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u/leya1 · 2 pointsr/PHBookClub

Hi! I am looking for an Illustrated Fairy Tales book, particularly one from my childhood which I always borrowed from my neighbor. Now that I'm earning, I'd like to buy that book for my own collection. It is quite an old book (1994), and the stories are the darker versions of our beloved fairy tales. I've been scouring Booksales for this, and if you do find it near you please let me know :)

A Treasury of Fairy Tales by Annie-Claude Martin

I'm including the Amazon link so you can see what the book looks like. I'm pretty sure some of you have this on their own bookshelves ;)

u/mrsrobin · 1 pointr/PHBookClub

It's the same format like the NIV only with more casual language. I think it was this cover (Amazon link), but my sister got it for me from NBS Katipunan, gosh, about 13 years ago.

Yeah probably because my prof is as old as King James (not LeBron) lol. Nah he's well-steeped in Shakespeare and such so that kind of language is probably very easy to understand for him, whereas the rest of us mortals have to reach for our annotated versions.

u/arsenicand · 2 pointsr/PHBookClub

So I read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo--an extremely helpful book, if I do say so myself-- and her rule for tidying up books is to dispose of every book you haven't read up to this point.

It sounds extremely drastic, but it somehow makes sense: if you haven't read the book up 'til now, there's a big chance you won't ever, because the time it was relevant was the moment you picked it up and bought it. There are, of course, exceptions to that rule.

I cheated in my own tidying up process. I separated books which are essential to me, those I feel like I will never read and donated those, and those I will keep until the end of the year to read. The last ones are mostly quick reads, not classics, which I feel will be enjoyable reads nonetheless. So I guess, starting this week, I'll pick one up and read those. Watch out for the weekly reviews. :D

u/the_switch_bitch · 2 pointsr/PHBookClub

If I may ask, what's the other graphic novel you've read so far?

I recommend reading Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. :)

u/anotherMiguel · 2 pointsr/PHBookClub

Reading John McPhee's Table of Contents. I wish I was as articulate as he is.

u/gotpaidtowrite · 2 pointsr/PHBookClub

I just finished reading Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson last night, which is the first book in the Malazan Book of the Fallen series. It's a fantasy book that a close friend recommended to me after we'd been complaining about how GRRM is taking so long to release the next book in the series - the primary draw of this one is that there are already ten novels written in the Malazan series!

While I feel like some parts of it really drew me in, the way that the book is written is such a slog for me. The book begins in the thick of things and it was a bit difficult to get a handle on the characters and the plot lines. Right now, I'm waffling on whether I should purchase the second one, especially when there are other books in my TBR pile!

u/I-want-to-roleplay · 1 pointr/PHBookClub

If you have a tablet, you can install Amazon's kindle app and buy a digital copy for about PHP360