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u/Bert50 路 1 pointr/PelvicFloor

There are two components to the problem. The first is to change the habit of tensing those muscles. This is pretty tough but you just need to be conscious of any time you are tensing your abdominal muscles. Practice diaphragmatic breathing all the time. Aim for 1-2 minutes of focused breathing each hour. The second part is loosening the chronically tightened tissue. There are many PT tools that can be used to help loosen up the tissue. This is the thing that my PT recommended that I use, and it really works. Basically you use the cup to create suction, then slide it around your skin and it achieves the same effect as the PT using skin-rolling and other massage techniques. It's a cheap but effective tool. Additionally, you could try some 2-4 inch massage balls (they come in spiked and non-spiked) to help roll out the tissue. Besides those things, you can try pulling on your belly button (yep). If you're ever bored and sitting at home, feel free to start pulling on your belly button in different directions to try to free up the surrounding tissue. Pull until you feel some tension and then hold for 30 seconds. Hope this helps!

u/emileegrace321 路 2 pointsr/PelvicFloor

I am just so sorry you鈥檙e going through this. Totally unacceptable of that office.. I would be filing a complaint against them ASAP. Are there any other nook doctors or excision specialists within driving distance? I would also second trying some self help books for the PT. Seeing a therapist is ideal, but it鈥檚 totally possible to do the work on your own.

This book has been a wonderful resource for me:

It touches on a lot of different things.. breathing and relaxation, stretching and strengthening, and internal trigger point release. There鈥檚 a whole program in the book you can follow. You can also buy a trigger point tool on Current Medical Technologies just like what a lot of the physical therapists use.

u/Openworldgamer47 路 1 pointr/PelvicFloor

First of all rule out a bacterial infection by seeing a urologist. 90% of the time that is not actually the problem though. If it is problem solved otherwise acquire the sixth edition of "A Headache in The Pelvis" to learn about the Stanford Protocol. This will teach you everything you need to know about your condition, treating it, and healing. It will take time. Honestly, I wish I wasn't such a stubborn bastard 2 years ago and just bought the fucking book. Because I kind of just wasted 2 years of my life. There are other great books on treating pelvic floor dysfunction. But this one in particular is truly sublime if you ask me. The amount of detail that they go into is spectacular. I understand my condition very well now. And I know how to treat it. The best part is that a physician isn't even necessary. You can treat this condition most effectively alone.

u/orbitaga 路 1 pointr/PelvicFloor

The Protocol was developed in Stanford university By Rodney Anderson (urologist) and David Wise (urologist / phycologist) . Dr Wise had the chronic Pelvic pain for decades so he tried to make a program in order to cure it.


As far as i understand it , CPPS is a neuromuscular problem, in which people tighten ther pelvis and areas around it involuntarily and without even realizing it. These people do it due to high stress high anxiety status. So , at least in my case and in the cases described by Wise Anderson protocol, the problem is psychological. I didnt even know that i was creating tension in my pelvic muscles until much later in my effort to find something to make me better.


They use various ways of relaxing the muscles around the pevlis :

They use a breathing technique, a kind of meditation named paradoxical relaxation (i believe a CD with paradoxical relaxation guide is inclluded in the book).


Trigger point release . Again described in detail in the book pressure point specific areas.


Internal Trigger Point Wand that allows the patient to safely and effectively loosen the pelvis


They published a book that describes in detail the symptoms and the techniques to overcome this problem.


Information about the program , the techniques you can find here:



thses are some quick general information about the program . I would like to know what your symptoms are exactly so we can discuss it more.

u/UernameRedacted 路 1 pointr/PelvicFloor

I鈥檝e shared this before, but don鈥檛 know if anyone else has tried it. It works for me: I got a 12lb exercise ball (AmazonBasics Medicine Ball, 12-Pounds I roll it clockwise around my abdomen while laying in bed. When I find a sore spot, I rest it there. You can do self-massage, but I always found it hard to apply pressure AND relax at the same time. I鈥檓 a pretty big guy鈥攏ot huge, but 鈥渟turdy鈥, so 12lb was good for me. You may want to adjust which weight you get based on your size. You want it to push with some force, but not so much you have to tense up. I do it for 15-20 min before sleep and after a few days, it does help. Just practice breathing. As you exhale, let the ball rest on the sore bits to work the knots out. If you don鈥檛 want to buy a ball, try an empty milk jug filled with water (1 gallon of water = 8lbs). But the rigid exercise ball is perfect for me.

This is my own personal discovery. I鈥檓 not a doctor or a PT. I鈥檇 be interested to know how it feels/works for you. Shoot me a message if you try it.

u/DownWithThat4 路 2 pointsr/PelvicFloor

please try this and crystals below

it's working, along with bath crystals

Not only is it actually supremely relaxing, works nearly instantly, truly supports your body in a safeway.... it is essentisl for your health anyway.

90% Americans deficient

pills suck

u/poopa-chalupa 路 1 pointr/PelvicFloor

I'm assuming you've been checked for diabetes. It could be pfd as it sounds like they did thorough testing for anything else. Just warning you the tests for pfd are not pleasant.

I have pfd but it doesn't cause urinary problems too often for me but that doesn't mean you don't potentially have it. Also letting you know that with pfd, the mind is thought to be a major contributing factor and physical therapy is often accompanied with talk therapy. It's really up to you if you want to pursue testing and see if this route is worth it.

There's also a good book about pfd excercises if you just wanted to try them at home. Most of the exercises in the book are just regular stretches but there is some inner rectal work involved.

u/yaNahmean 路 1 pointr/PelvicFloor

A Headache in the Pelvis might be a good read as its research mainly focused on male pelvic pain. I am female with chronic pelvic pain and the book has at least given me other outlooks and resource. Valium suppositories helped me more than oral muscle relaxers as my personal experience. I鈥檝e also had suppositories compounded with baclofen and tetracaine (and Valium). Possibly finding a second opinion urologist or even a pain management might help getting answers. Good luck

u/igot99symptoms 路 1 pointr/PelvicFloor

Of course, here it is: Hab It: Pelvic Floor

I鈥檓 doing the exercises right now in bed! I wish I kept up with it so my symptoms would never relapse. Pelvic floor problems are such a pain because it affects your quality of life so much. I鈥檒l be rooting for you! Hope you find relief soon:

u/taydaygrim 路 2 pointsr/PelvicFloor

Have you looked into a coccyx pillow? I bought this one on Amazon for work and it鈥檚 helped me. It鈥檚 not also lower back support so that maybe something missing for you.

u/andrewdotson88 路 3 pointsr/PelvicFloor

He doesn't really go into it in this book. He has another book specifically about it.

Paradoxical Relaxation : The Theory and Practice of Dissolving Anxiety by Accepting It

I have tried some of the techniques. It's still not super specific or clear but it's basically the same as other anti anxiety approaches for accepting what is and fighting resistance in the mind like negative self talk, not accepting the present, letting go and surrending to relaxation. The book also goes into how PFD and anxiety are related.

u/Iannelli 路 2 pointsr/PelvicFloor


Get a standing desk converter for your cubicle. Some employers will offer them, others won't. If yours does not, get one from Amazon. This is the one I got:

It takes some practice and effort, but if you do start standing at work, I promise your symptoms will be greatly reduced.

I'm at a point where work is actually the place where my PFD is the least problematic now. I stand for 6 out of the 8 hours I'm there.

Sitting is the new smoking. Gotta kick the habit.

u/DoctorAcula_42 路 1 pointr/PelvicFloor

God, I'm so sorry you're going through this. I say try anything you think could help.

If you haven't already, check out pelvic pain chairs and this pelvic pain reference book.

u/mastercheif 路 2 pointsr/PelvicFloor

Read this:

Watch this:

Also: Stop smoking the MJ. It turned out to be one of my biggest triggers for pain. Smoking causes a sustained release of Prostaglandin E2 in the prostate which is exactly what we're trying to avoid. Load up on anti-inflamitories like Naproxen in the meantime.

u/somewhereoneday 路 2 pointsr/PelvicFloor

Coffee tends to be a problem for many men experiencing chronic pelvic pain or non bacterial prostatitis, coffee in general makes people pee more and for people with pelvic pain, the nerves to the bladder are already irritated creating urinary frequency. It's up to you if you feel like coffee doesn't make much of a difference then you can probably keep it. These are the bands, or you want something like them, you don't have to buy these exact ones if shipping takes forever. You don't want straps. You want the cable, to hook around your thigh and groin muscles and let the tension work. You might have to attach 2-3 bands to get more tension to the adductor muscles. To learn more about how you can use the bands, on Instagram find Donnie Thompson, & David Weck. Donnie Thompson uses real heavy duty straps to decompress his back. David Weck uses a a metal ring to address the muscles. But the straps like this are perfect for the adductors and opening up the front of the hips.

u/hillzoticus 路 2 pointsr/PelvicFloor

I'm adding my own story here so its in this summary of recoveries..

What triggered it

Chronic hypertonic pelvic pain started when I had a real stressful life event happen to me (I'm 39 male) and triggered the whole thing. Pain started in tip of my penis and epididymis, then moved to perennial area, buttocks and side of my abs.


At first I thought I had a UTI, STD or maybe cancer but ran through all the tests multiple times and everything came back normal. Doctors didn't know what it was and gave me no help or direction. Finally the 2nd urologist I saw said he was fairly confident it was Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome. My physiotherapist called it 'hypertonic pelvic pain', which is a constantly tight pelvic floor. After reading a few books on this topic, all my symptoms matched exactly and I accepted this was what I was dealing with.

18 months ago my pain was at a 7 to 8 out of 10 but has now slowing progressed downward to 2 after doing a combination of steps (See below). It鈥檚 still affecting me but I鈥檓 getting control of it and confident I can get rid of it completely (as many people have).

It is posited that the root cause of hypertonic pelvic floor is a central nervous system and sympathetic nervous that鈥檚 gone haywire, usually do to emotional or physical trauma/stress. The feedback loop is first triggered by the trauma, which cause the pelvic floor to tighten, but then the constantly tight pelvic floor sends pain signals which the CNS/SNS responds to by further tightening the pelvic floor. The feedback loop becomes perpetual.

Road to recovery... and breaking the perpetual feedback loop.

Here are the things that have helped reduce the pain the most for me.

  1. Stop catastrophic thinking (i.e. This pain will never end, I can't live like this!). Catastrophic thinking triggers stress which triggers your central nervous system which triggers your pelvic floor to tighten.

  2. Do lots of exercise to increase blood flow in the pelvis. It goes away for me completely when I jog or play soccer. Try to do aerobic exercise everyday.

  3. Do pelvic stretches every morning

  4. Read 鈥楬eadache in the Pelvis鈥 and read 鈥榯he Mindbody prescription'

  5. Do internal trigger point release on the pelvic floor to release muscle tension in the short term. Look at buying the thera wand available online.

    鈥楬eadache in Pelvis鈥 book has trigger point release techniques in the book.

  6. Meditate 20min in the morning and before you go to bed and learn reverse kegels and belly breathing .

    I use the headspace app on iOS to help:

  7. Stay away from stimulants (caffeine/alcohol) it activates your central nervous system which triggers your pelvic area to tighten and flare up.

  8. Eat healthy and get lots of sleep. If I sleep less than 7 hrs my flare ups happen way more.

  9. Take a high quality all in one men鈥檚 vitamin (optimen) and fish oil.

  10. Some people also complain that orgasming/masturbating triggers flare ups as it causes the pelvic floor to convulse via spasm. Just so you know.

  11. Avoid long periods of sitting (ex. office workers)

    Advice to community

    Hang in there, stay positive, stay disciplined in your recovery regime. There are lots of stories of people resolving this issue 100% but it takes time and dedication. I'm almost there and can see the light. Please share your positive stories so these threads can see successes in addition to the problems.
u/Smarmar400 路 2 pointsr/PelvicFloor

Before I was diagnosed by a colon and rectal specialist as having Levator Ani Syndrome I had about three weeks of agony. I thought I had the world's worst case of hemorrhoids at first because most of the pain was localized there. I would flare up for four hours a day, like clockwork (from 9am-1pm, give or take an hour) and I was moderately sore for the rest of the day and night. During flareup hours I couldn't sit (I have a desk job), much less concentrate on work. I soldiered through the first few days of it but had to call in from work or try to work from home if I was feeling up to it. I have a 30+ minute commute to the office and the whole drive I was shifting in my seat, punching the steering wheel, shouting. While home I would spend much of the day lying down, punching the floor, or pacing around the house in a cold sweat. I tried Epsom Salts sitz baths, stretching exercises, herbal teas, meditation, taichi, pain meds but nothing got rid of the pain until my specialist put me on Elavil, a tricyclic antidepressant. Two days after I started taking it I was fully functional again. I still had constant tightness, difficulty pooping, and discomfort but, man, the agonizing pain was gone.

So, Elavil was a game changer for me. Another was going to a physical therapist specializing in male pelvic floor disorder. She got me feeling really close to normal, I mean, some days no tightness or discomfort at all. She recommended a book called Pelvic Pain: The Ultimate Cock Block, which has some good exercises and thinking-outside-of-the-box insight.