburg to Wroclaw-were of only secondary importance."

So no, hardly "a logical stop". Of "Central/West Europe and Venice, the Kipchak Khanate, Constantinople, and a little thing called the Ottoman Empire", the only route actually passing through Bohemia is the one ending or beginning in Bohemia. Now of course, unless you're insane, if you're going to the east, you actually start south and board a boat in the Adriatic. It's like three times faster.

> And as I pointed out, Ethiopian emissaries did pass through Bohemia on their way north at one point.

"At one point"? That's a rather strong appeal to chance, don't you think? In a land of a few million people, there was an Ethiopian emissary at one point - wonderful, so the average chance for a Medieval Bohemian to meet an exotic foreigner once in his life just went up from 0% to 0.02%! Now that's progress! That would perfectly justify his inclusion in the game! /s

> The level of stubbornness people display on this issue is interesting.

This I agree with; you are indeed exceedingly stubborn.

u/Thameus · 7 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

> e.g. they both use negging but is there a version where it is way more harsh? also, are pick up artists more socially acceptable than the red pillers

"Negging" is a specific PUA technique from the "Mystery Method" that is meant to "break through the bitch shield" and convince a woman that you are (in essence) sincere about engaging her socially and not just messing around. This is perhaps the most positive way to phrase that. PUAs "play a numbers game" in order to engage women that, as they see it, "want to be picked up".

A PUA is on a mission to get himself laid; whether or not that technique leads to something more substantive exceeds the scope of the technique. The general consensus is that these are "Dark Side of the Force" tactics.

Whether this is more socially acceptable than the red-pillers' deeper issues with power and sexual politics probably depends on your perspective.

u/unpopular_speech · 3 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

RE: actions are mischaracterized, I’m going to go with the low-hanging-fruit example of FOX news. Wikipedia has a great entry over FOX news controversies:

Of course, FOX isn’t alone in this. MSNBC will exaggerate the words and actions of the right, too. And many other organizations. I only offer FOX because it’s the easiest.

RE: tribalism preferred over truth, there are a plethora of example, and tangent examples (like the echo chamber model) which support this, but for an actual source, I could go with Jonathan Haidt’s book, The Righteous Mind.

Haidt explains that our tendency to form social groups enforces a expectation for social conformity, which favors group ideas and beliefs over external views and information even when that external information is demonstrably true.

We can see this behavior in religion as well. People insist that men have one less rib than women despite our ability to count them in xrays. Faith over fact.

u/kanyeguisada · 69 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

What is the source of this? This sounds like a flight attendants blog entry and there are some things in it which are untrue. If we're trusting anonymous sources on this, this comment from someone also on the flight seems to indicate the above is not correct:

>I was also on this flight, the lady had been told at a previous gate(her statement when he was telling her she needed to check it) she could bring on as carry on. She demonstrated to the attendant how small it got, and boy it got small I want one of these myself now(looks like it was some sort of magic quad fold thing that made it look almost like a briefcase). She was afraid the stroller would not be returned at the stop and be forced to walk around with all her stuff and the baby. In fact at one point another flight attendant came back with the stroller and put it in over head storage.
>I'm pretty sure they didn't have spare crew for the flight and in order to keep the flight from getting further delayed they let him stay and set her up with a new flight. It's not the best outcome as he should have been removed the second he got all riled up but I can understand doing this rather than making the other people on the plane wait 1-2 hours for a backup to come. This is just my thought on it though. I really would like to make sure they made it home as the babies were playing with me and a couple of other people in the boarding gate before the flight.
>Edit: Found the stroller in question here :
>14lbs weight and i you look at their site they have a bag cover that if used you'd wouldn't think it was a stroller.

In point number 1 in the post above it claims "dragging behind a very large folded stroller that was too big for the overhead bin or to go under a seat. ", and this is obviously not true. In fact, it seems the stroller was already in the overhead when this happened, watch the woman with the package with pink ribbon who's trying to explain to the captain about what happened and you can see she indicates the flight attendant was pulling the stroller down from the overhead.

Also this claim: "After about 40 minutes she deplanes again this time telling all of the passengers, who are now becoming vocal in support of the flight crew" sounds like complete BS, everybody on the video we saw was aghast at what the flight attendant had done and at the :50 mark of original video you can hear passenger say that the flight attendant struck the woman with the stroller while trying to be forceful.

u/theFavbot · 13 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

Skyrim has to this day been released on 6 different platforms, but many of these releases cane after initial launch so it’s been a joke for a while that the game will release on every platform known to mankind.

So you might see it being launched on a Game Boy Color or an Apple Watch, or even a graphing calculator (though it hasn’t actually been released on those platforms).

A 7th platform is the joke that Amazon pulled by releasing the game on Amazon Alexa:
So even Amazon joined in on that joke.

It just seems the meme is making it’s rounds again... and it’ll be back when they release it on ANOTHER platform.

u/SilverwingedOther · 69 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

When you have a book for kids like this existing: Elon Musk and the Quest for a Fantastic Future


...Can you really be surprised that he's got a bit of an ego?

u/thevoiceofzeke · 2 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

One of their former writers, Ben Thompson, wrote a pretty great book called Badass. He's also the maintainer of badassoftheweek, which used to be great but is pretty well dead now. Not sure what he's doing nowadays, but that's about as much "fame" as most writers will ever achieve.

u/TunerOfTuna · 9 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

I recommend reading The Plantegents it’s an easy to read book that isn’t that dry most of the time.

u/kiwipride · 1 pointr/OutOfTheLoop

Someone made a "Do You Like Bread" T Shirt lol

u/Hot_Zee · 0 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

This book will explain's fascinating!

u/InterPunct · 3 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

The Eleven Nations of North America (2012) is very similar, and by it's greater number more granular on the topic. As a New Yorker (New Netherlands) I can see its differentiation from New England (Yankeedom.)

u/GamesinaBit · 3 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

Yes, but is legally unable to have a second trial.

u/Oni0n · 3 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

There is a tell all book written by a former Scientologist called Going Clear.

u/BlueWaterfalls · 1 pointr/OutOfTheLoop

> Edit: Found the stroller in question here :

Oh I am so going to order this (ok back to the incident at hand) and than what happened?

u/ReservoirDog316 · 1 pointr/OutOfTheLoop

> I don't get it, why isn't she really writing anymore?

She'll basically never run out of money with what she did and it's really hard to make up new stuff. No reason to rush.

Having said that, she somewhat recently wrote this.

u/Psyladine · 3 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

You need to get your head out of your ass mate. They don't want to "meet the left halfway", they aren't interested in dialogue, or compromise, or getting along.

They would glady curb stomp you and piss on your corpse except it's just slightly against their favor right now. But every cringing waffling "surely we can talk through our differences!" type empowers them.

Since you enjoy edification, pick up a book next time.

u/OnlyDeanCanLayEggs · 30 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop


Summarizing sites like 4chan in a reddit post is really hard.

"This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" is a pretty fantastic gonzo-journalism/ethnography about online trolling culture circa 2012 that dives deep into the culture of 4chan users and other outlines of "troll culture".

I recommend it because I think it gives a better answer about the essence of those sites than is possible in this thread.

But to attempt to provide something in the way of an answer, I'll summarize the book's ultimate hypothesis:

  • Many of the most prominent posters to 4chan (and other similar sites, but I'm going to call them all "4chan" for ease of writing) compartmentalize their lives in "online troll" and "offline person". This allows them the ability to act in an anti-social or even sociopathic way online without suffering cognitive dissonance.
  • In the author's assessment, these online trolls put on the "Mask" of the cross-cultural culture hero "The Trickster". The Trickster has different forms in different cultures, but one of the common cross-cultural similarities in Trickster stories is that the Trickster breaks cultural norms and taboos to reveal something.
  • When viewed through this lens, online trolling can often be see as a way to reveal something. Through trolling, the victim is forced to confront their assumptions and values about a situation. The troll is asking them to see it in a new light, often to simply revel in the absurdity of existence in an Existential or even Nihilistic philosophical lens.
  • Other times, trolling victims are chosen precisely because they build themselves up as an authority, or some other type of important person or authority figure. Cross-Culturally, one of The Trickster's roles is to humble the powerful or arrogant. This type of trolling will often focus on the contradictions in the victims stances. The Trickster reveals.
  • All of this is amoral and largely unethical. The author struggles with making a value judgement around online trolling. Much of it is very cruel. But it intentionally exists outside of cultural norms and accepted behavior.
u/zedlx · 6 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

Gators can't chew. They usually kill their prey by doing the "death roll" and drowning them, and then stashing them in a lair somewhere under a river bank. After a few days, the decomposition process softens the meat enough for the gator to eat it.

Read about it in a children's book, of all places.

u/HornOfDagoth · 12 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

There are some really strict laws on what you are allowed to do with a dead human body, even if you own it. This book has a lot of eye-opening info about dead bodies and burial if you are so inclined to read. Though I am unsure if it covers cannibalism.

u/IntegrityNotIncluded · 72 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

Yikes. Literally none of this is accurate (as demonstrated by you using The Sun as a resource).

  1. The child supposedly molested in Monaco was Jordan Chandler, who isn't part of Leaving Neverland.
  2. Gavin and Star Arvizo are the two children who accused Jackson of supplying them with alcohol and pornography. (Your Smoking Gun link erroneously lists them as siblings of Frank Cascio, who categorically denied saying anything in his 2011 book.)
    1. As to the first claim, no witnesses ever saw Jackson serve alcohol to the minors, though some (witnesses Rijo Jackson and Simone Jackson, bodyguard Shane Meredith) have caught the Arvizo boys stealing bottles of wine from Jackson's wine cellar in his absence.
    2. As to the second claim, a search warrant of Jackson's house located mountains of adult, legal, heterosexual pornography, which was promptly spun into "grooming" charges. On one occasion, Star explicitly identified a magazine Jackson had apparently shown to him and his brother, despite said magazine having been issued months after they'd last seen him.
  3. Descriptions of Jackson's penis by the aforesaid Jordan Chandler did not match.
    1. Jordan claimed Jackson was circumcised, which he wasn't. (Arguments are often made that an uncircumcised penis can appear to be circumcised when erect, but given that Jordan had supposedly seen Jackson's genitalia "so many times and from every possible angle" [page 210], you'd think he'd know.)
    2. Dr. Richard Strick, a medical professional hired by the authorities to attend the strip search, was never shown Jordan's description and was only told afterwards that it was a match.
    3. Correctly identifying distinct marks or disfigurements on Jackson's naked body would constitute probable cause for the LAPD to file charges against Jackson, yet they never did.
    4. According to Jordan's uncle Raymond Chandler, Jordan offered a second description to family attorney Larry Feldman, which apparently required extended periods of refinement and adjustments before they "eventually arrived at" [page 210] one that matched.
    5. Prior to the search, Feldman stated that given the sporadic nature of Jackson's skin disorder, "anything [Jordan] says is irrelevant" because "if he's right he's right, and if he's wrong, we've got a simple explanation!" [pages 202-03].
    6. Feldman filed a claim that posed the potential of having the photographs of Jackson's penis barred from evidence.
    7. During the 1994 grand jury trial, authorities were "attempting to determine whether Jackson has done anything to alter his appearance so that it does not match a description provided to them by the alleged victim," which they logistically wouldn't otherwise do.
  4. No child porn was found at Neverland. Authorities refuted that claim years ago.
  5. Authorities confiscated 26 photography books from a library of thousands, three of which — The Boy, Boys Will Be Boys, and In Search of Youth Beauty — contained photos of nude children in non-sexual and non-explicit fashion. While questionable, it isn't illegal, especially considering the other photography books contained explicit forms of nudity and sexuality with adult men and women. Such material is the only vague link to child pornography found at Jackson's house: an impromptu November 2003 raid and seizure of Jackson's personal items, including computers and various safes, found absolutely nothing.
    1. Also, care to offer a source that these books were located in a secure filing cabinet? I can't seem to find such claims anywhere in the 2003-05 court documents.

      This is why it's important that people read the actual court transcripts and interviews instead of relying on tabloids and half-assed documentaries.

      EDIT: Silver! Hell yeah! Thank you!
u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/OutOfTheLoop

>I see where you're coming from, but in this country in every country throughout all of mankind(assuming you're american) there have been serious government/institutional discrimination against certain groups

First of all, FTFY. Second of all, America was the country that reversed those wrongdoings and ended slavery and institutional racism towards minority groups, except for the few remaining institutions we're still battling (Affirmative Action and Diversity hiring incentives would be two that still remain). So if anything, minorities should be being taught that they live in the most freedom-producing country on the face of the earth, and in many ways they do. Also, the fact that so many third-worlders risk their lives to escape their shit hole countries to come and live here is testament to the fact that we've created wonderful living conditions. Racism can be a source of disparity between groups but it's one of many, and in this day and age it's hardly even a factor anymore. The idea that your grandparents may have lost wealth due to racism or your great great grandparents may have lost wealth due to slavery is irrelevant. Many people lost their great great grandparents in World War 1 or World War 2. I don't hear any talks of reparations from the government for that.

>If you want to argue this, you need to put forward evidence both of these differences, and a causal mechanism that leads to disparities between groups

No I don't. Plenty of evidences exists. I don't NEED to put forward any of the evidence myself, especially considering the format we're using. It's a completely informal Reddit post, not a debate panel. You have a world of information at your fingertips and you're more than capable of doing your own research. This idea that you don't have to believe anything that people don't explicitly prove to you in the most formal contexts is absolute horseshit. Plenty, and I mean plenty of research has been done on the various causes of differences in outcomes between groups due to evolutionary and biological differences. I can point you to a few resources but it's on YOU to actually read the books and there's no reason you can't do preliminary research on your own. The Bell Curve by Charles Murray, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion by Jonathan Haidt, and The Evolutionary Bases of Consumption by Gad Saad would be a good start.

>Also not totally sure what you mean by this, what are differences in free-will?

Just different choices and differences in how people exercise their free will to associate or not associate with people that can help bring them up or drag them down. For example, if you choose to join a gang and peddle drugs, you're exercising your free will in a way that will not be conducive to well-being and success.

>You can assume that people with a shared negative experience of slavery/discrimination would psychologically be more inclined to identify as a group.

To share something with another is to possess it with that person. In other words, you do NOT share the experiences of your grandparents or great-grandparents, unless you were personally there to experience it. I had grandfathers/step grandfathers who were drafted (that's slavery by the way) and were injured in the Korean and Vietnam wars and then returned home to suffer serious PTSD and substance abuse problems. This affected their lives in many ways, including how much they were able to earn and pass down to me via generational wealth as a result of their disabilities, but I wouldn't DARE make the claim that I have a shared experience and identify with them as a group of veterans because of what they went through. It had nothing to do with me.

I also don't complain about it and make it a part of my political platform because it's happened to people of every group and skin color. Blacks DO NOT have a market on the lack of generational wealth passed down. Many more whites died and lost the ability to earn future income as a result of participation in foreign wars than blacks ever did from the slave trade. Millions and millions of Americans have died as a result of both world wars, and the amount of blacks in the slave trade is chicken feed compared to that.