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u/dacv393 · 1 pointr/Outlier

Yeah good point. Guess mine doesn't really fit the bill for OP. I only have a few merino wool shirts. I have even noticed they aren't doing too well hanging in my closet. I had them in there since I remembered something about how they should be kept with space between them while hanging or something. Any recommendations for storing them? Just fold them all?

Also, I know there are a few other hangers that may be ok for drying wool, like these or these, but no clue how well they work. Also, since I only have a couple shirts, I think that my rack, combo'd with one like this would be a sweet portable set-up to fit all my needs. I'm sure something like this 6-layer one might be better for OP, but uses a lot of space

u/elevenrabbits · 8 pointsr/Outlier

Fourthed. I've got the midweight robe (great material) and heavyweight pullover hoodie (not that heavy, more just serious. You could exfoliate with it, when its new. Bit like Strongtwill to the midweight's Workcloth, in Outlier terms. RC Heavyweight + Strong Dungarees + solid boots = yyyeeeaaahhh). Love them both: simple but great design, impeccable construction. Also quietly made in Canada, without droning on about that endlessly.

(Unlike, say, Flint & Tinder. I donated their "10-year hoodie" after about 3 years. It'd sagged and bagged out to the point that I'd have been embarrassed to wear it in public, and I am not easily embarrassed on that front. Total piece of crap. I counted 17 references to American manufacturing on a F&T product page once, but they're the worst ad for it I've ever seen.)

RC's sister brand Wings and Horns is also great. The Japanese felted wool they have at the moment is nice, and the regular ones are great as well.

Mission Workshop is also worth a look for more overtly technical stuff. I've got their now discontinued Torre, which apart from snagging (solution) has been great.

u/rubbish808 · 2 pointsr/Outlier

Dish soap should get it out. Just scrub it gently. Also, buy this sunscreen. It’s terrific and doesn’t stain your clothes.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen,

u/driggity · 2 pointsr/Outlier

I went cheap with a Flexfit Delta because I wanted something to beat on and don't really like adjustable hats. The logo isn't too bad and it's held up well. The small holes mean it's not fully waterproof but it is water repellent and the seams are taped so it works pretty well in the rain.

u/hahahaswag · 4 pointsr/Outlier

(Maybe the obvious answer but) I use a G-Shock 5600 . Cheap, durable, and pretty minimal. There are some cool color ways and collaborations out there but I like the original.

u/BashyLaw · 2 pointsr/Outlier

I use two of these racks from Polder.

They're easy to store, include a mesh net that allows for lay-flat drying, and the brand name harkens to the effortless Dutch aesthetic to which I aspire.

Much in the same way "Outlier" is a statement about who you are, let "Polder" inform the world of your agricultural best practices.

u/usofmind · 4 pointsr/Outlier

I haven’t used it on my gostwyck t-shirt but there was another thread asking a similar question. Someone recommended this stuff. To my surprised it actually removed the deodorant from multiple shirts. It worked for me... probably worth trying.

u/smellslikepeppah · 2 pointsr/Outlier

Honestly I would keep scrubbing with a cleaner and washing - I used Puracy and it worked well enough for me when I encountered this issue. I ended up also switching to a spray deodorant a few years back and have not had any issues since (used to use a white colored deodorant stick).

u/BrennivinUSA · 2 pointsr/Outlier

Cats mostly. Get a Snag-Nab-It tool to fix them, best $4 you will spend.

u/cornelln · 1 pointr/Outlier

Like others said you don't know what it is which makes it harder. But I've had good luck w this product.



I dab a bunch on, let it sit, dab some more, let it sit... Then hand scrub or machine wash. I've seen it take out oil based stains on some clothing that multiple machines washes had failed to do. BTW you don't need the whole set of varieties but since you don't know what the stain is...


u/Goddamn_Batman · 1 pointr/Outlier

SD's aren't the warmest pair of pants, I'd pick up a merino wool baselayer off Amazon, can find okay ones for like $50

u/shenyt · 1 pointr/Outlier

I haven't had any experience with it but I've read decent reviews of it. Definitely the cheapest by far.

Woolly 190GSM

u/Noixd · -1 pointsr/Outlier

Use this to wash your merino stuff. Make it feel thicker and nice!

u/fifth_columnist · 1 pointr/Outlier

I have one of these on hand, I tried it out on my ultrafine merino for the first time and it worked like magic. Tshirt looks new again..

Can't comment on how fast the pilling will return, but so far its been fine.

u/dash-80 · 7 pointsr/Outlier

I use Granger's Performance Wash whenever I clean my SD's. I've used their combination Wash + Repel to restore DWR on a pair of mine that I accidentally washed with regular detergent.

After using either/or of those products, putting them in the dryer (after thoroughly hanging to dry) really brings the DWR back to life, from my experience.

u/Leuke · 1 pointr/Outlier

Someone recommended this last time they sold out. I picked it up and it’s don’t the job nicely. Nothing fancy, but it works and fits my massive head.

u/42_3581N_71_0636W · 2 pointsr/Outlier

I used this one from Conair. Works well for my merino tees too.

u/_nullspace · 1 pointr/Outlier

I've used this tool before for snags in my other clothes. Works well and saves a lot of time.

u/lwhitit · 1 pointr/Outlier

> Atsko Permanent

This one?

+1 on the Atsko Sport wash.