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u/metoo79 · 1 pointr/PEDs

I hear you, it affected mine too. I've cut down to a smaller dose which may be the main help. But I found somewhere someone mentioned a product called DIM that helps with excess free estrogen. I've been taking that too and I think it's been a big help. I get bad night sweats which is a sign of estrogen issues (kind of like hot flashes in my sleep). I forgot the dim one night and I was sweaty again. So it's definitely helping with something. I also saw in the reviews for the product I bought (on amazon) a male bodybuilder even reviewing the product and saying it helped him. So I really do think it's going to help but of course I can't guarantee it!

Here is a link - DIM (Diindolylmethane) / Extra Strength- 200mg with BioPerine (2 Month Supply). Promotes Beneficial Estrogen Metabolism in Both Men and Women. BioPerine Allows the Body to Better Absorb the DIM. Commonly used for Estrogen-Dominance. Vegan, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, GMO-Free, Mico-Encapsulated, and Made with Veggie Capsules. The Superior, Most Natural, Safest, and Most Complete DIM on Amazon! A Must Have for Adults Over 40!

u/mc_appleton · 1 pointr/PEDs

Aside from a plethora of health benefits, the immediate benefits are skin ripping pumps. It increases blood flow and opens up all of your veins. Feels amazing when you're lifting as well. There's a burn that's way more intense than a Beta Alanine tingle, and I like that shit lol.

But seriously, if you're interested in why you should be taking it as well, there's a great book that goes into detail of what it does for you here:

I highly recommend it!

u/xM4xGrimmx · 1 pointr/PEDs

Those spoons work for measuring, but keep in mind that density varies based on a chemical, so while they will measure around or close to 10mg; it will not be exactly 10mg.
If you use a measuring spoon make sure the substance sits level in the spoon and to scrape any extra off the top for accurate measuring.
Also it's easy to have many powders fall out of those spoons (I remember because I used to use them for Synephrine HCl from powder city)
Here is a link to a $20 milligram scale if you want exact dosing though:
If you get the scale make sure to calibrate it first using the weights to make sure it's accurate.

Suspensions imo are alot less of a time hassle for LGD because the dosing is much more convenient, as you need 10mg/mL.
For suspending LGD all you really need to do is buy a 1g packet of it, fill a 120ml bottle with 100ml of propylene glycol and then mix the entire packet into it, cap it and shake.
I might opt for the capsule method with more complex dosages or high density dosages of a substance.
Either way you'll be good though.

u/HueOlvera · 1 pointr/PEDs

thanks for the response! thats really helpful. Would something like this be ok? also, would it be necessary to rub into the skin or could i drop on the tongue? thanks in advance.

u/idgaf- · 2 pointsr/PEDs

One thing I added is a DeskCycle under my desk at work. In the morning I take one dose of EC and pedal away. It comes out to an extra 100 calories an hour, plus I feel like I walked several miles by lunch. If you got a desk job it's the bomb.

I've been doing this during my slow bulk to manage the fat gain.

u/DarkLordTrenReaper · 5 pointsr/PEDs

Better off getting legit powder toremifene from ceretropic. I personally find it much more effective.
But a mg scale from amazon and measure it out.

I do 4 weeks 120-120-90-60

Better option than rolling the dice on some random vendor.

u/KlugReeOlympic · 1 pointr/PEDs

If you're gonna spend $10 on those, you might as well buy a full featured scale like this one for only $15 more. On the frequently bought together part, it lists the scale, a scooper, and empty pill capsules for $40.

>I'm not affiliated with any of the company's that produce/distribute the product(s) I promoted (including amazon). Just trying to save you a few bucks

u/AftermarketMesomorph · 5 pointsr/PEDs

Scoops measure volume, not mass. A given volume of one substance could weigh significantly more than another.

If you want to be somewhat accurate you should get a milligram scale.

The best method is to make a solution or suspension with a larger amount of powder and liquid and measure that out as needed.

u/swolesauce_ · 1 pointr/PEDs

Hey man was worried about this aswell so I picked this up from amazon really helped

PURA D'OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo Clinically Tested, Infused with Argan Oil, Biotin & Natural Ingredients, Sulfate Free, All Hair Types, Men and Women, 16 Fl Oz (Packaging may vary)

u/GunkPile · 1 pointr/PEDs

Ive been using
NutraBio Yohimbe (8mg) - 120 Vegetable Capsules

I think it's pretty potent. I use 24mg a dose. I definitely feel it with caffeine in a fasted state. Build your way up that dose though.

u/anonuser8394652 · 1 pointr/PEDs

The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Living a Fully Optimized Life

u/IAmTheGov · 1 pointr/PEDs

I was going to buy this scale to do it:

Smart Weigh JDS20 Jewel Digital Scale 20g x 0.001g - Black

u/lets-get-weirder · -1 pointsr/PEDs

This works for me. I get downvoted for saying this but it’s true. BulkSupplements D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) Powder (500 Grams)

u/the_chucknorris · 1 pointr/PEDs

I haven't used BPC for tennis/golfers elbow but little exercises and massages did help. What I did was use a theraband and a hand spinner to exercise the forearm and just simply massage it from time to time. Haven't had issues since

u/nevercomment · 1 pointr/PEDs

Thanks, I'll do more research. Can you tell me if this product is the same as NDT? I'm not sure if there's a different term for the product in the UK.

u/killa187em · 1 pointr/PEDs

It really don't matter man,if you go with the powder(which like you said is cheaper) get the Gemeni 20 Scale,it's very accurate and affordable.

u/khtra123 · -16 pointsr/PEDs

Goal (glycine ornithine arginine lysine combination) and I have also heard of increasing hgh naturally with GOAL amino acids. Doctor Oz explains it well.

u/Sequoia_Throne83 · 1 pointr/PEDs

That's still quite a variance. Found this one that seems to be much more accurate. Wouldn't mind spending the extra.


u/johnsmith66 · 1 pointr/PEDs

Use a syringe (without the needle). That's what I use, and it's very accurate.

u/Devonkev · 1 pointr/PEDs

Before you go to a specialist read this book so you know what you're talking about.

u/notomedrogas · 2 pointsr/PEDs

Lactose powder seriously. I can tell just by looking at creatine, protein powder, all the other shit people recommend as fillers that they would have nowhere near the mixability of Lactose.

u/Siaki · 2 pointsr/PEDs

Try this out:

I take it twice a day and it helped bring down my BUN/creatinine levels that were elevated. Kidney pain was very minimal and I didn’t have yellow piss on 12mg/6 weeks.