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u/backseatredditor · 4 pointsr/POTS

Yes! This was something I put a lot of thought into when I was really sick.

  • /u/mnicoleb1773 already mentioned body wipes, which is an essential for the spoonie life. We're living in the golden age of body wipes and I love it. There are the medical grade ones (like these) and the fancier ones they sell in stores now for, like, "active people on the go", and the deodorant ones just for underarms, or whatever. For vulva-owners, I definitely recommend a wipe designed for that area.

  • After the wipes, a good body powder is sometimes helpful (I love Lush's "silky underwear" to use under arms and the underboob area).

  • For hair, if yours is short enough you can use rinse-free shampoo (some even come in a shower cap form where you just put it on and smoosh it around and throw it out). I usually fared better with dry shampoo and a re-hydrating spray for curly/wavy hair since my ends tend to dry out.

  • And then there's shaving. Get an electric shaver that works dry. I got this basic one for $18, and it's absolutely good enough. I even use it on underarms after getting the area clean and thoroughly dry (a tiny bit of powder rubbed in before is helpful to reduce friction).

  • Another option for shaving is the shave cream by EOS. It can be used dry! And it works as long as your razor is good and sharp and you go a tiny bit slower. (I wiped a damp washcloth on my legs first and that seemed to help) And then follow it with a damp cloth to get the residue. And you can just be sitting on the floor to do this anywhere.

  • When I was feeling ambitious enough to shower, a stool was essential. My shower is tiny, and this one still fit. If you've got a bigger shower stall (or even a tub!) you can find some cuter shower chairs, even.

  • And I would sit to floss. And really just, any time that it was logistically possible.
u/tazend314 · 1 pointr/POTS

Lyte Show is a life saver

ultima electrolyte drink mix

The ultima has no added fake sugar, or brominated veg oil or any of that crap and has a lot more minerals than Gatorade/Powerade. I love the raspberry but there's tons of flavors and they also come in individual packets but I prefer the scoop to make pitchers of it.

The lyte show is great to keep in your bag for when you really need help. It's also great for athletes and binge drinkers because of how quickly it replenishes. It does taste like salt water but not as bad as you would
Think. The other option will
Taste better and be easier for you to drink but this is for when you need it quickly...and it really doesn't taste that bad

I swear by both of these.

u/fieldsr · 2 pointsr/POTS

Thanks so much for your reply! Great stuff in your comment. We've talked a lot about days where she doesn't have the energy and days she does. Still a struggle, but not an issue (if that makes sense). I'm pretty high energy, so often need to adjust. We're great on communication, and actually tend to balance each other out.

She uses dry shampoo a lot, never realized that was a POTS thing! I'll try to keep a can at my house; she's pretty picky on her brands.

I guess I'd never thought about the loneliness aspect; that must be really tough. I'll talk to her about her feelings with that.

Going along with that and the shower stool... She has a shower stool at her house currently. A clunky, medical-'for-the-elderly'-looking one. She hasn't said this directly, but I imagine she hates it.

She's mid-twenties, has a lot of spunk, and a ton of style. Obviously her shower stool doesn't fit her style at all. I kinda wonder if it's a weird reminder. Like an eyesore that reminds her that she's only 26 but needs a shower-stool.

I may be totally wrong about her feelings, it's just something I think about. Wanted to get your opinion on this. It's totally her style, and I want to surprise her with it. Is this something you'd use? Or do you think would cover your needs of what you need a shower stool for? It's a bit expensive, so want to ensure I'm on the right page. If so, I think she'd love it. May make a post about it to get the communities opinion.

Sorry for the ramble; thanks for your help!

u/ArcFlash · 1 pointr/POTS

I'm so sorry you're going through this: I have POTS/MCAS and am in the fifth year of a PhD program, so I identify very strongly with what you're saying. I also live ~ a mile from school, and get unusually sweaty walking in. Having a chronic, invisible illness while young, when everyone supposes you to be perfectly healthy, can be incredibly socially isolating and depressing. I've been lucky, and was able to see a great POTS doctor since high school who's helped me immeasurably.

You mentioned you were drinking fluids: have you tried salt supplements? Many people with POTS find these very helpful. In my experience, packets that contain glucose work better than just straight salt (glucose aids intestinal absorption of salt). I take one of these each morning, and they help me with pre-syncope, energy, and brain fog:

It's great that you're still exercising, but keep in mind that exertion can be a trigger for POTS. Mild exercise is good: just be careful to avoid the vicious cycle of exercise -> symptoms -> frustration with symptoms -> harder exercise to try and 'get healthy' -> worse symptoms.

If you have any questions or just need someone to talk to, feel free to pm me. Also, I don't know what field you're in, but if you have any questions about applying for PhD programs, I'd be happy to help with that too!

u/PreviousDifficulty · 2 pointsr/POTS

You might also consider a no-rinse shampoo cap, found here No Rinse Shampoo Cap (5-Pack)

A shower chair (or just a cheap plastic stool) is a must.

Long term, if you can gradually increase your activity, it will help almost every aspect of POTS. Just start wherever you are, and do a bit more of it. Can you just barely walk to the kitchen and back to bed? Try to do that twice today. Maybe in a week do it four times, etc. I started barely being able to walk around the house, and just did a tiny bit more each day. I can now walk a couple miles every day, and my POTS symptoms are substantially better, including my ability to be in the shower.

Good luck to you! I hope you find something that helps.

u/PM_me_your_EDS_tips · 1 pointr/POTS

That I don’t know. Great question for your doctor, maybe along with testing for other electrolytes. Otherwise you’ll have to use your own judgment on what seems helpful.

If you do increase your sodium, it may be prudent to match it with potassium. You lose potassium when your body flushes out the sodium, and many people don’t get enough to begin with.

I haven’t decided on a recipe yet, but I’m making a new electrolyte mix. Probably with potassium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. Bicarbonate is an electrolyte as well (our bodies can produce it). At the right ratio I can get around 1:1:1 sodium, potassium, and chloride. Plus bonus bicarbonate. I might pair it with a magnesium drink as well, or buy the ingredients and add them to my mix. I salt my food heavily, so my electrolyte mix is mostly to fill in gaps and avoid imbalances. I’ll probably take 7-10g of the mix daily to start, which will only be a couple grams of sodium.

Hopefully that helps? I’m still learning about electrolytes.

u/kalechipsyes · 5 pointsr/POTS

Speaking of which, if you are able to invest some $$, I recently bought myself this:

Cost me a month's rent, and I am extremely, extremely low on cash, but I was housebound and desperate not to get any worse than I already am. I have not regretted the purchase. If I run out of cash next month and get evicted, I still won't regret it, and you better believe that this thing is coming with me.

What's great about rowing is that it is a full body cardio workout. Then, this machine also has just-arms or just-legs options, which is great for when my other symptoms take one set of limbs out of the running. Plus, being so low to the ground and recumbent, I don't have to worry about injuring myself if I get woozy. It also has built-in HR.

There are significantly cheaper rowers out there, so definitely take a look even if $600 is too much, but avoid anything less than like $300. There is a steep dropoff in quality after that point. The cheap ones use a different mechanism for the band and so are wont to leak oil everywhere, and have something of an elastic recoil vs the smooth resistance of the magnetic dynamo used in more expensive models. Still, rowing machines are unmatched in terms of bang for the buck among exercise machines, especially considered how low-impact they are. If you can sit upright and bend your joints, you can use one - though, the recumbent one above does not even need that much ability to use!

u/sidthekid13 · 1 pointr/POTS

So sorry, we understand. Here is a list of almost all helpful therapies for POTS from prescription RXs, to herbs, to lifestyle changes etc. There are lots of supplements that can relieve some pots symptoms. Important to load on salt, wear compression, hydrate extra, as you probably know.

I suggest Hawthorn berry for lowering BP naturally, it also lowers BPM. It's often called "nature's beta blocker" and I don't think it should negatively interfere with a BB BUT I don't know! Read the reviews, do your own research and if you choose to take it start slowly as with anything. I don't want to take responsibility if it makes you feel worse, but honestly, I really really feel it can help you! at least a bit int he mean time.

u/sparerica · 3 pointsr/POTS

Try these: Heat Factory Merino Wool Socks with Toe Heat Warmer Pockets, Medium

They are socks with a little pocket for those single-use hand warmers. The same factory makes gloves as well.

u/mixtheskittles · 3 pointsr/POTS

Mine was very sudden as well. Ended up being able to pinpoint it to a virus (hand, foot, and mouth) that caused pericarditis (inflammation of the lining of my heart). I didn't feel sick at all, but started having chest pains, increased heart rate, and passing out. First 3 ER visits all said I was having panic attacks.

From being in a similar situation, I know that the change can be rough. I went from working out 1-2 times a day, playing all day volleyball tournaments, and running half marathons - a year later now sometimes I am too tired to get off the couch, throwing up and passing out after 3 miles, and experience incredible soreness. Sometimes there are good days, some days are not so great.

Btw - found this to be great for hydrating

u/xconomicron · 1 pointr/POTS

Jobst Ultrasheer has compression at the waist.

They are quite different than the Jobst Relief and Jobst Opaque in the waist.

Sigvaris is on Amazon

The Eversheer/Sheer - 780; Sigvaris Comfort 860; Soft Opaque 840 all have compression briefs / waists.

u/doc_samson · 1 pointr/POTS

I use these tablets for situations like that, they seem to work just fine for me.

I also have these, they are ok but I don't like them as much, they make fizzy flavored water:

u/Jackson975 · 1 pointr/POTS

I use salt stick and it's amazing. Haven't tried that brand but it looks to be about the same price.

Link to Amazon

u/DavidABedbug · 2 pointsr/POTS

We haven’t tried anything out yet but here ya go:

Elegear Twin Size Cooling Blanket...

NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks -...

oaskys Twin XL Mattress Pad Cover...

u/premier-cat-arena · 2 pointsr/POTS

These are my favorite ones. However they are extremely firm compression so the first ones are a bit hard to put on but worth it imo. Some people say you need ones that go at least to your thigh but personally I find they work about the same, if not the socks better than the hose. I used to have very severe POTS and these helped a ton. However do NOT ever sleep in them, it’s unsafe.

Compression Socks 30-40mmHg (1...

ITA-MED Microfiber Knee Highs -...